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20 Things You Didn't Know about Christian Stracke

Christian and Sutton Stracke

Thibeault Christian Stracke isn't exactly a celebrity but fans of the show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hill” heard his name a lot because his then wife Sutton Stracke was on the show. In fact, not a lot is known about Christian Stracke in general and there's even conflicting information about his life posted on many parts of the internet. Let's take a look at 20 of these facts to see what's up with Christian Stracke.

1. Who is Christian Stracke?

Thibeault Christian Stracke is a businessman with nearly 30 years of experience in investing and much more. He has been involved in several startups, started businesses for himself, and has worked heavily to build a high level of wealth for he and his family, including his ex-wife Sutton.

The only times that he ever appeared in the public eye was during his marriage, as he would periodically appear with Sutton at various Hollywood-related events. Since their divorce in 2016, he has mostly been kept out of the public eye and remains a rather mysterious figure.

2. He's More Famous For His Ex-Wife Than for His Career

Sutton Stracke was a cast member on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and has been involved in various Hollywood scenes and social events before and after her divorce. She remains a highly extroverted person who talks openly and honestly about her life with Christian.

By contrast, Christian gives no interviews and typically quietly works as a businessman in his many ventures. His brief deep into pseudo-celebrity has done little to impress him, while Sutton has used her experience to fuel a small career as a media personality.

3. He Didn't Want His Family Filmed

Sutton Stracke was the kind of woman who demanded attention on the set of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hill” from the first season. She was known for her love of high-end items, her sharp wit, and her tendency to clash with many stars. However, she was simply a “friend of housewives” for her first season.

There's a reason why Sutton wasn't thrust into the spotlight early, and it wasn't because of jealous cast mates. Christian refused to have himself or his children filmed on the show, which limited how often Sutton could appear. This was not the first or last time the two clashed over this situation.

4. Little is Known About His Early Life

One of the hardest things about researching Christian Stracke is learning about his early life. There are just a few pieces of information about him online that consistently get shared. For example, it's not even sure when he was born, and there's much confusion about these basic facts.

In fact, many biography sites provide vastly conflicting information about where he was born, how much money he earned, and where he worked. This doesn't seem to be a deliberate effort on his part to confuse people but simply a lack of easily-accessible information.

5. Christian and Sutton Grew Up Together

One thing that is known about Christian and Sutton is that they grew up together and even attended the same high school. They were high school sweethearts and not only dated throughout high school and college but got married not long after and were together man years before divorcing.

Their wedding announcement in 2000 highlighted this fact and even revealed a little more information about Stracke than is available elsewhere. In fact, this wedding announcement was the source for that information and the next exciting fact about Christian Stracke.

6. He Was In the Peace Corps

Christian graduated from the University of Chicago in the early 1990s and then volunteered in the Peace Corps from 1992 to 1994. This move was due to his Christian faith and showed him a side of the world that he had yet to experience growing up in a well-to-do family.

While in Oumm El Khezz, Mauritania, on the Sahara Desert, Christian helped teach the natives how to plan trees and perform anti-erosion steps. These steps were important because erosion is a major problem in that region and affects farmers and others quite heavily.

7. He Doesn't Use Social Media

Sutton remains a very active presence on social media, posting regularly on Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook. That fits her outgoing and celebrity-centered personality quite well. By contrast, Christian Stracke has no known social media profile: which seems to suit his personality.

If he does have a profile, he may be using a false name or pictures that mask his identity. His love of privacy makes it unlikely that he would even set up a social media profile. That fits his personality closer than setting up a TikTok.

8. He Currently Works for PIMCO

Christian has worked many jobs throughout his career and has been involved with many companies. For example, he was once the head of Latin America fixed income strategy for Commerzbank Securities, as well as the senior credit strategist at CreditSights.

These days, he works for PIMCO as the global head of credit research. His PIMCO profile notes that he helps manage portfolios for various investment committees and also works on the firm's executive committee. His career in credit strategy has been consistent and successful.

9. His Net Worth is Mysterious

Multiple sites have reported varying income levels for Christian Stracke, which makes him an even more mysterious individual. For example, one source claims that he makes about $200K per year with PIMCO and estimates that he is worth about $2 million or so.

However, other sources give him a much higher net worth, often as large as $600 million. That's where some of the confusion around Stracke deepens. These sites even conflict with where he was born and other facts, which makes his privacy even more intriguing.

10. He is Not a German Inventor

A quick search of “Christian Stracke” will find a strange disparity in information. One site may tell you that Stracke was born in Germany and is involved with rockets and inventions. Another will say he was born in America in the 1970s and is involved in credit.

