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20 Things You Didn't Know About Zonos


Zonos is an American tech company that provides global cross-border final pricing for e-commerce consumers who purchase international goods. It's been around for a while but it has recently made business news with a new infusion of investor funding that has given the enterprise a boost in its forward march forward in the information tech industry. If you're not yet familiar with this startup, here are 20 things you didn't know about Zonos that you might find interesting.

1. Zonos is an established company

According to Crunchbase, Zonos was founded on October 1, 2009. The business has been in operation for twelve years as of 2021. It is well established and is headquartered in Saint George, Utah. The single entrepreneur who founded Zonos is Clint Reid.

2. Zonos is a versatile company

Zonos is listed across four main industry headings on the internet. It is an enterprise that serves the E-Commerce industry with useful information about the precise pricing for goods that are purchased internationally. It is an Information technology company, and it also provides insurance and mobile apps. Although the focus is base upon providing international pricing foremost, it also provides these other three services for its clientele.

3. Zonos is good for international business

Zonos provides technology solutions for companies that are ready to expand their operations into the global arena. It provides technologies for merchants that are cross-border for most parts of the world. The solutions help to drive excellence in the customer buying experience by empowering businesses with global technology. It's a company that caters to merchants who are ready to grow their global footprint and expand into international sales. Zonos is good for international business because it equips the owners with all of the tools that they need to become successful in global enterprise.

4. Zonos uses a complex array of technologies

The Zonos website is powered by a complicated assortment of technologies to provide users with a smooth and seamless experience. The website actively uses seventy technologies that are distributed across twenty-six technology products and services. Some of them include iPhone Mobile Compatible, SSL by Default, Viewport Meta, jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, and many others.

5. The IT overhead is high for Zonos

Although Zonos has not yet disclosed its annual budget for IT expenses, our experience suggests that it is likely into the hundreds of thousands annually. The vast number of technologies that are represented in the twenty-six technology products and services are all at scale, and with such high users on the website, the monthly and annual fees are likely very expensive.

6. Zonos is growing in monthly visits

The analytics for Zonos shows that over the past thirty days, the website has received a total of 60,893 visitors. This number represents a monthly visits growth rate of 18.89 percent. What it means is that interest in Zonos and its products and services is also growing. The ranking of Zonos is number 393,907 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web.

7. Zonos is the most popular in the United States

Statistical reports for the Zonos website reveal that the website is the most popular visitor from the United States. The highest percentage of web traffic comes from this country with a total of 81 percent, and a monthly visits growth increase of 28.36 percent over the past 30 days. Visitors from Canada make up ten percent of the web traffic with a monthly visits growth increase of 47.99 percent. two percent of visitors are from South Korea. Two percent of the web traffic is from Australia with a 37.99 percent increase, and two percent of the visitors are from the United Kingdom. These statistics are useful for key decision-makers when making strategic plans for expansion into new areas. It tells them where the greatest interest in the products and services of the company lies.

8. There are 10 members in the executive leadership team at Zonos

The core executive leadership team at Zonos is comprised of ten members. Clint Reid is the founder and chief executive officer of the company. Daniel Johnson is the chief revenue officer. David Meads is the chief technology officer. Frank Reid is the vice president, go to market. Ted Kendrick is the vice president of finance. Travis Robinson is the vice president of engineering. Craig Kubie is the senior visual designer. Ryan Swapp is the director of operations. Brittney Austin is the human resources manager. This dynamic team runs the operations together. Although it's a small group, they've taken the company to amazing heights of success.

9. Zonos has one member on its board of directors

The board of directors for Zonos lists just one member. Todd MacLean provides advisement to the executive leadership team for financial and strategic planning. Mr. MacLean is a co-founder and managing partner at Silversmith Capital Partners. He currently serves on 8 boards of directors in advisory roles. He has founded one organization.

10. Zonos is a venture capital-backed organization

Zonos has participated in two rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent was a Series A round that closed on September 15, 2021. Eric Rea and Silversmith Capital Partners were the most recent investors to join in the efforts. So far, Zonos has raised a total of $ 69 million in venture capital funding. Zonos has a total of two lead investors and four investors which also include Aaron Skonnard, and Bigfoot Capital, which is also a lead investor in the company. The latter was engaged with Zonos in a round of debt financing.

