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20 Things You Didn't Know About Corey Schiller

Corey Schiller

Corey Schiller is the CEO of the Power Home Remodeling Group. He's done some amazing things early in his life and has an interesting life story. He started working when he was still young and he built an amazing career for himself in the business world. He's an inspiration for young people who are looking for career direction for their lives, so here are 20 things you didn't know about Corey Schiller that just might give you some pointers on how it's done.

1. He was a CEO by age 30

Remarkably, Corey Schiller became the chief executive officer of a multi-million dollar home-remodeling company by the time that he was barely 30. At the time that Corey took the helm of the operation, the company was worth $130 million. This was a big responsibility, but he was up to the challenge.

2. He worked his way up the ladder

It's important to remember that everyone has to start somewhere, and it's not usually at the top of a company or anywhere close to it. When he first joined the team at Power Home Remodeling, he was 21 years old. He came on board as a junior salesman. He had just graduated from college and was looking for a job at the time and took what was available. He set a good example by being the best junior salesman possible.

3. He was promoted in two years

Because of the high quality of his work and his obvious dedication to the job, Corey Schiller was promoted within just two years of joining the company. By the age of 23, he was made the lead of the marketing department. He was in charge of a department of 40 marketers, many of them his senior.

4. He faced some difficult challenges

As lead over such a large group, he had to keep an open mind about managing people that were there for a lot longer than he had been. This was compounded by the fact that most of them had never truly been held accountable for achieving goals and objectives. Having someone younger telling you what to do was something that didn't go over that well. This led to resistance. When he started holding them to professional standards and he had to do so without much experience or professional background himself it was not an easy task.

5. Corey had to earn respect from an older and more experienced group

There was certainly no lack of drive and ambition on Corey Schiller's part. He was a hard worker and he had done almost every job within the company. He realized after gaining some hard-earned experience that the only way to effectively lead a group is to fully understand their position and to be able to do it yourself and do it well. This puts you in a position to teach them how to do it better if that's required. He became good at the jobs of the people who were working under him and this is one of the ways that he was able to garner enough respect to be effective in his job as manager.

6. Schiller is not a fan of informal Fridays

When asked how he felt about having a company-wide day for wearing relaxed clothing and enjoying a beer on Fridays, his response was different than many executives of his age. While it's great to have an informal day for relaxation, it's something that makes people happy and relaxed, but in turn, on that day they are not performing to the highest possible standard. As a leader he expects everyone to be on task when they're on the job and to give the company the very best that they have to offer. He's not an executive that supports informal Fridays. He likes to keep everyone on their toes with the same expectations for every day of the week.

7. He has a hard-core philosophy

Schiller is a fun guy, but when it comes to business, his philosophy is quite serious. On the job, he has high professional standards for himself and for those who work on his team. Maintaining professional standards in the home remodeling industry is a challenge that he has dealt with since he first took charge of the company. It was previously a laid back atmosphere but he's done his best to raise the standards to a more professional level. He insists that all office workers must have a very nice office space and also, everyone reports to work well-dressed in professional attire. His big emphasis is upon maintaining friendly and helpful professionalism on the job.

8. He maintains corporate attire

Corey Schiller was questioned about his appearance because of the fact that he is 32 years old and he maintains a corporate look most of the time, and always on the job. When asked about this, he shared the fact that he feels more comfortable in a business suit that he does in "pajamas." While most of us jump at the chance to get into comfortable jeans, that's not who Corey Schiller is. He loves his business suit and professionally representing the company.

9. Corey Schiller and his Best friend are majority stakeholders in the company

When Corey first came to work for Power Home Remodeling he didn't have any purchased interest in the company. He was joined by his best friend at the time, Asher Raphael, and the two served as co-CEOs for a short period of time. As things progressed, the two buddies both grew with the company and between the two of them, they own the majority of interest in Power Home Remodeling.  Corey and Asher are both currently co-CEOs of Power Home Remodeling and have been since being appointed to that title.

10. Corey and Asher have complementary work styles

The two best friends have been through thick and thin with one another in the building of their business. Schiller shared that the two complement each other quite well in their respective roles within the company. They both realize that they can do more together than they ever could separately and this is why their arrangement works so well. The proof is in the success of the company.

