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The 20 Most Notable Temple University Alumni in Business

Temple University is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is one of the oldest universities in the United States, with its roots going back to the year 1884. It was founded by Russell Conwell who was a Baptist minister. According to the United States Department of Education, the school has an acceptance rat of 52 percent of applicants and a graduation rate of 69 percent. The average cost of tuition after aid is $21,000. Some of the most notable people in the business world are graduates of the Fox School of Business at Temple and here are the top 20.

1. John Carrig

John Carrig is a notable alumni of Temple university who earned his graduate degree and went on to pursue his law degree at New york university School of Law afterwards. He became the president and Chief operating Office or the ConocoPhillips corporation. He also served as the CFO as well as Senior Vice president position at ConcoPhillips subsidiary Phillips Petroleum Co. He currently serves as a board member of WPX Energy Inc. He has also served on multiple boards and as an independent director for several companies within the oil and gas industry and he is also involved with other industries in advisory positions including Alley Theatre, United Way of Greater Houston, The British American Foundation of Texas, and the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business.

2. Sam Greenblatt

Sam Greenblatt attended Temple University and earned a BBA degree in information science, then continued forward to complete his MBA in 1972 from the same institution. He moved forward with his career and became successful in the business world. He served as the vice president of technology and architecture in the Enterprise Solution Group of Dell.

3. Jai Gulati

Jai Gulati earned his MBA degree from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. After graduation he achieved tremendous success in the business world serving as the senior director of information technology for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc from 2018 to the present. He is the former chief executive officer for the Systel company from 2016 through 2018 as well as the head of the talent platform strategy for TD Ameritrade. He also served as the associate vice president of NASDAQ OMX from 2014 through 2015 and was a platform program and project manager for JMD Consulting Group Inc.

4. Lewis Katz

Mr. Lewis Katz was a highly respected alumni of Temple University who earned his degree then went on to make many significant contributions to the world around him. He was the former co-owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer and a notable newspaper publisher and businessman. He is also remembered for his philanthropy and helping those in need through the Katz Foundation which donated funds for educational and medical charities.

5. Larry Miller

Larry Miller also attended Temple University. He used the skills and knowledge that he gained to become a leader in the sports industry. Mr. Miller went on to become the president of the Portland Trail Blazers sports team. After leaving this position he became the president of the Jordan Brand and he is still occupying this position and the brand which is a subsidiary unit of the Nike corporation is doing very well under his leadership.

6. Rosemary Reed Miller

Rosemary Reed Miller was known for her love of jam and biscuits and she was also a graduate of Temple University. She founded a fashion boutique in Washington DC which was called Toast and Strawberries. She not only turned her business into a huge success, she also served as a role model for African American women who were struggling to establish their own businesses.

7. Brenton L. Saunders

Brenton Saunders earned his degree at Temple University. After completing his education, he went on to become the CO and director of Forest Laboratories Inc. The company was acquired by Allergan, and after the merger of the two, Mr. Saunders became the president and the CEO of Allergan. He is also the co-founder of Health Care Compliance Association.

8. Ash Vasudevan

Ash Vasudevan earned his PhD in management from Temple University in 1996. He is the founder of Edge Holdings and served as the managing partner. He also co-founded Aspire Entertainment. Among his many career achievements is serving as the Head of CommerceNet Investment Initiatives. He was also the founding partner of the International Center for Alliances, Networks and Strategic Innovation as well as a professor of strategy and international business at Washington State University. Mr. Vasudevan has made a successful career for himself in the financial and venture capital industry. He is currently the managing partner at Edge Venture Capital.

9. Darcy Antonellis

Darcy Antonellis earned her undergraduate degree from Temple University. After graduating, she continued her education at Fordham University where she earned her graduate degree. Afterwards she became the president-technical operations and CTO for Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc as well as vice president -technical and Olympic operations at CBS News, Inc. She is currently the CEO and director at Vubiquity, Inc as well as a board member for Xperi Corp and Cinemark Holdings, Inc.

10. Reed Erickson

Reed Ericson was born Rita Alma Erickson and attended Temple University briefly. He did not complete his program of study at the university but he did move forward in life to become a notable alumni in the business world. He was an engineer and a transgender activist who also served the world in many ways as a philanthropist. He helped to promote a greater understanding of transgender issues and he established a foundation which helped to fund early research of trans-sexuality through the Erickson Educational Foundation which funded research at Stanford University and at Johns Hopkins University.