11. Zonos is building its APIs

According to Techcrunch, the recent infusion of venture capital funding will help Zonos to achieve its growth and expansion goals. It has plans to increase the number of APIs for auto-classifying goods and calculating the accurate total landed cost for all international transactions. The recent Series A round of funding is the first venture capital round as the first was a debt financing type transaction of an undisclosed amount. The company held off on bringing investors of this nature onboard for several years, but it is now necessary for the enterprise to grow at the rate that would be the most beneficial.

12. Zonos saves everyone time and money

Using Zonos' platform benefits merchants and consumers in various ways. When you make an international purchase there are associated taxes, duties, import, and shipping fees to calculate. The solutions that it provides do all of these cumbersome tasks through an automated system that saves everyone a lot of time and hassle. It helps to streamline international transactions. The merchants that use Zonos have websites that are easier for international shoppers to use. Everything is calculated for them through one user-friendly system. Merchants are happy that they no longer need to attempt to figure out all of these complex figures for each country. Most countries have different rates and fees and the import and duties vary from one place to another. These facts make Zonos essential for global e-commerce website owners.

13. Zonos provides a host of technologies for customers

Zonos merchants enjoy the multiple apps, plugins, and APIs that make cross-border sales go more smoothly. The result for all of the complex calculations that the software provides is an accurate price, which is often hard to come by without making errors. It's a time-consuming process when you attempt to do it by hand, but Zonos does it all through an automated system of technologies. Businesses can also choose one or among several different shipping carriers to work with to give their customers more choices. All these complicated technologies work behind the scenes to provide a smooth and streamlined flow that is helping to create more trust in global trading. Many shy away from it because it is just too complicated for them to figure out. Zonos is changing these attitudes. They view technology as the solution to the problem of mistrust in global calculations by international serving businesses.

14. Zonos is a disruptor in the cross-global e-commerce industry

Zonos is simplifying the process involved with making international purchases in ways that no other companies have. It's not the only organization to provide these services, but it is unique in that it helps global online companies to secure better customer loyalty by keeping the figures accurate and verifiable. This benefit is tremendous when it comes to international commerce. It helps merchants build stronger brand loyalty among international shoppers, and this makes it a disruptor in the industry with its departure from the status quo. In the past, people have routinely been charged unnecessary extra fees.

15. Zonos is a leader for APIs

CEO Clint Reid confirmed that Zonos is a leader in e-commerce, cross-border APIs. Although they've achieved this goal, the company is continually moving forward with new technologies that will make them a leader in the tech world in the months to come. The leadership refuses to accept being "good enough" as a status of accomplishment. The company strives to excel and surpass just being a leader. It is this attitude that helps Zonos to stand out from the other companies offering similar services.

16. Zonos is preparing for an expansion

Zonos is in the United States. The US is the country served by Zonos. The company is looking to establish a larger footprint in global transactions. The decision-makers are putting their plans together to expand its operations to service merchants from companies outside of the United States. It will soon expand into additional markets throughout the world and go where its customers are. Currently, only US merchants are served, but this is about to change.

17. Zonos is working on its R&D

Zonos has been busy in its research and development to grow in product development. This is being fueled by the recent influx of venture capital funding. Because the most recent round was a Series A fundraiser, it is still considered to be an early-stage venture capital-backed company. They just delayed allowing investors in for a long time.

18. Zonos is a privately held company

You won't find shares of Zonos stock for sale on any of the public stock exchanges. This is because the leadership decided to keep Zonos as a privately owned enterprise. They've not filed for an initial public offering. In our research, we've seen no indication that they plan to do so anytime soon.

19. Zonos is not currently hiring

According to its LinkedIn profile page, there are no current job openings at Zonos. It hasn't been long since they were notified of the results of the fundraising campaign. There hasn't been enough time for them to become organized to move on to the new capital yet. Zonos currently employs 97 staff members. This is a big jump from its previous number of just 30 workers eighteen months ago. They went through an intense phase of hiring and now the organization is giving that aspect of its growth a rest.

20. Zonos is expanding into the Asia Pacific and Europe

We read confirmation that Zonos is planning to expand its worldwide team in the Asia Pacific and Europe. They serve over 1,500 customers from around the world, which has led to millions of landed cost quotes daily. The business has been picking up and Zonos is in the perfect position to increase its global presence. This is a company to keep your eye on as it is entering a new and exciting phase in its growth and development. The competition within this industry is present, but so far, Zonos has gained an edge over the others. Its continued research and development of products and expansion is a part of the organization's strategic plan for growth and development. It's destined to maintain its leadership in its niche of the industry if it keeps up the current forward-moving trajectory.

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Written by Allen Lee

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