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How Mark Levin Achieved a Net Worth of $50 Million

Mark Levin

If you love politics, then you must have heard of Mark Levin. His books, radio shows, and television programs are all about his political opinions. The author and television personality is also a lawyer by profession, and all these undertakings have pushed Mark Levin’s net worth to $50 million. He is so good at what he does that Westwood One ensured that it locked him down through a ten-year contract extension. Although he is battling heart disease, Levin is determined to work hard and continues to show his undying support for the Republicans. His ambition will increase his wealth but until then, let’s focus on how he has achieved the $50 million.

Practicing Law

There is not much revealed about Levin’s background. However, in a C-Span interview, the lawyer said he grew up in a township, Cheltenham in a community called Elkins Park. His parents were business people who ran a nursery school, camp, and shop. He did not disclose if he always wanted to be a lawyer, but perhaps his exceptionally good grades helped him decide. Levin was so bright that he skipped his senior year at Cheltenham High School to enroll at Temple University for his undergraduate degree. He was only 19 when he graduated from the university and three years later, graduated from Temple University School of Law with a law degree. By then his passion for politics had already begun because he revealed that the entire institution had only three conservatives.

Armed with a law degree, Levin landed various jobs, including working for the Reagan administration. He eventually became chief of staff to the Attorney General. As of 2021, a chief of staff's average salary in the United States is $222, 005 so it could have been considerably less over four decades ago. Still, Levin was taking home a lucrative paycheck given his job description. His legal background earned him the privilege of running Landmark Legal Foundation, a conservative legal foundation that aims to promote low taxes, free enterprise, and proper property rights. He was the director of legal policy before becoming the president. The position also enabled him to accumulate wealth because, according to Celebrity FM, Levin earned $300,000 per year for the term of his presidency. Since he was the president of Landmark Legal Foundation from 1997 until 2018, the total salary translates to about $6.3 million. Additionally, he still practiced law privately. The highest-paid private practice lawyers make nearly $500,000 a year, and because Levin already was a renowned attorney, it is safe to assume that he was banking substantial sums of money.

Becoming a TV Personality

His radio broadcasting career began in WABC with a program that aired on Sundays from noon to 2 pm. He was not interested in the radio job, but Phil Boyce, the Program Director at WABC, asked him to fill in for Sean Hannity or be a guest. Boyce said they could not pay him, but Levin was determined to learn on the job even if he was not paid. Being the quick learner that the lawyer is, Levin finally had his own show after years of contributing legal opinions to various shows. “The Mark Levin Show” was syndicated nationally in 2006.

By 2017, “The Mark Levin Show” had grown to become the third-largest nationally syndicated radio program in the United States. Although it is unclear how much the show earned the lawyer, Hannity’s syndication contract via ABC Radio Networks was worth $100 million over five years. Therefore, maybe Levin’s contract was much less since he was yet to be a force to reckon with on the airwaves. Still, his star was on a meteoric rise; no wonder Fox News wanted Levin on their team. Consequently, in 2017, Fox News Channel announced that they had signed Levin to host a new weekend primetime program “Life, Liberty & Levin” that premiered in February 2018. As reported by The New York Times, the lawyer never envisioned hosting a show in Fox News. Nevertheless, he was excited, saying that it was a wonderful opportunity for him and the channel. Currently, Hannity is the highest-paid star on the news channel. He earns $25 million a year, but Levin is yet to be in the same league. Therefore, we can only assume that he takes home around the same figure as Bret Baier, who earns $7 million annually.

Writing Books and other Ventures

Even before Fox News came knocking on Levin’s door, he was already doing great. In 2016, he launched LevinTV, which boasted of being commercial-free. He said that the station would be unabashedly pro-American and made his money through subscriptions; $69 earned fans an annual subscription while a monthly subscription cost $7.99. In 2018, LevinTV, which had changed its name to CRTV, merged with The Blaze to form Blaze Media. Glenn Beck told CNBC that the collaboration was because many fans urged the two media personalities to partner up. If the claims of reaching 165 million people each month were true, that would mean that Levin and Beck made $1.65 billion monthly since the monthly subscription costs $10.

Despite his busy schedule, Levin still found time to write. In 2005, he wrote “Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America,” and in 2007 released “Rescuing Sprite.” The multi-talented television personality told National Review that he never planned on writing “Rescuing Sprite.” He wanted to focus on writing philosophy and politics and had talked to different publishers. Unfortunately, his dog Sprite, whom he had adopted from a shelter, passed on, and he changed his mind to write about his dog. He spent his entire free time writing the book but sometimes had to take a break when emotions overwhelmed him. He later wrote other books, one of which is “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic,” that debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. The book sales must have increased his earnings.

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