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20 Things you Didn't know about Coinllectibles


Coinllectibles is a modern technology organization that mainly focuses on limited edition fashion wear, sneakers, toys, artworks, and watches that have an intrinsic value in the real world, whether intangible or tangible in nature. In 2022, Coinllectibles has formed various partnerships with many auction houses and art galleries to help them expand the business market for rare memorabilia and numismatic areas. Collectibles often use NFTs, which is an acronym for "Non-Fungible Token," to serve as a digital ownership title (DOT) for all their intangible and tangible collectibles. Here, we will discuss the 20 things you didn't know about Coinllectibles.

1. Blockchain Company Coinllectibles Developed the Fusion DOT

With the rampant increase in interest in Digital Ownership Titles (DOTs), Coinllectibles made history by becoming the first publicly-traded blockchain organization on the United States OTC markets. Coinllectibles' primary mission was to improve the overall experience in the collectibles and art sector by enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and transparency. To achieve this, the company developed Fusion DOTs to help them make independent evaluations and capture the rights and ownership of collectibles and physical arts. The company also allocated plenty of resources to help develop the proprietary Fusion DOT to enhance transparency in the valuation, certification, and authentication of art and collectibles in general.

2. Coinllectibles' inaugural Fusion made sales exceeding $2.45million

The Metaverse Blockchain Fusion DOT company, Coinllectibles, recently released an official update on the overall transaction performance of the inaugural Fusion DOTs, which made incredible sale rates exceeding 2.45million USD. The first batch of the Fusion DOTs that was presented for sale consisted of collectible ceramic art pieces, which had independent capital gains ranging from $64,300 to $128,600. According to Coinllectibles Art, the items in the first inaugural batch of Fusion DOTs that were collectively purchased are later resold by ten different buyers, with each having a unique OKEx walled ID. As of 7 September 2021, the average transaction value of the first inaugural batch transaction of the Fusion DOTs was valued at 2,459,034 USD.

3. Coinllectibles Collaborated with OKEx NFT marketplace

OKEx is one of the largest digital asset exchangers with impressive daily trading volumes exceeding $4 billion. In addition to its existing business success, OKEx recently launched a new NFT marketplace and selected the Metaverse Blockchain Fusion DOT company, Coinllectibles, as one of the founding NFTs batches to be marketed on their platform.

4. Coinllectibles is owned by Cosmos Group Holdings Inc

Cosmos Group Holding Inc. is a group that provides authentication, valuation, and certification (AVC) services, hire purchase, custody, security and exhibition, financing, sales and purchase services to art buyers through Coinllectibles. With holdings licensed under Hong Kong's Money Lenders Ordinance, Cosmos Group Holdings currently provides unsecured personal loans to prospective collectibles and art purchases with a small portfolio of mortgage loans. The group also utilizes blockchain technology through the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

5. Coinllectibles Partnered with NBA Hall of Famer & Entrepreneur Chris Webber

Coinllectibles announced a partnership with NBA Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Chris Webber to strategically deliver innovative entertainment and sports offerings and disrupt the NFT marketplace through the use of its exclusive Digital Ownership Token (DOT) technology. As the president of the company, Chris Webber will help in the implementation of the company's mission to better connect athletes, entertainers, and fans through technology. With this new partnership, Coinllectibles Sports and Webber plan to empower all athletes from the beginner levels to the professional retired players by increasing their opportunities in the NFT space.

6. The Digital Ownership Token (DOT) is used to add transparency to media buying

Currently, most companies are beginning to use the blockchain ledger invented and innovated by the International Business Machines to record impression data and sell their artistic products. For instance, the Coinllectibles organization has begun using IBM's blockchain technology to market its products in the United States. In 2017, IBM's blockchain tech was ranked among the top blockchain organizations, with a 43% rating.

7. Coinllectibles Launches MetaMall featuring the Inaugural Fusion NFTs

The Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT organization, Coinllectibles, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Cosmos Group Holdings Inc., announced they would be launching the Collectibles MetaMall to enable collectors to buy and sell the Inaugural Fusion NFTs using cryptocurrency. The launch of the MetaMall will also include the inaugural Fusion NFFT by the Crypto Billionaire; Allan Banford. According to crunchbase, the Chief Technical Officer of Coinllectibles, Chai Kok Young, claimed that they are planning to make the process of buying and selling Fusion NFTs more user-friendly and seamless by working closely with several cryptocurrencies to accept their currencies as a valid payment for the Fusion NFTs.

8. Non-Fungible Penny, A New collectible NFT coin

The Coinllectibles company made an announcement that it has signed a partnership agreement with Spink to provide the first-ever collectible Non-Fungible Token coin to be offered by an international auction house. This NFT penny will also be the first NFT coin ever to be issued by Spink, a well-renowned collectors' auction house that was established back in the 1600s. For centuries, the strong immutability of this almost pure gold coin, which looks like the yellow petals of the broom plant, has remained unexposed and untarnished.

9. Coinllectibles successfully acquired 80% of Grand Gallery for HK$6million

The Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT company acquired around 80% of the Grand Gallery in Hong Kong for a value of HK$6million. The company has formed a number of partnerships with several auction houses and galleries around the area to stimulate the growth of collectibles. Moreover, Coinllectibles helps add value to art galleries and auction houses by providing the NFT minting tech capabilities and a broader customer base to collect physical or traditional art pieces.

10. Coinllectibles collaborated with Adeline Yeo to Launch the Inaugural Artist Fusion NFT

Adeline Yeo is recognized as Singapore's first female finger-painting artist. She is well-known for her appealing and strong finger strokes in her painting, displaying feminine confidence and courage. In addition to being a well-accomplished artist, Adeline has challenged herself publicly by painting while blindfolded to enable her to create exceptional artistic work. It is due to her most sought-after artworks that Coinllectibles decided to feature her in the launch of the inaugural Artist Fusion NFT.

