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The 9 Cheapest Phone Plans with Unlimited Everything


Since the introduction of cellphones, they have undergone several revolutions to make them more suitable to their ever-varying customer demands. Lifewire defines a cellphone plan as " a paid agreement with a mobile carrier allowing your cellphone to use its network to make or receive phone calls and text messages and to use the internet via cellular data." These plans can be either prepaid or postpaid.

You can enjoy more if the unlimited data also comes with unlimited texts and calls. An unlimited data plan means that the cellphone offers you no limitations on data usage; therefore, the user should not be worried about going over or underutilizing the data limits you have set. This article will discuss the nine cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything.

What Are the Benefits of Using Unlimited Cellphone Plans?

Several advantages come with the use of unlimited cellphone plans. Foremost, there is the freedom to make local, and STD calls at any given time without the fear of accumulating bills when you are a prepaid customer. Many of them come with unlimited data plans, which are free, saving the money you would have used to buy another data plan. The plans depend on mobile applications, making the payment process very fast, efficient, and easy to undertake. Unlimited post-pay plans allow you to make calls /access the internet even when you do not have credit, thus taking care of possible emergencies.

In addition, you will realize that the plans have entertainment services such as access to live broadcasts and transmissions, which come as added advantages. Lastly, almost all of the plans we will discuss give their users a chance to send texts to users who are in different countries hence taking care of the high costs of international calls,

9. China Unicom

To march with the communications demands of its customers, the China Unicorn introduced unlimited data plans for its subscribers in 2017. The company charges HK$223.6 and HK$449.5 per month to its customers, and it does not have contractual requirements. To check their balance, subscribers have to SMS the word "ye" to 10086. If you are visiting China and have just bought a new SIM card, dial *#130# for free and choose your plan.

8. Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless has two unlimited plans; one includes a 15 G.B. Mobile Hotspot and another which does not have a mobile hotspot. The Unlimited plus 15 G.B. Mobile Hotspot costs $60 per month per single line. Its unique features are that it has premium data that does not slow down based on your data usage levels, the hotspot requires a hotspot-compatible phone, 150GB Cloud Storage, it supports the HBO Max with ads, a Video streaming quality of 480p.

While in Canada and Mexico, the usage speed cannot exceed 50%, a Cricket Call Defense with a compatible phone system, and its unlimited text services are available in the U.S. and other 37 countries. The Unlimited version costs $55 per month on a single line and has unlimited high-speed data, which can temporarily slow data speeds if the network is congested, S.D. Quality video streaming of 480p, and H.D. Voice and Wi-Fi calling with compatible phones. In addition, Cricket Wireless has 10 G.B. and 5 G.B. plans whose details are readily available on its website.

7. Boost

The Boost offers three unlimited plans: Unlimited Gigs, Unlimited Plus, and Ultimate Unlimited. As per UpPhone, the Unlimited Gigs plan is the cheapest for the Boost customers. It costs $150 per month on three lines. Even if it has a lower cost, it still includes unlimited messages, minutes, and high-speed unlimited 4G LTE data. It also enjoys 12GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot, a DVD-video streaming capability of 480p, and music streaming that does not depend on the stability of the cellular data. With its BoostTv, Unlimited Gigs offers access to special live broadcasts and programming.

The Boost's Unlimited Plus Plan costs $60 per month and includes unlimited access to texts, minutes, and data, a 20GB of mobile hotspot, and a 4G LTE data speed; HD video streaming has no contract-plan/. The Ultimate Unlimited goes for $80 per month, has HD video streaming of up to 1080p, music play rate of 1.5mbps, gaming of up to 8 Mbps, and can deprioritize data during congestions.

6. Sprint

The print offers unlimited data, text, and talk in more than 200 destinations, most of which are in the U.S. According to, it has three unlimited plans for its customers. They include Sprint One, Sprint max, and Sprint Essentials. The Sprint one costs $70 per month (taxes and fees included). Sprint One has several distinctions: it has a 1-hour in-fight Wi-Fi and unlimited texting, access to 5G data that includes no extra charge with a capable mobile device hotspot with 5GB/ month high-speed, a DVD-quality SD Video streaming of up to 480p. The plan also includes international roaming packages; while on it, you can enjoy its 5GB of 4G LTE data while roaming in Mexico and Canada.

The Sprint essentials cost $60 per month on a single line (the cost is exclusive of taxes), and on it, you can access 5G data which charges no extra cost, unlimited 3G Mobile hotspot, DVD-Quality SD Video streaming of 480p, while in Mexico and Canada you can talk, text and call on it but 2G. The Sprint Max costs $85 per month on a single line, and it supports Hulu, offers unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi and texting, premium scam shields, 40GB/ Month high-speed-mobile hot speed, and up to 4K UHD video streaming. With its Global roaming services, you can enjoy its unlimited features in Canada and Mexico on a 5GB -4G LTE data platform.

