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A Closer Look at Cloudbreak by Abeking & Rasmussen

Cruising around the world on a superyacht is a dream that many people have. A lucky few are able to realize this dream. Not only are these individuals able to see unique and beautiful parts of the world, they are also able to experience the numerous pleasures of cruising on a private superyacht. While most superyachts offer great comfort, sophisticated looks, and many entertainment features, the cruise experience varies from ship to ship. Therefore, when chartering a yacht, one should look to find the ship that matches best with one’s interests. While some ships focus on providing comfortable lounging areas, some focus on providing excitement and thrills. As well, a quick look at the yacht company’s background will indicate the quality of ship one can expect.

One ship building company that is highly esteemed around the world is Abeking & Rasmussen. This famous company was founded in 1907 in Germany. The two founders, George Abeking and Henry Rasmussen, created a shipyard that would grow to be one of the most successful in the world. Ranging from 45 to 125 meters, the yachts produced by this company are often highly acclaimed and award winning. Further, the company is famous for its ability to tailor yachts to the specific desires and interests of the customer.

One unique and impressive yacht produced by the company is Cloudbreak. The yacht is set to make its maiden voyage, as it is the brand’s newest addition. This ship is specifically designed for individuals who desire a comfortable expedition that is filled with excitement and fun. It is set to continue Abeking & Rasmussen’s tradition of high-end superyachts.


This incredible yacht makes the most out of its impressive 72.5-meter length. As it was just constructed, Cloudbreak employs only the newest and most advanced technologies, especially as it is a ship designed for travelling the world. This means it comes equipped with the latest navigation technology and features a design that is able to comfortably cruise through harsh areas. Further, it comes equipped with a staggering number of features for making the most out of each destination, regardless of climate.

While its technology and features are simply incredible, the first thing that people will notice about this ship is its bold and striking look. With an exterior crafted by Espen Oeino, the Cloudbreak is a ship that impresses upon viewers a sense of confidence and sophistication. In addition, its interior is equally impressive. Designed by Paris-based Christian Liaigre, the interior of this ship is luxurious, spacious, and welcoming.

This yacht can be enjoyed comfortably by up to 12 guests. The Cloudbreak is by far the most advanced expedition ship ever created. It offers an unparalleled combination of luxury, style, and excitement. There is no better ship for those with an adventurous and thrill-seeking spirit.

Accommodations and Comfort

The Cloudbreak offers 6 guest cabins for overnight stays. The luxurious accommodations are highlighted by the impressive Master Suite. There are also three double cabins and two twin cabins. Each of the cabins on this yacht is luxurious, thoughtfully designed, and spacious. Further, there are quarters for up to 22 crew members in order to ensure that every detail is well attended to on the cruise.

Naturally, the most important and impressive cabin is the Master Suite. The Cloudbreak offers this luxurious cabin on the main deck of the ship. Not only does it have the features one would expect from a high-end superyacht, such as en suite facilities and a spacious design, but it also boasts floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition, the guest cabins located on the lower deck are each spacious and comfortable. Located on the lower deck, these cabins are interestingly painted with lacquer and feature a gentle curve to simulate a shell.

In addition to the wonderful accommodations, the yacht offers ample seating for lounging and relaxing with friends. The Main Salon is massive, and also features floor-to-ceiling windows. Its unique triangular table and circular couch seating make it the idea spot for relaxing. Further, the upper saloon boasts an incredible panoramic view. The ship also has ample exterior seating and dining options. Perhaps most notable of all, however, is the Winter Garden located on the Upper Deck. This area features comfortable seating and can remain open in warm areas or be enclosed in glass and heated in cool areas.

The ship offers plenty of dining options. There are formal seating areas inside, as well as al fresco options on the exterior decks. There is also an elevator which offers a convenient way to move between decks.

While the design and layout of the ship’s interior provide a uniquely luxurious experience, it is the materials that were chosen that truly create a relaxing atmosphere. The ship offers a contrast between dark and light woods like oak and pine throughout. Further, its welcoming and warm design was specifically created in order to keep guests relaxed and comfortable even when traveling through extreme climates.


In order to maximize the cruise experience of this superyacht, the Cloudbreak comes equipped with a talented and passionate crew. These individuals were selected in order to accommodate the many different activities offered by the ship. This includes a helicopter pilot who has his own cabin on the yacht.

Further, there are highly trained staff members for the wide range of activities that guests can enjoy on the ship. This includes instructors for yoga, surfing, and skiing/snowboarding. There is even a paramedic on board.

In sum, there are 22 crew members that can be accommodated by the yacht. These individuals provide only the highest quality instruction, cooking, and cleaning, among other services.


While the ship itself is incredibly luxurious, guests are also treated to a wide variety of on-board entertainment options. For starters, the Cloudbreak offers ship-wide wireless Internet access that can be used for streaming or simply staying in touch with friends and family.

There are also televisions located throughout the ship. These are complemented by on-demand video services that allow guests to enjoy movies and television. Further, the ship is equipped with a light and sound system that easily transforms the yacht into a giant party.


Fun and excitement are, quite simply, where the Cloudbreak shines. Although it provides the same comfort and entertainment as other yachts, it offers an unparalleled range of recreational options that will give guests the time of their lives in just about any destination.

Firstly, there are two enormous tenders. These boats are so large that they actually had to be stored in the main deck aft. However, the real fun begins when one looks to the garage, in which there are a plethora of toys and gear.

In terms of water toys, there is little that the Cloudbreak does not have. Most excitingly, there are 4 jet skis and 4 Seabobs available. Further, the ship boasts 4 kayaks, 3 wakeboards, 6 surf boards, inflatable toys, and kitesurfing gear. There is also a full set of diving equipment for the more adventurous passenger.

In addition to this incredible array of water toys, there are also recreation options for the land and snow. Highlights include 6 mountain bikes and 2 road bikes. Further, the ship holds full snowboarding and skiing equipment. It also comes equipped with golf equipment.

In sum, passengers will want for nothing on this superyacht. It offers far more options for recreation than most of its competitors. There are options for enjoying land, snow, and of course, water.



- Length: 72.5 meters
- Beam: 12.4 meters
- Gross Tonnage: 2293 tonnes
- Hull Material: Steel
- Superstructure Material: Aluminum
- Configuration: Displacement


- Guests: 12
- Crew: 22
- Bedrooms: 1 Master Suite, 3 Double Cabins, 2 Twin Cabins

Speed and Range

- Cruising Speed: 12 knots
- Range: 8750 miles at 12 knots


Naturally, the comfort, style, and features offered by this amazing superyacht do not come without a hefty price tag. This yacht can be chartered for 750,000 euros per week in both the winter and summer seasons.


The Cloudbreak is a unique and impressive addition to the esteemed Abeking & Rasmussen line. It stands out from the competition for its supreme style, lavish interior, and diverse entertainment options. Where the ship truly leaves an impression, however, is in its recreation options. It boasts a staggering number of versatile features for playing on the water, land, or snow.

Every passenger is sure to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience aboard this ship. It is ideal for anyone who wants to travel the world in style, enjoying the highest standard of comfort and fun. There are few experiences that can rival the excitement and luxury offered by the Cloudbreak.

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