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10 Companies Similar to Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks

Technological innovations have made access to services become easier. For a long time, people who lived far were severely disadvantaged when getting quality steaks. Luckily companies like Omaha Steaks are one of the many companies that offer steak delivery services. Several online butchers are willing to deliver steak to your doorstep regardless of where you live anywhere in the United States. If you are looking for online butchers, here is a list of ten companies similar to Omaha Steaks.

10. ButcherBox

ButcherBox is an online butcher whose main goal is to deliver high-quality meat. The company is always looking for better ways to ensure its services are accessible to everyone. Their priority is to support farmers, encourage animal welfare, spur environmental stewardship, and be a good example of equity, inclusion, and diversity. ButcherBox was started in 2015 by Mike Salguero, and ever since, it has grown and expanded its services. ButcherBox is similar to Omaha Steaks. Some of the advantages of ordering steak from this company include having 100% natural steak.

The company deals with free-range organic chicken, grass-fed cows, humanely-raised pigs, and wild-caught seafood. They will prepare everything according to your order and deliver it to your home. Two, ButcherBox does not compromise the quality of meat. They deliver high-quality cuts at an affordable price. Apart from steak, they also have filet mignon and ground beef. Three, the company is very flexible. They will deliver anything you order to your doorstep, and if you want to cancel your order, it is possible to do it any time. According to Best Alternatives, to keep their meat fresh, they deliver frozen meat packed in an environmentally-friendly box. Another thing is the company sources its meat from certified suppliers.

9. Rastelli

Rastelli is one of the meat service providers that are similar to Omaha Steaks. Ray Rastelli Jr. founded the company. He started the company as a one-room butchery shop before expanding to the first meat shop in his region. Ray grew his company within months by establishing a good rapport with his customers by selling them premium meats. After some time, he decided to partner with his brother Tony, and within 15 years, they had opened eight different businesses under the name Rastelli. They continue to establish meticulous standards in all their butcheries.

Many people prefer to order meat from Rastelli because of obvious reasons. Their main butchery is located in New Jersey. If you live in this region, you can walk to the shop and get fresh meat. The company to order from is Rastelli if you want meat delivery services. The company offers a wide range of sources of protein. You can always be sure that their meat is delicious and high-quality. Their prices are also budget-friendly, and they deliver at a reasonable cost. The company has different ordering plans that its customers can select. According to Similar Web, if you are a regular customer, you can go for the base plan, which will cost you $89 to $269, depending on your order.

8. Debragga

Debragga is another great alternative for Omaha Steaks. They are famous for their extensive cuts of meat. The company deals with steroid-free and organic meat, which they deliver to customers. Besides doing home delivery services, the company also operates several top restaurants in the United States. If you want to order the perfect meat for barbeque, a party, or any occasion, Debragga will not disappoint you.

For home delivery, visit their website and select the option that suits your needs. Once you open the website, select the meat you want and add it to the cart. Next, fill in the shipment information. After that, they will request you to pay using your credit card or redeem points using a Debragga gift card. The company will pick it up from there and start to process your order. They will then prepare your order for shipping and delivery. Orders within New York are shipped overnight using FedEx. Those outside New York are shipped using FedEx Standard. If your address does not support FedEx, they will use priority overnight. For payment, you can use any credit card. Debragga's popular offers include; rib roasts, rib chops, cowboy rib steaks, dry-aged beef, and T-bone steaks. They also make delicious hotdogs and burgers.

7. FreshDirect Meat Delivery

Meat is one of the main foods that people love to incorporate into their meals. It is always best to go for high-quality meat sourced from reputable suppliers. If you love shopping for your meat online, get an expert supplier like FreshDirect. The company offers grocery delivery services and operates in a few states. According to Men’s Journal, the business allows shoppers to select their orders and specific drop-off times. Consider ordering from this company if you don't mind spending a little more on grocery and meat shopping.

FreshDirect operates like any other online store. Please select the items you want and place them in a cart. After shopping, pay for the goods using your credit card. Allow the company at least two hours before they can start processing your order. FreshDirect is similar to Omaha Steaks in that they offer the same services. The only difference is this company is slightly expensive although their products are considered affordable. It is a good option for families and individuals who order weekly groceries.

6. Thrive Market Meat Delivery

Thrive Market Meat Delivery is one of the avenues people use to access meat products online. In addition to its ethically sourced and high-quality meat, it is ranked as one of the best online butchers. The company is similar to Omaha Steaks and a great alternative if you want such services. Once you make an order, the company will ensure that they freeze the meat ordered to arrive fresh. Their packaging method is also top-notch because it uses recycled and biodegradable material. The company prefers to use insulated boxes instead of Styrofoam. If you order online, they will ensure you get your package on time. Please ensure you handle the dry ice packaged in your meat with care. Use protective gloves and allow the meat to thaw in a properly ventilated room.

5. Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is a meat delivery company based in Seattle. The company offers quality pork, chicken, beef, and seafood. Customers can select their preferred meat and the type of cut they want. Many people today go for convenience whenever they want to shop for something. Food delivery services offer convenience. According to Carnivore Style, it is estimated that the market will get to $192.16 billion by the time we reach 2025. Crowd Cow is the place to order if you want a premium steak.

Those who want to make a purchase should visit the company's website. You need to subscribe and sign up before accessing the information on the website. Once you have signed up, you will view their products and make a purchase. You can choose the meat and seafood you want and place an order. After that, they will require you to pay using a credit card. They accept almost all types of credit cards. Depending on where you stay, your order will be delivered within two to three business days.

4. Holy Grail Steak Company

In the past, if you wanted a sumptuous steak, you could only get that in a restaurant. With the opening of Holy Grail Steak Company, this is now a thing of the past. The company specializes in delivering high-quality steaks to your doorstep. Many people love ordering their meat from this company, which is evident from the increased profits they have received to $5 million. The company always makes fresh deliveries, which is attributed to how they package orders.

They always use insulated packages before they make deliveries. Immediately after cutting meat, they vacuum seal it and freeze it so they can package it. Before packaging, they put dry ice so that the meat stays fresh until delivery. Holy Grail Steak is an amazing company because it allows customers to buy gifts for their loved ones. If you want to buy a gift for someone, you can give them a gift card from this company so that they purchase what they want.

3. Farm Foods

Farm Foods Markets, or simply Farm Foods, is another great choice if you are looking for services similar to that of Omaha Steaks. Farm Foods have built its name around its wide range of premium cuts. Many people love this company and appreciate its transparency on the source of the meat they sell. Numerous online reports show that many shoppers prefer to buy poultry and meat from Farm Foods. A big percentage of their shoppers comprise Gen Z and millennials who like to have online deliveries of chicken, meat, and ground beef. According to Urban Taste Bud, Farm Foods delivers anywhere in the United States.

If you want to purchase anything from them and you live far away, go to their website and check what you want to order. Please select the item and add it to the cart. After placing your order, fill in the shipping details. Make sure you use a secured page. Within a few minutes, the company will start to process your order. The company offers free shipping if you order meat above 10 lbs. Before delivery, they will ensure that they package your order in an insulated Styrofoam box. The box has dry ice, which keeps meat cold for at least 12 hours. They will then make the delivery to your doorstep.

2. Porter Road

Porter Road is a competent meat delivery service in Nashville, Tennessee. The company was started in 2010 by Chris Carter and James Peisker. They decided to team up and establish a company that would make it easy for Tennessee residents to access high-quality meat. To accomplish their goals, the duo partnered with a group of farmers who hand-cut and delivered pieces to their Kentucky facility. Over the years, many residents have become Porter Road's favorite butcher shop. Porter Road has eliminated the consumption of grocery meat which many residents would complain of its low quality and compromised standards. In 2017 the duo opened their online delivery platform, allowing anybody from anywhere to order meat, which they will deliver to your doorstep.

Porter Road works with local farmers who have high standards and follow strict guidelines in their farming. The company is very similar to Omaha Steaks. The only difference is Porter Road is less expensive. Meat that is worth $30 in Porter Road, you will find it at $40-$60 from other merchants. The average price of 28 grams of ribeyes is $1.5 in Porter Road but about $3-$4 on other sites.

1. Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms is one of the main players in meat production. Snake Farms always appears in any conversation discussing good and quality meat. Statistics show that there is a considerable increase in meat consumption worldwide. In 2018 alone, the world's meat consumption was estimated at $945.7 billion. According to Mashed, this figure is expected to increase to $1142.9 billion by 2023. Snake River Farms delivers high-quality American wagyu beef from grass-fed cattle. The cattle they get from farmers are fed purely on grass and hay in the first year. After one year, the cattle are fed with forages, hay, and grains. Their diet also incorporates vitamins, minerals, and potatoes. If you want high-quality pork Snake River Farms has got you covered. They source their pork from farmers who feed their pigs with soybean, a mixture of corn, oats, vitamins, and minerals.

All orders from Snake Rivers Farms are packaged in insulated coolers with ice. Their deliveries are done using FedEx. It is possible to choose a delivery time and date when you want your orders to be delivered. If you select to want beef every first and third Tuesday of the month, be sure the company will honor the order and deliver it to your doorstep.

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