5. Metro by T-Mobile

The Metro by T-Mobile used to be referred to as the MetroPCS. It has two major plans: an Unlimited High-speed Plan and a High-Sped Plan. The Unlimited-High Speed plan has more reliability, goes for $60 per month for single lines, increases by $30 for each additional line, and offers unlimited data, texts and minutes. It comes with a 4G LTE cellular data speed that remains stable until you reach the 35GB threshold; the plan does not have a contract giving you the room to change when you feel it's appropriate to do so and has no overcharges.

In addition, it has a 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot, which allows Wi-Fi and 3-way calling. The metro High-Speed costs $40 per month with a single line and offers unlimited data, texts and minutes. It also has a mobile hotspot and cellular data speed of 4G LTE, and the cellular data is throttled when you have used more than 35GB. Its users also enjoy the fact that it does not charge an overuse fee and has no contractual limitations on when to renew, and one can take advantage of the Unlimited Music access.

4. TextNow App

TextNow is prominent in more developed countries. They include Canada, the U.S, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Singapore, and Qatar. The app allows users to access an ad-free unlimited data plan at $39.99 per month. According to About TextNow, it has four data plans:

  • Talk and Text Only Plan, available to its customers in the U.S and Canada at $9.99 per month.
  • 2GB LTE Plan with unlimited talk and text to U.S and Canada at $19.99 per month,
  • 5GB LTE Plan with unlimited talk and text costing $29.99 per month.

4. The main Unlimited LTE plan ($39.99).

In 2018, TextNow upgraded the application to ensure users can comfortably listen, watch and share on its platform. When you do the following, you will lose access to the unlimited 2G data. However, you to;

  • Use the 1GB of data within five days.
  • Use it as a substitute for your home network and
  • Use more than 170MBN of data each day, within two /more consecutive days.

2. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is rated among those companies which offer the cheapest unlimited cellphone plans. Foremost, its plans have special discounts for persons aged 55 years and above, military and veterans, as well as first-time responders. According to T-Mobile, the Magenta Plus costs $140 per month, unlimited mobile hotspot data at a maximum of 3G after 40GB. The Magenta Plus 3-phone lines have AutoPay support for Netflix, Apple Tv+, and video streaming quality up to 4K UHD. The Essentials plan is cheaper, costing $90 per month for three phone lines with AutoPay. The fee is inclusive of taxes. Essentials plan comes with 50GB premium data, unlimited 3G mobile hotspot, access to Paramount+ for one year in the U.S, and a DVD- video streaming standard Quality of 480p.

In Mexico and Canada, you can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data of up to 128Kbps. The Magenta plan costs $120 per month for three phone lines with AutoPay, and the plan comes with a package of 100GB premium data and 5GB mobile hotspot speed. The Magenta also supports Netflix (1 screen), Apple Tv+, and Paramount+ for one year in the U.S and has a DVD- video streaming quality of 480p. The three plans have some standard features in that they all have: Unlimited 5G & 4G LTE data speeds, unlimited talk and text, exclusive perks with T-Mobile Tuesdays, a 5G nationwide coverage, and advanced Scam-blocking protection.

2. Verizon

Verizon was founded in 2000, has a significant customer base in the United States, and is operated by the parent company Verizon Communications. It offers four different unlimited plans, and includes Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Does More Unlimited, and Get More Unlimited. The Start Limited costs $70 per month per line, and though it may seem like the other regular plans, it is exceptional in that it gives you 480p DVD-Quality streaming, a subscription to Apple Music for up to six months, and international texting to more than 200 countries.

On the other hand, Play More Unlimited and Do More Unlimited have similar features, such as the same monthly subscription fee of $80 per month and 5G access included with a 5G phone. The two differ in that; the Do More Unlimited has a 4G LTE Unlimited with 25 more GB premium data (in total, it has 50GB premium data), where both have quality DVD streaming, of the Do More Unlimited is at 480p while the one for Play More Unlimited is at 720p HD. Verizon's Get More Unlimited plan costs $90 per month per line; it comes with Unlimited 4G LTE plus 75GB premium data and Unlimited Mobile Hotspot of 30GB at 4G LTE.

1. AT&T

ATY&T has four unlimited plans available to its vast customer base. Best Buy reports that each plan has its specific features. However, it is important to note that they all have 5G access, unlimited talk, text, and data to customers in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico, and an AT&T Active Armor security which you must download from the AT&T Mobile Security app. The Unlimited Premium offers the following: a speed of 4G LTE data, HD-video streaming, 50GB/Line mobile hotspot, and per month it costs $85.

The Unlimited package comes with Unlimited 4G LTE data speed, standard-definition streaming video streaming, and a 15GB/line mobile hotspot, costing $75 per month. On the other hand, the Unlimited Starter costs $65 per month, and it has Unlimited 4G LTE data, standard-definition streaming, and a 3GB/line mobile hotspot. The Value Plus goes for $50 per month and is not available to those who intend to use more than one line. Value Plus has unlimited 4G LTE data and standard-definition video streaming and no mobile hotspot capabilities. When there are high levels of congestion, the mobile hotspot speed can slow down to 128kbps.

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