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The Five Best Cocktail Smoker Kits Money Can Buy

Cocktail Smoker

Adding smoke in cocktails has become a popular trend. It is a great way to enhance the cocktail's flavor and texture, making it slightly different from the usual. It is also a way to get creative with your drinks and make them unique. Unlike before, when adding savory flavors and complexity to cocktails was a craft for the fancy bars, smokers now have limitless options. The concept behind smoked cocktails has become simple. Though some mixologists give a different impression, it's only for the show. With the right cocktail smoker kit, you can imbue your crafted concoction with layers of savory smoke, even at the comfort of your home. These kits work by burning specific wood chips and infusing the smoke scent into the drink. The best smoker kits come complete with everything needed to create a great drink. It deposits a unique flavor and vapor onto your glass as if it was a regular part of the recipe. Whether you want a complicated and expensive or easy-to-use and affordable smoking tool, there is a wide range of kits out there. Here are the top five cocktail smoker kits on the market today that will boost your bartender skills, giving you memorable experiences.

5. Breville Smoking Gun Food Smoker- $136.00

This kit is a solid choice for any bartender looking to add smoke to their cocktails. It works by attaching the top part of the gun firmly onto your glass, and then you can use the trigger to release the smoke. The advantage of this smoking tool is that you control how much smoke gets released, which then goes right into the glass, giving it an evenly distributed flavor. The Breville is easy to use and works great with any cocktail glass you might use, from a champagne flute to a pint glass. It is one of the most reliable smoking guns. It features an integrated stand that offers comfort while working. It also has a turn dial that can help you customize the airflow and smoke intensity. This smoking kit comes with replacement smoke screens, two wood chips, batteries, and a nozzle extender hose.

4. Crafthouse by Fortessa Cocktail Smoking Box- $274.95

This Fortessa cocktail smoking kit is a product by Charles Joly, a World Champion Bartender. You can use it to create your smoking cocktails at home. It comes with a wood chip box and a smoking gun, like the Breville, and can work with your favorite glass. The Crafthouse is easy to set up and use. It allows you to add different flavors to your drinks. You can make smokey drinks with rum or vodka in them or floral and fruity drinks for the teetotalers out there. You can even try to experiment with different woods and herbs. While the box comes with a few wood chips, it also works with any wood that you can get your hands on.

3. MITBAK Cocktail Smoker - $89.99

Mitbak is an excellent choice for creating flavors by smoking different woods and herbs. It is handy for anyone looking to get a barbecue flavor in their meals or drinks. Mitbak is an electric smoker and looks appealing. So it can serve as a decorative piece to display at your home bar. This kit comes with a dome lid that you can open to refill the box of chips. It uses a lithium battery, which is relatively easy to recharge. It also comes with a detachable hose and smoke infuser that you can easily attach to your smoking gun. The Mitbak cocktail smoker kit is simple but effective. Impress your friends and guests with a smoky cocktail at your next party.

2. Boruit Portable Smoking Gun Wood - $26.99

Boruit is a portable smoking gun that lets you add smoke to your cocktails or smoked meats. It comes with a smoke infuser and dual burned chips, which makes it easy to start adding flavor to your foods immediately. You can use this machine at home or on the road. This portable smoking gun uses 2x AA batteries and will work for several hours before needing a replacement. It also comes with a ceramic lid that you can use to keep your smoke infuser clean and dry. It is a smoking tool that will add smoke flavor without overpowering it. It is lightweight than the traditional smoking gun and is easy to set up. Enjoy the best of smoked foods and drinks by purchasing Boruit.

1. homia Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser - $89.05

This kit has everything you need to get started with smoking cocktails. It uses dry or wet wood chips and lets you smoke them into your cocktail or food. The "homia smoking gun" gun works, giving you total control over the amount of smoke flavor that gets into your glass. Therefore, it is ideal for sous vide applications or even just a little extra flavoring. The homia cocktail smoking gun comes with 14 pieces of wood chips specially selected to give you a variety of flavor options to try. One great thing about it is that it comes with a button with two settings to control the smoking speed. You can choose between slow and fast smoking and adjust the food temperature to get accurate results. You can also use this kit to infuse your meats or other dishes like cheese or potatoes with smoke flavor. The smoking gun is made of stainless steel and plastic, making it hygienic and durable. The smoke infuser lid is made of glass, which allows you to see your results right away. Moreover, the smoker gun is lightweight but has a strong motor inside, improving its performance and durability. The best thing about the homia smoking gun is the premium quality of the wood chips you get with it. Plus, it is easy to use, meaning anyone using it can make a fantastic smoked cocktail or food in no time at all.

Summing Up

Overall, smoking your cocktails and food has never been easier. There is no need to visit a smokehouse when you can use these smoking guns to get the desired results right at home. Make your get-togethers enjoyable and memorable by using these smoking guns to smoke your cocktails. Your friends and family will taste the difference. You only need to acquire the smoking tool of your choice and get it all set up. While there are more than enough smoked cocktail kits on the market, they vary by design and performance. However, these are some of the best options.

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