11. Corey and Asher occasionally disagree and fight

Although they're still the best of friends, there are times when the two have disagreements. Corey believes that business comes before anything else and Asher is in agreement. Although they share similar thinking on most points there are times when they do have disagreements and their heated discussions can escalate and last for several hours, but they settle their differences and then they go out and enjoy a beer together.

12. Corey Schiller is athletic

When Corey was in college he was an avid soccer player. He played the defender positions in both high school and college. He's still fond of playing the game. he plays on Tuesdays on the Window Juice company team.

13. He spends a lot of weekends at social events

Corey Schiller shared that a lot of his weekends are tied up with social engagements involving his friends. A part of this is the age that he is now. Many of his friends and acquaintances are getting married. He has a long string of invitations to weddings and he's happy to attend and show his support for the new couples.

14. He treats his workers right

Corey Schiller makes sure that he gives his employees something very special every year. While he's built a lot of perks into the benefits package for workers who sign on with the company one of the best is a paid vacation. Each year, the company pays for a winter trip to Mexico and every employee is invited and they can each bring one guest along with them. This is a pretty cool benefit to look forward to every year. he believes that showing appreciation and giving thanks to employees is important and it helps to foster a better relationship between leadership and the employees.

15. Corey Schiller made it to the top CEO list for 2019

Schiller is one of five executives to make it to the top CEO list sponsored by Glassdoor for 2019. What this means is that he's made it to the top of the highest-ranked leaders in the nation for the year. One of the things that makes it so special is that he's partner Asher Raphael was also named to the list alongside him. The two are doing such a remarkable job that they beat out a lot of powerful CEOs who have been leading large companies for a lot longer than either of them have. This is a prestigious list and it's a big and well-deserved honor for the two.

16. Schiller has a high approval rating from his employees

We learned that Corey's inclusion on the list of top CEOs for 2019 was the result of the input from the people who gave reviews of his performance anonymously online. What this tells us is that he has an extremely high approval rating from the people who work at Power Home Remodeling under his leadership. The company employes 1,350 people and this is a remarkable feat for any CEO and particularly for two who have not been in the business for very long. We also discovered that Schiller and Raphael had a 96 percent approval rate which is nothing short of phenomenal.

17. Schiller has a college degree

When looking into his past and history we learned that Corey Schiller attended the American University. He enrolled in classes in 1999. His major in college was history, and he also enjoyed playing team soccer while he was in attendance, in the defensive position. He graduated with his bachelor's of arts degree in 2003.

18. Corey Schiller is endorsed by colleagues for a variety of talents and skills

Those who endorse Corey Schiller professionally have commented on the reasons that they have such respect for him. At the top of the list is for strategic planning, as well as for account management. he is also brilliant in social media and for his sales management and marketing strategy skills. He is also proficient in using Microsoft Office and Excel tools and technologies.

19. He's ranked high on both leadership and management skills

Those who endorse Corey Schiller's professional skills and abilities have also ranked his leadership skills as being top-notch. He's also savvy when it comes to management and team building. He's skillful in lead generation which is the lifeblood of the company, as well as public speaking and new business development.

20. Corey Schiller is an excellent role model

Corey Schiller has a lot to offer young people who may be wondering how to build a successful career in the business world today. While there are so many young people who struggle to find work, this didn't seem to be a problem for Corey Schiller. He took care of his educational foundation by going to college and earning a bachelor's degree, then he embarked on a career for himself. He didn't start at the top, in fact, his first position was as a junior salesperson, which is pretty close to the lowest on the pay scale. He set an amazing example by working hard and continuing to learn each job and excel in that position. He made a rapid climb to the top, and he and his best friend went from employees to the company to major stakeholders in the ownership. He maintains the philosophy that it's never okay to let down on professional standards while on the job and this attitude has helped him to achieve some remarkable things in his career, and he's done it in a short amount of time. He stands as an inspiration and a model of how it's done. There are no shortcuts to achieving success, just dedication, hard work, and the right attitude.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

Allen Lee is a Toronto-based freelance writer who studied business in school but has since turned to other pursuits. He spends more time than is perhaps wise with his eyes fixed on a screen either reading history books, keeping up with international news, or playing the latest releases on the Steam platform, which serve as the subject matter for much of his writing output. Currently, Lee is practicing the smidgen of Chinese that he picked up while visiting the Chinese mainland in hopes of someday being able to read certain historical texts in their original language.

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