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How Devon Franklin Achieved a Net Worth of $12 Million

DeVon Franklin

His hard work and sheer talent have won him a number of awards and accolades, including the 2018 Christopher Awards for Feature Films and the 2019 GMA Dove Awards for Inspirational Film of the Year. DeVon Franklin is a well-known author, film producer, actor, preacher, and motivational speaker hailing from Oakland, California. He has played several memorable roles in different notable films, like The Hollywood Commandments, Heaven Is for Real, and Miracles from Heaven. Through his roles in these movies and being the author of the New York Times best-seller book The Wait, he received widespread public acclaim. DeVon Franklin is also a dedicated motivational speaker and Seventh-day Adventist church pastor. DeVon Franklin began his preaching career at the early age of fifteen when he ministered at his uncle’s local church. Later on, after graduating from the University of Southern California, the Tracey Edmonds Entertainment company took him in as a junior executive. In 2003, Franklin took the creative executive position at Metro Goldwyn Mayer, where he made his debut in Hollywood and produced popular movies like The Karate Kid and The Pink Panther 2. Devon Franklin's net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $12 million approximately, with much of his earnings coming from his profession as the CEO of Franklin Entertainment, preacher, author, and motivational speaker. His annual salary is estimated to be about $1 million. This article highlights how DeVon Franklin has achieved a total net worth of $12 million.

8. Earliest Filmmaking Roles

Like many film producers in the industry, DeVon Franklin began his career as an intern at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Franklin describes his experience at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as worthwhile in one of his books since his passion for filmmaking was reaffirmed. He also expressed his gratitude for having the chance to help and contribute to popular projects like Be Cool, a crime comedy film. Such roles propelled him to better projects. This was the point at which DeVon Franklin began accumulating his net worth from filmmaking.

7. The Pursuit of Happyness

His new role as a Director of Development at the famous Sony’s Columbia Pictures put Franklin in a position where he could oversee several hit movies like The Pursuit of Happyness. This particular movie was a big hit, bringing DeVon Franklin into the limelight and more attention, which elevated his filmmaking career. Although no one knows how much money Franklin was paid, it is suspected that he received a good amount at the end of the project.

6. Franklin Entertainment

In 2014, DeVon Franklin established his own production house, Franklin Entertainment. Franklin’s entertainment company made its first-look production deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment, which was later followed by another agreement with 20th Century Fox. Since its debut, DeVon Franklin has been the company’s president and CEO. The Franklin Entertainment House has produced a number of popular films, such as Miracles from Heaven and The Star. This company is a significant contributor to his $12 million net worth.

5. Motivational Speaker

DeVon's unique blend of entertainment experience, spiritual insight, self-help expertise, and dynamic speaking style has made him a highly sought-after speaker on various topics and human issues like motivation, faith, relationships, leadership, and Hollywood. Apparently, he gets paid for sharing his wisdom by giving motivational talks and speeches. He is the go-to person in the media for hope, motivation, inspiration, and relationship counseling. DeVon Franklin is so good as a motivational speaker that the legendary Oprah referred to him as "a different kind of spiritual teacher for our times." We can all agree that this title fits him. You should probably head over to his social media platforms and hear him speak, and I bet you will get inspired.

4. Author

He is among the most renowned New York Times bestselling authors. DeVon Franklin has written several books, some of which have gone on to become best-sellers around the world. He has written many books, many of which are available worldwide. One of his goals and purposes in the world is to inspire people and to make the world a better place through his work. This is quite evident in his books, which will assist you in having and creating healthy relationships, having a better spiritual life, achieving success, and improving the general quality of your life. Some of his works include Live Free, The Wait, Produced By Faith, The Truth About Men, and The Hollywood Commandments. Being a successful author means that most of his income comes from selling his books.

3. The Karate Kid

Devon Franklin championed this box-office hit that resulted in him being recognized as the youngest and most influential executive by The Hollywood Reporter. The Karate Kid's storyline revolves around a teenager being taught karate to help defend himself and compete in a tournament against his bullies. The film won the Young Artist Awards for Best Family Motion Picture in the drama category. DeVon Franklin’s specific payment for his work on this project is unknown, but he was undoubtedly well compensated.

2. A Preacher and TV Personality

Devon Franklin started preaching at the age of 15. Franklin guides individuals concerning faith, spiritualism, and relationships through his preachings. In addition to this, he is also a renowned television personality, with a number of appearances on our most loved TV shows like Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, The Real, The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, The Today Show, and The Kelly Clarkson Show. Being a preacher and making appearances on TV shows have proven to be a tremendous boost for Franklin, his career, and his bank account.

1. Film Producer

DeVon Franklin’s films have generated approximately 175 million USD at the box office. His filmmaking skills have earned him quite a fortune by working on significant projects in the entertainment world that have become hits. Franklin Entertainment is a dynamic entertainment firm dedicated to producing quality and engaging the audience. With a net worth amounting to $12 million to his name, it is safe to say he has rightfully owned it, and he has a lot to prove for it.

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