The obvious conclusion to make here is that these two biographies are for two different people, one born in the 60s and the other in the 70s. The fact that this confusion is even possible just shows how carefully Thibeault Christian Stracke has hidden his private life.

11. He Did Not Start the Thule Group

This fact is connected to fact 10 because, in our research, we found multiple references to the Thule Group while looking into Christian Stracke's life. As you might expect, this information was connected to the German-born Stracke and has nothing to do with Sutton Stracke's ex-husband.

This confusion is important to sort out because it led our research down many winding paths. The best way to know for sure is to check whether or not the article mentions Sutton or if the name Thibeault is attached. If so, that's the Christian Stracke we're discussing.

12. He Has Several Children

Christian and Sutton Stracke had a story-book romance for much of their life, one that includes three children. These include Porter, James, and Phillip. Their children either graduated from high school or are reaching that age. They spend time with both their father and mother.

Little is known about their children because Christian preferred keeping them out of the limelight cast on her mother during her time on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Pictures of them show healthy and smiling teens who seem to enjoy both their mother and father.

13. He Started an Angel Investment Group

The concept of angel investment is heavily featured in shows like “Shark Tank” and is a major part of many startups' success plans. These firms provide money to young companies to help them grow and typically get a specific ownership or profit margin from that young company.

Stracke has invested heavily in this way after starting the CXO International Group. This angel investment firm helps not only with money investment but provides strategic help as well. Stracke's earnings from these investments are unknown, meaning his wealth is likely higher than $2 million.

14. His Mother Was a Spanish Teacher

One interesting thing about Christian Stacke is that he did not come from a heavily moneyed background that contributed to his success. His mother, Claire, was a Spanish teacher at Davidson Fine Arts High School, which is where Christian and Sutton met as young people.

Here, Claire was a popular and respected teacher who provided Augusta, Georgia (Christian's birthplace), with professional Spanish education.

15. His Father Was a Developer

Like Christian's mother, his father was a successful and prominent community member without being excessively rich. He owned a furniture business and was also a developer. This gave him plenty of financial options that helped make his family more than comfortable in life.

While his father made good money running a furniture business and working as a developer, Stracke's family was not incredibly wealthy. However, he undoubtedly learned much about business from his father and remains close to him to this day.

16. He Stayed Out of His Wife's Feuds

During her time on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Sutton was part of more than one feud. For example, she was vocally uncomfortable with fellow cast member Lisa Rinna gloating about her wealth and flaunting it. Sutton rarely enjoys talking about her finances.

During these feuds and personal conflicts, Christian was known to mostly stay out of the way.  He wasn't interested in using the show as a platform for fame. However, he would provide Sutton with emotional support when needed.

17. He Has Consistently Avoided Celebrity

As should be obvious by now, Christian Stracke is a very private man who has consistently avoided celebrity. Yes, he would show up at Hollywood events with Sutton and dress nicely and smile for the cameras when they inevitably went off.

Since their divorce, he has not attempted to leverage this brief limelight with any real fame. He hasn't tried to become a contributor to “Shark Tank.” There, he could easily get more fame and make more money. Clearly, he prefers a simpler and more private life.

18. His Wife's Celebrity May Have Affected Their Marriage

Sutton Stracke's celebrity was already growing by the time she and Christian divorced in 2016. By 2020, she was well known enough to make her debut on “Real Housewives,” four years after her divorce. We've already mentioned how Christian made a full-cast position impossible in that season.

However, Stracke's increasing prominence in various social circles, her well-known love of huge parties, and her West Hollywood fashion boutique seem to have put a strain on their marriage. Whatever the case, official court documents show that he started the divorce.

19. Sutton Didn't Know How Rich She Was Until Their Divorce

Though Sutton doesn't talk about her wealth or her ex-husband's finances very often, she revealed in a 2020 interview with Andy Cohen that even she didn't know his full wealth while they were married. She knew that she had a comfortable life but wasn't aware of their whole worth.

In her words, she didn't know her wealth until after her divorce was settled, and she received money from Christian. Lisa Rinna, her co-star on “Real Housewives,” had guessed Sutton's worth. This occurred when they talked about her husband's hedge funds, multiple homes, and private planes.

20. He Owns Minor League Baseball Teams

Another fact that Lisa Rinna pointed out when discussing Sutton's wealth was the fact that Christian owned a few minor-league baseball teams. A person with a net worth of $2 million has a lot of money, but not enough to own even a single minor-league team.

That fact continues to emphasize his mysterious lifestyle. His own wife didn't realize that she was rich because they owned baseball teams. Christian is very good at hiding his wealth and likely prefers a simpler and more straightforward life.

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