11. Coinllectibles acquired Phoenix Waters Productions (HK) Limited and Phoenix Waters Productions Ltd (UK)

According to LinkedIn, Coinllectibles bought both Phoenix Waters Productions in Hong Kong and Phoenix Water Production Limited in the United Kingdom, both valued at $4.5m. Phoenix Waters Productions is an award-winning multinational production organization that mainly involves developing series, movie films, and other entertaining shows for local and international audiences.

12. Coinllectibles entered into a $30 Million Investment Agreement

Coinllectibles announced the signing of a $30 million investment agreement with an investor to purchase some of the shares of Cosmos Group Holdings, Inc. This investment into Coinllectibles will go towards achieving a number of milestones revolving around the Fusion NFTs and funding strategic areas of strategic importance, including the technological ability of the company to boost its business operations. In 2021, Coinllectibles had already launched a gallery in Hong Kong and opened its MetaMall site in the area.

13. Coinllectibles Launched the Colligo Series 1

This Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT company publicly announced that it would be launching the Colligo Series 1 on 26 November 2021. Although Coinllectibles is not the official provider of the Colligo Tokens, they can still serve as the utility provider of these tokens, which are accepted for the purchase of Fusion NFTs offered by the company. Following the successful launch of the Colligo Series 1, it will come with two amazing ceramic collectibles, including; a Modern Multi-color vase with Flared Mouth design and a Gilded Blue and White Prunus Vase with Patterns of Banana Leaves, Lotuses, Waves, and Chrysanthemums.

14. Coinllectibles established gamified NFT Auctions for Unique Fusion NFTs

Within a short period, there have been significant developments in the use of Non-Fungible Tokens in other industries like gaming with the Metaverse. After the launch of the Colligo Series 1, as mentioned above, it allowed the use of Colligo Tokens ($COTK) for the purchase of the Fusion NFTs. Colligo Tokens aims at improving the overall gaming experience by making it more innovative and extremely fun for gamers.

15. Coinllectibles to launch Fusion NFT Bronze Series 3

The Bronze Series 3 is a well-curated collection of ceramic collectibles that is an ideal example of the modern-day porcelain made by official kilns during the Qianlong reign. All items contained within the collection are from Jingde City, Jiangxi Province, China, and are exceptionally one of a kind. According to Pitchbook, Jingde City, also referred to as the "Thousand-Year Porcelain Capital," is the world's most famous porcelain production town well-suited for Chinese emperors. Moreover, the items contained within the Bronze Series 3 are extremely valuable since they are adorned with multi-colored birds, fishes, and flowers, followed by exquisite art and skillful painting or engraving finish.

16. Coinllectibles established a partnership with the Artist Patrick Hughes

Born in Birmingham, England, Patrick Hughes is a London-based artist well-known for his respective painting work. Hughes rose to fame in 1964 after he created his first paintwork dubbed "the Sticking-Out Room," showcasing the concept of reverse perspective artworks. Patrick's impressive 3-D paintings amazed his audience as they played tricks on their minds through the paradox of illusory movement and space. As a result, Patrick's 3-D reverspective artworks have been featured and exhibited in many public art galleries, including the British Library. Coinllectibles, a subsidiary of the Cosmos Group Holdings Inc., was amazed by Patrick Hunges' artistic work and decided to include his extraordinary artwork in their Fusion NFTs.

17. Coinllectibles Completed the US$37Million Acquisition of Talk+ – Aims

In its efforts to become a multi-dimensional global Fusion NFT powerhouse, the Metaverse Blockchain NFT fusion organization Coinllectibles completed the acquisition of the cryptocurrency and messaging App Talk+. Although there are many cryptocurrency wallets in the market, Talk+ sets itself apart from the rest by including an instant messaging function in its multi-crypto wallet. Additionally, Talk+ messages are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring no unauthorized persons can access your messages within the Talk+ digital app. When it comes to data protection, the Talk+ app allows its users to delete sent messages, even after they are received by the recipients.

18. Coinllectibles accepted Colligo Tokens for the Purchase of Fusion NFTs

According to PRNewswire, Coinllectibles made an announcement to the public that it will be accepting the use of Colligo Tokens for the purchase of its Fusion NFTs. However, the company claimed that they had allocated a limited number of Fusion NFTs that will only allow Colligo Tokens as valid payment.

19. Coinllectibles collaborated with the Chinese Photographer Ruya Qian

This Metaverse blockchain company agreed to sign an agreement with the Chinese photographer Ruya Qian to create a one-of-its-kind Fusion NFT based on Ruya's extraordinary artistic practices. Ruya's artistic works usually portray the legacy of self-portraiture artists, where she often embeds herself into the composition of her designs. Most of Ruya's work usually revolves around photography, installations, and moving images.

20. Coinllectibles accepted Dogecoin and Tronix as payment for Fusion NFTs

For TRX and Dogecoin bidders, they would have to first convert their currencies into ETH to bid for Fusion NFTs. If the bid is successful, they will be required to pay for the required item through the OKEx NFT marketplace. According to Cbinsights, The bidder will then be given about three working days to decide on whether they want to make the purchase in DOGE, ETH, or TRX. If the buyer decides to complex the purchase using TRX or Dogecoin, they will be required to exchange an equal amount of TRX or DOGE into Ethereum for the Fusion NFTs.

Bottom Line

Coinllectibles is the first publicly-traded Blockchain Fusion NFTs technology company on the United States OTC markets that changes how we think about art galleries and auction houses. It is also a company that specializes in protecting the rights and performing independent evaluations of artists underpinned by contracts stored on the blockchain.

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