How Bahamadia Achieved a Net Worth of $32 Million

Bahamadia was born as Antonia D. Reed in Philadelphia on April 22, 1966. She is now famous for being a hip hop artist, and she began working in the music industry in 1990. She is best known for her solo music projects, but she has also collaborated with many other artists throughout her career. Her music career has been lucrative, and it is estimated that this artist now has a personal net worth of $32 million. So how did accrue this wealth?

It may surprise many people to learn of Bahamadia’s wealth, because she is not as well known as many other artists, despite being in the industry for three decades. She first entered the music industry in 1990 but was relatively unknown for many years. However, her fame increased from 1996 onwards, as this was when she released her first solo album ’Kollage’. In mainstream music, her debut album wasn’t successful, as it only reached 126 on the Us charts. However, in her musical niche, it was more successful. I peaked at number 13 on the US R&B charts and reached number 3 on the US Heat charts. This was not bad for a relative newcomer to the industry.

Net Worth$65 Million
NameAntonia D. Reed
BornPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Birth DateApril 22, 1966
Source of WealthAmerican Hip Hop Artist, Rapper and Singer
CountryUnited States

Prior to the release of the album, she had already released several of the singles that featured on it, and this helped to promote her as an artist. In 1994, she released ‘Total Wreck’, which was relatively unsuccessful. The following year, she released the single ‘Unknowhowwedu’. This did better than the first single and peaked at number 15 on the Hot Dance Music Charts. This was the best position that Bahamadia ever achieved in the charts. In 1996, Bahamadia released two singles from her ‘Kollage’ album; ‘I Confess’ and ‘Three the Hardway’. By coincidence, both singles peaked at number 27 on the Hot Dance Music Charts.

By this time, Bahamadia had increased her fan base, but her fans had a little while longer to wait before she next released any music. It wasn’t until July 200 that she released her second album ‘BB Queen’. This was not a great success for the artist as it did not rank in the mainstream US charts at all, and it only reached number 69 in the US R&B charts. There were two singles released from the ‘BB Queen’ album, both in 2000. The first of these was ‘Special Forces’, and the second was ‘Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)’. Neither of these singles made it into the charts. Therefore, none of the solo music she released in 2000 was successful.

Bahamadia’s third and final album was ‘Good Rap Music’, which was released in August 2005. This was released under the label ‘B-Girl Freedom Records’. Unfortunately, the album did not make it into the charts and no singles were released separately from this album. Since the failure of her third album, Bahamadia has released three non-album release singles. ‘Dialed Up Vol. 1’ was released in 2013, followed by ‘Here’ in 2015, and then ‘Dialed Up Vol. 2’ in 2018. None of these singles ranked well in the charts. Although her solo career has never been very successful, there are many other artists that have been keen to collaborate with Bahamadia over the years, and this has contributed significantly to her success.

Her first collaboration was in 1991 when she featured on HanSoul’s album ‘Imagination’. Since then, she has collaborated with multiple artists, including Queen Latifah, Zion I, Angie Stone, Mr. Lif, Morcheeba, Spacek, and King Britt. Other acts with which she is associated include The Roots, Planet Asia, Gang Starr, Talib Kweli, and Army of the Pharaohs. Those she has worked with predominantly produce music in the hip hop genre of the music industry.

Sources say that Bahamadia had achieved a personal net worth of $32 million by 2018. This meant they included her on their list of the top ten wealthiest female rappers in the world. Bahamadia was in the fourth position on the list, which was topped by Nicki Minaj, who had an estimated personal net worth of $70 million at the time when the list was compiled in 2018. While some of this is from her solo work and from her collaborations with other artists, this is not the only way that this talented artist has made money.

Bahamadia also hosted a weekly radio show at Philadelphia FM called ‘Bahamadia’s B-Sides’ between 1997 and 1999. This gave listeners in Philadelphia the chance to listen to artists that were relatively unknown at the time because they were not in mainstream music. During the time that it aired, it was one of the highest rating radio shows in Philadelphia, says Hip Hop Golden Age. Bahamadia has also been a contributing writer to Stress Magazine in New York City. Furthermore, she regularly participates in music conferences, seminars, and educational lectures at universities. For this reason, she is considered a positive role model for upcoming artists. Throughout her career, Bahamadia has performed in many solo concerts in the United States, as well as in concert featuring other artists. She has also traveled around the world as a supporting artist for other acts on their tours. Just some of the countries in which she has performed include England, Germany, Poland, Holland Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Austria, and France.

Bahamadia prefers to keep her personal life private, so little is known about her relationships or how she spends her fortune. However, she does have a son named Mah-Zing Wong. Her son was one of the contestants on the televised fashion reality competition ‘Project Runway.’ In the series, Bahamadia appeared in one episode as a guest client for one of the challenges. This was in season 15, which aired on Lifetime between September and December 2016. Mah-Jing Wong did relatively well in the competition, leaving the competition in the 11th episode and finishing in the sixth position.

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