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How Did Coi Leray Achieve a Net Worth of 3 Million? (In 2024)

Coi Leray

Whether you are someone who follows the rap world closely or you are more of a casual fan, there is a good chance that you are well aware of Coi Leray. The Massachusetts-born rapper is perhaps best known for being the daughter of notorious Boston rapper Benzino but she has truly started to carve out a niche for herself in her own right.

In order to learn about Coi Leray net worth, her rise to stardom, how she has amassed her fortune and more, we urge you to check out the following guide.

Net Worth$3 million (according to Wealthy Gorilla)
FromBoston, MA
Primary income sourcesMusic, endorsements
Social media following8 million on Instagram, 1 million on Twitter, 3.1 million on Facebook
Key highlightsNo More Parties certified 2x platinum, Players certified platinum, Big Purr certified gold (according to RIAA)
Asset ownedn/a

Early Life + Career

Coi Leray (birth name Coi Leray Collins) was born in 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father is a rapper in his own right and a media mogul who was once the co-owner of The Source magazine. He is better known by his stage name, Benzino. She has five brothers and her parents divorced during her childhood. Their split took place once her father walked away from his share of The Source.

At the age of 14, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and start making music. Coi’s first songs came out back in 2011 and this is when she chose Coi Leray as her stage name. “Bow Down” featured her brother Taj and “Rock Back” was a solo release. Each of them was uploaded to YouTube. She and her brother were not able to maintain their rapping careers at that point in time, though.

A few years later, Leray decided that she would drop out of high school, although she would later return to receive an honorary diploma. Once she dropped out at the age of 16, she went into sales, an experience that she has been candid about in the media. Speaking to LA Weekly back in 2019, she expanded on the decision:

According to Coi, she dropped out of high school once she turned 16 and from there, she decided to get into the sales world. It was long before Coi was able to afford her own apartment. All of this forced Coi to grow up a bit faster than she might have liked. During her teenage years, she had adult responsibilities and her outlook began to change.

After a certain point of time, Coi no longer wanted to work at her day job, which is a relatable sentiment to many. Once she quit the job, she began to write new songs. One of these songs, entitled “Goofy Ass N—-s”, was the first song that she ever uploaded to the SoundCloud platform. It got an immediate response, paving the way for what was to come.

It was not long before Coi was able to break through in a major way, though. In 2018, her aforementioned SoundCloud upload started to gain some traction. The song, which served as a response to A-Boogie’s “DTB”, paved the way for her moment in the sun. Everythingcoz, her debut mixtape, came out during the same year. “Huddy“, wherein she affects a Lil Wayne-inspired flow, became her biggest solo song to date, amassing 7.5 million views on YouTube to date.

By 2019, she had signed to Republic Records and dropped her second mixtape, entitled EC2. After seving as an opening act on Trippie Redd’s tour, she released her debut EP Now or Never, which came out in the summer of 2020. The stage was soon set for Coi’s mainstream triumph.

When Did Coi Leray Finally Break Through?

2021 was a major moment for the nascent rap star, as she released her first mainstream hit and biggest song to date. “No More Parties” was her first entry in the Billboard Hot 100 and spawned a remix featuring Chicago superstar Lil Durk. The accompanying video for the remix has since received over 103 million views on YouTube, was certified double platinum and remains her most widely circulated song across all streaming platforms.

Leray was not content to rest on her laurels after scoring her first major hit. After the Durk remix dropped in February 2021, Big Purr (which featured Memphis star Pooh Shiesty), was released the following month. It peaked at #69 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned Leray a gold plaque. The video, which centered around a Shiesty appearance that culminated in a (still unresolved) cliffhanger, has received nearly 9 million YouTube views.

From there, she starred in Mooski’s video for his hit song “Track Star” and made her first network television appearance when Jimmy Fallon invited her to perform “No More Parties” on his late-night show. As with many meteoric rises in the music world, Leray took some criticism along the way. Footage of her performing to unresponsive crowds went viral on multiple occasions and her appearance in 2021’s XXL Freshman Cypher was also mocked.

