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How Cole Sprouse Achieved A Net Worth Of $8 Million

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Cole Sprouse is an American actor who is best known for his roles in Friends and Riverdale. He has an estimated net worth of $8 million. This article will take a closer look at how he has earned this money.

Acting Career

He and his brother Dylan began acting when they were still babies. Their first jobs were when they were playing one role but used to alternate on screen. They had roles such as these in Grace Under Fire and Big Daddy before branching out into their own careers.

Cole got his first big break when he was cast as Ross Gellar's son Ben in the sitcom Friends. He also became well-known for his role as Cody Martin on the Disney show The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody. His brother Dylan also starred in the series as his twin Zack. The show ran for 87 episodes which makes it one of the longest running shows on the Disney Channel. The twins were reportedly paid $20,000 per episode which is a lot of money considering they were only thirteen years old when the show began. Cole and his brother also played the roles of Zack and Cody in a spin-off series called The Suite Life on Deck and a movie that aired on the Disney Channel. By the time the last episode of The Suite Life on Deck had aired, Cole and his brother were estimated to be the richest teenage twin brothers in the world.

Cole took a break from acting while he went to college. Bustle reported that he wanted to have as normal as experience at possible when he was studying at NYU. He did not study acting but instead got his degree in archaeology. This also gives him another option for a career if he ever wants to move away from acting. He did spend a year after he had finished university taking part in archeological digs which took place in Europe.

After he left university he did make a return to acting when he began playing the role of Jughead Jones in Riverdale. He has been a main cast member since the first season of the show and has starred in every episode. As the popularity of the show continues to grow it is likely that all cast members are now paid more per episode than they were when the show first started. In 2018 it was estimated that the cast were earning around $40,000 episode and there is a good chance that this could be even higher now. Cole was also an established actor when he started on the show and so he may have been paid more than the other young cast in the show.


He is also a keen photographer and his photos have been featured in several magazines. According to Seventeen, his work has been used in publications such as The Sunday Times Style. If his photos are used by magazines, then he would be paid a fee for this. At the moment he seems to be quite busy with his acting work but he can still do his photography alongside this. He often shares the photography work that he has been doing recently with his fans on Instagram. Some of the most recent shots that he has posted on Instagram have been taken for Elle magazine. He has a number of celebrity fans that want to be photographed by him including his Riverdale co-stars and the singer Sam Smith.

Modeling and Promotional Work

Cole is one of the most recognizable young stars in Hollywood and this means he is in demand from brands that want him to promote their products. He can afford to be choosy about the companies that he wants to work with, and there are several brands that he has done promotional work for. Most recently this includes clothing brands such as J Brand Jeans and Neiman Marcus. When he was younger he would have also received some royalties from the Zack and Cody merchandise that was sold when the show was airing. He and his brother are also signed up to IMG Models and so he will also earn an income for the work that he does through this agency.

The Sprouse Bros Brand

The New York Times reported that the brothers teamed up with Dualstar, the company that had Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as presidents, to launch the Sprouse Bros brand. Items associated with this brand include a clothing line, a magazine and a comic series. This relationship with Dualstar lasted for three years and after it had ended they continued to have their own clothing line for another four years. The website that they used to sell this clothing was taken offline in 2012 and it has never looked as if it will be started up again. This would have coincided with the time that they spent at university when they were out of the public eye. However, when the merchandise from the brand was on sale it did do very well and this would have made a contribution to the net worth of both Cole and Dylan.

Future Work

It is very likely that his acting work will continue in the near future. Riverdale has already been confirmed for a fifth season and there is no reason why Cole won't be a part of this. The fact that he has been acting since he was a child means that sometimes it is easy to forget that he is only in his twenties. He is likely to have a long and successful career in front of him, and this means that his net worth could increase quite considerably in the future. Even if he moves away from acting there are some well-paid professions that he could enter into based on his current interests. He has already started earning money from his photography and this is something else that is likely to continue in the future.

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