10 Delaware Flea Markets You Need To Check Out

Flea Market

Delaware is a mid-Atlantic state that attracts travelers, shoppers, bloggers, and art lovers throughout the year. The state has beautiful scenic views and cool sites that all visitors want to glimpse. A trip to Delaware is not complete without going for a shopping spree. If you want to shop a bunch of items you love and pay a small amount for them, here are the 10 Delaware flea markets you need to check out.

10. Mitchell’s Flea Market- Bear, DE

Mitchell’s flea market is a good place to start for first-time visitors. The market is located in Bear, and it has different types of rare antiques and unique items that you can purchase. This market is very budget-friendly, and you get a chance to bargain for items that will be sold as per your wish. The advantage of this market is it has various beautiful collections under one roof. The market is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every Friday through Sunday. The Mitchell’s Flea Market is an amazing place to be and do shopping or window shopping.

9. Route 13 Outlet Market- Laurel, DE

The market is found in Laurel, and it is famous for having many factory outlets. There is a variety of mouthwatering cuisines for all food lovers, including delicious Amish food. The market sells clothing, accessories, and trendy products under one roof. Visitors love the restaurants in this market because they are clean and tidy and serve different delicious meals. The food here is tasty and is sold in huge portions at a reasonable price. Route 13 outlet market is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. It is also open on Sundays up to 6 pm.

8. Wilmington Flea Market- Wilmington, DE

Wilmington Flea market is an incredible place to drop by and shop for household items. After shopping, there are different delicious non-vegetarian dishes to eat. They also have clothing, accessories, fresh meat, electronics, and antiques. According to Yelp, the products sold in this market are of high quality, and the prices are very reasonable. In just one glance, you can get everything you need. There are fresh groceries that are bought from the locals daily.

7. New Castle Farmers Market- New Castle, DE

Located in New Castle, Delaware, this market has a lot of stuff that you will not find in any other market. There is a wide range of food sold from pizza, donuts, seafood, and fried sausages. The market has different pet stores, cake shops, and repair shops, and they also sell boots and cowboy hats at a budget-friendly price. There is also fresh farm produce that is brought in in the morning. The market is open from 9 am to 9 pm on Fridays through Sunday. On Sunday, the market closes a bit early, at 6 pm. This is one of the markets you go to buy one item and leave with a truck of items.

6. Dutch Country Farmers Market- Middletown, DE

It is located in Middletown. The market is filled with many food items, such as seafood, baked goods, pancakes, soft pretzels, and pot pies. It is rare to miss anything in this market. There is fresh poultry, fresh meat, ribs, and roasted pig. Visitors with a sweet tooth will love this market because there are delicious chocolates, donuts, and ice cream to explore. According to Pinterest, the market is open from Thursday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 7 pm.

5. Spence Bazaar- Dover, DE

Spence Bazaar is located in the capital of Delaware. It is known for its wide collection of movies, rare antiques, vintage jewelry, and ethnic swords. There are also live auctions that go on during the market days. The market has fresh pizza which you can grab with your favorite drink as you relax. Spence Bazaar is open on Tuesdays, Friday, and Saturdays from 7 am to 5 pm. Whenever you are bored, this is a great market to visit.

4. Laurel Junction- Laurel, DE

Laurel junction is a budget-friendly market known for its unique collections and amazing offers. Traders in this market don’t collect sales tax from the items they sell. Different vendors sell food, beverage, and clothing. You need to visit this market on an empty stomach and grab some tasty fried chicken served with French fries. It is a good place to visit with friends as you go shopping and have a meal. The market is open on Fridays and weekends from 11 am to 4 pm.

3. First State Flea- Wilmington, DE

Located in Wilmington, First State Flea Market is the right place to be for everyone. There are various items and gadgets you can purchase from this market. The market has vintage clothes and accessories. It is open every first Saturday of the month from 9 am to 3 pm.

2. Bargain Bill’s Flea Market- Laurel, DE

Bargain Bill’s Flea Market is located in Laurel, Delaware. The market features almost everything from antiques, baseball cards, and indoor and outdoor collections. There is also a wide variety of food, and fresh farm produce sold in the market. According to Vintage, the prices are quite reasonable, and you can always bargain and purchase items at a friendly price. It is open Friday to Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm.

1. Riverfront Market- Wilmington, DE

Riverfront Market is found in Wilmington, Delaware. The market has various items, including fresh farm produce, baked goods, sushi, pizza, and seafood. Some restaurants sell Thai and Italian cuisines. There is a second story where visitors sit and relax and enjoy the view of the market. Riverfront Market is an ideal place to shop, eat and meet with friends. Most merchants in the market offer outside catering for events and meetings. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.


These ten Delaware flea markets are must check-ins if you visit the state. It is good to visit the market early, spend the whole day shopping, and have a sumptuous meal later. Make sure you have a spacious car to accommodate all your favorite items.

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