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10 Companies Similar to Peloton


Peloton Interactive is a fitness equipment and media company based in New York City. Peloton deals with the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of fitness equipment like stationary bikes, treadmills, fitness apparel, and accessories like shoes, mats, resistance bands, and dumbbells, to mention a few. Peloton's main products, the stationary bikes and treadmills, are internet-connected, which enables subscribers to access and participate in fitness classes remotely through streaming media.

In 2012, John Foley and his business partner Tom Cortese started Peloton with the idea of bringing people with busy schedules or little time to go to the gym together through technology. They wanted to give people the satisfaction of getting a wholesome high-end studio cycling experience in their homes. Peloton uses technology and design to revolutionize the world of fitness. The company uses technology, content, and some of the best w instructors to deliver powerful workout routines for its subscribers.

The peloton bike's sleek design and the numerous library of workout classes to choose from make it hard for anyone to resist its products. The peloton company had seen immense success over the years, especially during the COVID-19 PANDEMIC when gyms closed and studio cycling enthusiasts had to replicate the experience in their homes. The Peloton product ranges come with a steep price, with stationary bikes averaging $1,500, a monthly subscription of $39, and some more money for accessories. People who cannot afford all that but still want to experience a good cycling class have other options. Companies like Bow Flex, Nordic Track, Echelon, and Life fitness, to mention a few, also sell fitness equipment that is just as good as Pelotons. These companies also offer internet-connected exercise bikes with subscriptions and access to virtual training exercises. We compiled a list of ten companies that are similar to Peloton.

10. Keiser Fitness

Keiser Fitness is an American fitness company that manufactures and sells a wide range of gym equipment, including resistance equipment, indoor stationary bikes, ellipticals, and cable equipment. Many professional sports teams and gyms use Keiser branded equipment to train. When it comes to a company that manufactures fitness equipment, Keiser Fitness is all around with a vast catalog of equipment. The Keiser Fitness company was founded in 1977 by brothers Dennis Keiser and Randy Keiser. The company joined the home training equipment wave with its stationary bikes, and according to the Keiser Website, the company has sold over 300,000 Keiser indoor bikes.

The Keiser m3i Lite exercise bike is an excellent alternative to Peloton bikes. Unfortunately, unlike Peloton, the Keiser bikes do not have already programmed screens, and users have to stream their workouts using their phones or tablets. Although Keiser is a fitness equipment company, its stationary bikes do not compete with Peloton regarding connectivity and interactivity. They need to rethink their home equipment designs to compete with Peloton seriously.

9. Flywheel Sports Company

Flywheel is an American fitness company specializing in the manufacture of indoor cycling equipment and is based in New York City. It was founded in 2010 by Ruth Zukerman, who was one of the founders of the SoulCycle fitness company. Ruth left the Soulcycle business to start Flywheel fitness. According to Club Industry, In 2017, Flywheel started manufacturing and marketing connected stationary fitness bikes that use streaming content to help users optimize the cycling experience.

Like the Peloton bike, Flywheel bikes utilize a streaming content platform that gives access to live fitness classes, on-demand fitness videos, and a leadership board for competitive cycling with metrics for the whole Flywheel user community to track and compare their progress. Just like Peloton, their monthly subscription to access content is $39. Peloton sued flywheel sports in 2018 for patent infringement on the technology used in Fly Anywhere Bike.

8. Precor Fitness Company

Precor is an American fitness company that manufactures and sells commercial and home fitness equipment. It was established in 1980 by David Smith, and in 1981, it developed the first ergonomically sound rowing machine, the Amerec 610 rowing machine. Now, its catalog includes ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, adaptive motion trainers, and strength training equipment, to mention a few. For many years Precor has been a strong competitor for Peloton, but in 2020, it became a subsidiary of Peloton Fitness after being acquired for $420 Million.

Like Peloton, Precor is a high-end fitness company with its cheapest stationary bike costing $2,845. Besides its equipment, Precor offers consoles for users to create accounts and keep themselves motivated and engaged. Precor users can create Preva accounts on their consoles and access thousands of on-demand classes, personalized workout routines, pre-programmed workouts, and much more.

7. MYX Fitness

MYX Fitness is an American company that manufactures stationary fitness bikes and fitness accessories. When MYX Fitness went public in 2021, it was acquired by The Beachbody Company, an American company specializing in fitness and media. It has several other fitness brands under its wing, including Beachbody on demand, Team Beachbody, and OpenFit. According to its website, MYX Fitness caters to a different type of user, those who love to exercise and keep fit but are not motivated by competition. Due to this fact, their exercise bikes do not have live classes or leaderboards, unlike Pelotons.

Unlike Peloton, which offers a wide range of fitness equipment, MYX put all its focus on stationary fitness bikes. They have two bikes, the MYX II and the MYX II Plus, which according to PC Magazine, are sturdy and great alternatives to the Peloton Bikes. MYX uses the Beachbody on-demand platform to provide customized heart rate training. Their bikes come with swiveling touch screens that can move 360° so users can stream on-demand cycling classes with access to classes from their favorite fitness instructors. MYX bike users will need to subscribe to an MYX class membership at $29 per month to get unlimited access to the MYX workout library.

6. Schwinn Bicycle Company

The Schwinn Bicycle Company is an American company that manufactures and markets all types of bicycles, including outdoor bikes, mountain bikes, and indoor stationary bikes. It is an old company and has been in the bicycle-making industry for over a century. The company was founded in 1895 by Ignaz Schwinn. The company declared bankruptcy in 1992 and was bought by pacific cycle in 2001. Like Peloton, Schwinn manufactures stationary fitness bikes, including recumbent, air dynes, indoor cycling, treadmills, and upright bikes.