11. Gil Stein

Gil Stein is another notable alumni of Temple University. He became an executive in the sports industry as well as an attorney. he served as the president of the National Hockey League from 1992 through 1993 as welll as vice president and as their legal counsel.

12. Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is an alumni of Temple University. After graduation he built a successful career in business. He founded a company called Business Marketing Services in 1988, which is a consulting and training firm. He served as a lead trainer, giving seminars throughout the world having authored a successful book on sales adn customer marketing businesses. He is a prolific business trainer, author and speaker and his services are in high demand.

13. Eric Corey Freed

Eric Corey Freed is an alumni of Temple University. He has experienced tremendous success as a Green Architect and an expert in the field. He's been in the business of helping homeowners, builders and architects find green methods which promote energy conservation and sustainable practices through his innovative designs for buildings. He also offers seminars to teach stakeholders these principles and he's been named as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential Green Architects" in the world.

14. Malcolm Hoenlein

Malcolm Hoenlein is one of the more notable alumni of Temple University who built an impressive career in the business world and he is well respected by his peers. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Conference President of major American Jewish Organizations as well as the Executive Vice Chairman. he also served as chairman of America's Voices in Israel, co-chair of Scan as well as co-char of Sharing for lIfe, a Director at Fortress Biotech, Inc, and director, and of numerous other companies and organizations.

15. Bruce Mailman

Bruce Mailman attended Temple University as well as the Tyler School of Fine Arts. He is the creator of the Saint Club, which was a huge disco, and he had a background in theater and fine arts. Mr. Mailman was also a real estate investor and he became incredibly wealthy. He was a gay man who served as an advocate for the gay community and he engaged in philanthropy to support the causes he believed in.

16. Steve Capus

Steve Capus is a notable alumni of Temple University who graduated with a bachelor of arts in journalism n 1986. He has enjoyed a 25 year career in media. He has made several significant contributions to the business end of the industry as the former president of NBC News and serves as a role model for journalists, encouraging them to embrace current and evolving technologies within the industry.

17. Bill Mensch

William D. Mensch Jr. also known as Bill is an alumni of Temple University who was also invited back to serve on its advisory board after establishing a remarkably successful career in the business world. He rose to fame and wealth as a computer scientist and as the founder of Western Design Center. He also served as the CEO of the company that he established. Throughout his career he succeeded in securing 22 patents for his creations which include microprocessor systems, microprocessor peripheral devices and microprocessors. He was a pioneer in the computing and technology industry who has made some extremely significant contributions to the furthering and advancement of computer technology. He has served on multiple boards of directors for technology companies and organizations because of his vast knowledge and expertise. His wisdom was highly respected and valued in the tech community.

18. Ben Goertzel

Dr. Ben Goertzel is another alumni of Temple University who went on to make significant contributions to the business world as well as to the tech community. He became a Chief Scientist working with Hanson Robotics, which is a robotics firm as well as an employee of Aidyia HOldings. He has also served as chairman of the AI software company Novamente, LLC along with multiple other tech companies which deal with artificial intelligence and robotics.

19. Stephen G. Haines

Stephen G. Haines earned his doctoral degree from Temple University in Educational Psychology. This signified the completion of his academic credentials which included an MSA in OD from George Washington University with a focus upon Systems thinking. He previously served in the Navy and went on to become an executive in the hospitality industry with Marriot, then working in an executive capacity for Exxon Enterprises, Sunoco, MCI, ICA which is a San Diego bank and Freddie Mac. He became one of the greatest systems thinking experts in the world and the extensive research that he has conducted in this discipline has contributed to the advancement in this field. Hes written several frameworks and processes for leadership, planning and change n the business sector as well as theories in organizational systems models and hs served as an organizational theorist and management consultant.

20. Martin A. Pomerantz

Martin A. Pomerantz was one of the most distinguished alumni of Temple University. He was a world famous explorer having made treks to the South Pole and he was also a noted astrophysicist. In 1938, he became the director of the Bartol Research Institute, and was then promoted to the president. He was a pioneer in researching cosmic rays as well as conducting multiple ground breaking experiments in astrophysics and astronomy from a laboratory at the South Pole. He also explored extraterrestrial physics. Dr. Pomerantz led multiple expeditions to the South Pole and in Antarctica. He was the recipient of the National Science Foundation Distinguished Public Service Award as well as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Medal for Distinguished Scientific Achievement.

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