How Did Coi Rebound From These Setbacks?

Coi was able to shrug off the negative press and continue to make hits, putting out “Twinnem” in September 2021. The song was a runaway success, going viral on TikTok and amassing over 47 million YouTube views. DaBaby made an appearance on the remix, she was invited to perform alongside Lil Durk on Lil Baby’s tour and she received a Best New Hip Hop Artist nomination at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards.

In 2022, Leray continued to level up even further, collaborating with Nicki Minaj for the first single to her first full length LP. “Blick Blick” peaked in the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 and racked up over 43 million YouTube views. Trendsetter was released in April 2022, featuring collaborations with a number of industry heavyweights, including H.E.R. and Polo G.

She began to set the stage for her follow-up album, Coi, in November 2022. The album’s lead single, “Players” came out on November 30 and would soon become Leray’s highest-charting song to date. It peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified platinum. With the success of “Players”, Leray firmly established herself as one of the biggest stars of rap’s new generation.

How Does Coi Leray Make Her Money?

In addition to the money that she is able to generate from music streaming, touring and merchandise sales, Leray has been tapped by a number of companies for endorsement deals. She has already shown a major knack for turning negative moments into positive ones, which makes her a natural choice for any number of brand collaborations.

Breakfast Cereal

For starters, the XXL freestyle mockery that took place online only motivated Coi to have fun with the backlash. After unleashing another freestyle about breakfast cereals, she took to Twitter to talk about all of the companies that contacted her to offer endorsement deals.


As a well-known lover of sneakers, Leray received a very unique opportunity from streetwear apparel provider SNIPES, according to Edition Modern Luxury.

Coi Leray serves as the embodiment of everything that the SNIPES company currently stands for, said SNIPES’ vice president of marketing, Paula Barbosa. Her unique blend of creativity, authenticity, and individuality made her a true standout to the company. For her part, Coi responded that she was thrilled to become the new face of the company’s latest collection of streetwear.

She prides herself on being fashionable and considers it to be a huge part of her life. Coi commended the team over at SNIPES for the job that they had done when it came time to design the collection. The pieces that they created were equally fresh and fun, while still remaining on trend. This is merely the beginning of the partnership between Coi and SNIPES, as we fully expect to see future collaborations between the two.

Monster Ultra

In addition to the SNIPES partnership, Monster Ultra has come calling. Monster Energy drinks’ zero sugar line has partnered with Leray for a contest in which fans were given the chance to win a trip to Miami to see the star perform live. Leray said that she was very excited for this partnership, as it allows her to give back to the most important people of all: her fans.

Coi also prides herself on only partnering with brands that she feels are truly representative of who she is. Dan McHugh, Monster Energy’s CMO, was also excited about the partnership, speaking to the importance of collaborating with like-minded individuals. Monster Energy wants to be in the Coi Leray business, as they expect her career to grow and continue to reach new peaks.


The soft drink giant formed a partnership with Leray for their Limelight Global Music Program. The collaboration between Leray and Sprite provided her with the opportunity to work with super producer James Blake on an exclusive track called “The One”. In addition to the song, Leray appeared in “Heat Happens”, a documentary segment where she speaks about the unique pressures of her profession.

Meta + Ray-Ban

Coi Leray, in addition to Erykah Badu, Coco Gauff and Maluma, have been enlisted by Meta and Ray-Ban to promote their new smart glasses, which are inspired by artificial intelligence. In a joint statement, the two brands referred to the smart glasses as a great hands-free method for users to capture images, share them with friends and loved ones and live stream without any of the usual distractions that take place.

Coi Leray Net Worth

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Coi Leray net worth is currently appraised at $3 million. As a prized artist at the Republic Records label, she is poised to continue to grow her net worth in the years to come. Leray has already proven herself to be a viable hitmaker, with 4 RIAA platinum and gold-certified singles.