The Schwinn fitness division was acquired by Nautilus Inc. Schwinn bikes do not come with a programmed screen, and users must use their tablets or TV. The digital wave in Fitness has not left them behind. Like their sister company, their users can subscribe to the JRNY fitness platform and enjoy tailored workouts, get intelligent workout recommendations, access on-demand classes, and get real-time coaching. The JRNR platform also has HD destinations that users can explore, making the cycling experience feel real.

5. Life Fitness

Life Fitness is a fitness equipment company specializing in manufacturing and distributing various fitness equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, fitness accessories, and many more. This was the first company to manufacture the first electronic stationary bike. According to Wikipedia, Life Fitness was founded in 1977 by Augie Nieto and is now owned by KPS Capital Partners, who bought it from Brunswick Corporation for a whopping $490 Million in 2019.

It owns several fitness brands, including Life Fitness, Cybex, Hammer Strength, Indoor cycling group, SCIFIT, InMovement, and Brunswick Billiards. Life Fitness equipment is internet-connected and has a variety of on-demand workout classes for users to choose from. Users can stream fitness video content from their favorite training instructors. Unlike Peloton, Life Fitness equipment is not pre-programmed, and they do not offer a membership subscription service.

4. Nautilus, Inc

Nautilus Inc is an American fitness company located in Vancouver. It manufactures, develops, and markets fitness brands like Bowflex, Nautilus, Schwinn Fitness, Modern Movement, and Universal gym equipment. All these brands sell their merchandise through different platforms, including TV commercials, the internet, retail stores, call centers, and infomercials. The company got its name from the first nautilus machine, invented in the late 1960s by Arthur Jones. He wanted to create a fitness machine that would accommodate human movement. Arthur sold his company to Bowflex in 1986, and the company kept the name Nautilus Inc which started to specialize in designing, manufacturing, and marketing cardio fitness products. Since then, it has acquired many fitness companies and added seven fitness brands to its portfolio. Out of all the brands under Nautilus, Bowflex is the most similar to Peloton.

3. Bowflex

This is a brand name for a series of fitness equipment quite similar to Pelotons. It has a wide array of stationery bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, and home gyms. It also offers the JRNY digital fitness app that connects users to many trainers and various fitness classes. Although it has no live classes, it can connect to other fitness apps, including the peloton app. Unlike Peloton, Bowflex equipment does not come with an already programmed screen. But its JRNY digital Services offer original streaming content through a $20 subscription every month after a free 2-month trial. The JRNY subscription allows users to connect to other movie streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

3. ProForm

ProForm is another fitness company that is a significant competitor to Peloton. It designs, manufactures, and markets fitness equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, rowers, fitness mirrors, and fitness accessories. Like NordicTrack, Proform is owned by the iFit Health and Fitness company. It utilizes the iFit digital health platforms to give users hassle-free and complete strength and cardio training experiences right from home. Like Peloton, ProForm equipment comes with internet-accessible screens that give access to live training sessions, on-demand classes, and some of the best personal trainers in the world.

ProForm offers ProForm+, which is a membership program for users. ProForm+ gives users unlimited access to interactive iFit workouts and one piece of equipment for free. Its equipment is relatively cheaper than Peloton and its sister company, NordicTrack. The membership program starts at $39 a month.

2. NordicTrack

It is an American fitness company headquartered in Logan, Utah. The company manufactures equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, strength training equipment, and fitness accessories. It is most famous for its Nordic ski machines, incline trainers, ellipticals, and low-impact exercisers. Nordic Track was founded in 1975 by Edward and Florence pauls. Edward, an engineer who worked long hours and usually got home late, invented the first NordicTrack ski machine in his garage in Minnesota as he wanted to train for the local VJC ski race. In 1998, Icon Health and Fitness bought NordicTrack. Since then, the company has become very successful and continues manufacturing some of the most popular workout equipment, including treadmills and stationary bikes. In 2019, Nordic Track released a stationary bike with its version of a virtual reality gaming product. The virtual reality workout included pedaling the bike through different landscapes.

The NordicTrack VR bike comes with an iFit connection that automatically adjusts the incline, resistance, and decline of the bike upon a personal trainer's commands. Nordic Track equipment comes with an on-demand content subscription service, iFit. iFit includes trainer-led workouts, scenic workouts using google maps, and live workouts with leaderboards. Like Peloton, its monthly subscription service is $39.

1. Echelon

When you look up Peloton alternatives, Echelon is sure to pop up. Echelon is a fitness company that designs, manufactures, and markets home training equipment. This includes internet-connected standby bikes, treadmills. Also, rowers, fitness mirrors, fitness accessories, and fitness apparel. It is owned by Viatek Consumer Products Group, which has also invested in other sustainable living companies. For example, Octane Fitness, Equinox, and HydroMassage. Echelon manufactures equipment that is very similar to Peloton. Peloton has sued Echelon several times for patent infringement in its home workout technology.

According to Business Strategy Insights, Echelon provides more products to its users than Peloton has thousands of on-demand and Live fitness lessons. Like Peloton, Echelon also sells programmed fitness equipment. It offers membership and subscription services, including live fitness classes, competitions using leaderboards, renowned world-class fitness instructors, and on-demand classes. Its products also integrate with different smartwatches and fitness trackers. Its world-class fitness mirrors offer fitness enthusiasts amazing experiences when they are off the bike or on treadmills. Users can pay for one membership program that they can share with up to 5 people. This makes competition fun with family and friends.

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