Her net worth has grown over time as her profile has increased, owing to her string of hit singles and famous boyfriends. She has dated Trippie Redd, Blueface and Pressa, although she is believed to be single at the moment. In addition to her aforementioned BET nomination, she has also received award nominations from IHeartRadio Music Awards.

Leray has not shied away from discussing the legal troubles that she experienced on her path to the top, serving as a positive influence for others. In May 2021, she shared her own mug shot on her Instagram page. According to the rap star, she was arrested for drug possession and her critics were blissfully unaware of the life that she had experienced.

She wrote in the post’s caption about how crazy this moment was, referencing the fact that her braids had been taken out and that she was getting money. Coi also made another cryptic comment about the world not knowing her full story but was also sure to let people know that her debut album was completed. She is living proof that legal troubles do not have to be a detriment to anyone’s success.

Beef With Her Famous Father, Benzino

With a famous father who was a successful rap artist and media mogul in his own right, many critics have assumed that Leray grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth and an easy path to stardom. According to Leray, this was not the case. She paints a less rosy picture of her upbringing, claiming that her father’s financial support ceased once he was no longer with her mother.

Her father was starting to struggle with money by the time she was old enough to know what was going on. She was 9 years old and began to realize that the funds were not flowing like they used to Leray said an interview with Vlad TV. Once she decided that she would move in with her mother, things were much different. The family was using food stamps, and she had to drop out in 10th grade to help her mother make ends meet. Leray says that it was a humbling experience.

Benzino and Coi Leray were believed to be on solid ground until 2020 when Coi made a reference to her father letting her down at “No More Parties”. Of course, a lyric this emotionally charged on a hit single of that magnitude only served to inflame the tensions between each of them. When Benzino heard her rap about how her father let her down (she also had some choice words for his parenting contributions), he was extremely upset.

The line about him on the song was blatantly false, said Benzino on Instagram. His name and reputation are very important to him and he was tired of Coi tarnishing them to the rest of the world. He made it clear that he still loves his daughter very much but was tired of being used for a “storyline”. For his part, he says that he was always a part of her life and that even when things got more difficult, he remained present.

That was not all that he had to say, either, questioning the hardscrabble upbringing that she has successfully sold to her fans. He went on to say that Coi grew up living in a mansion and was given everything that she could ever want. Benzino also claims that her brothers would never say these types of things about him. He says that she had a great childhood and that he always flew her out to see him on the holidays.

Benzino even said that he got her a movie role. Coi stood firm on what she had said, saying that she had told no lies about her father dropping the ball. Benzino continued to disagree with her take on the situation and a lengthy back and forth ensued. After a few more inflammatory social media volleys between the two, they were back on solid ground as of spring 2021. It would not be long before the two were back to bickering in public, though.

During an interview with the nationally syndicated Breakfast Club radio show, Leray repeated her claims, saying that Benzino went broke after his ownership with The Source ended. According to her, she and her family were essentially on their own financially since she was 9 years old. Unfortunately, their relationship has seen no improvement since.

After Coi claimed that she had been forced to turn to the streets in order to survive and had slept in cars, Benzino took to Instagram Live and called her version of events false. As of the moment, there is no relationship between the two.

Coi Leray Grammy Nominations + Future Outlook

In her crowning professional achievement, Leray received the ultimate validation from the music industry recently when she was nominated for multiple Grammy awards. She received a Best Pop Dance Recording nomination for “Don’t Hurt Me”, a collaboration with world famous French DJ and producer David Guetta. UK singer/songwriter Anne-Marie was also featured on the song.

“Players” received a nomination for Best Rap Performance and these nominations are indicative of the career trajectory that Coi Leray is currently on. The sky is the limit and Coi Leray net worth is only going to continue to grow during the years to come. We look forward to seeing if she can take one of these prestigious awards home and will be eagerly anticipating any and all updates on her as yet unannounced third album.

Allison Lancaster

Written by Allison Lancaster

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