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20 Things You Didn't Know About Disney Springs

Walt Disney World is the home of a very special place that is called Disney Springs. They've recently given it a large scale makeover. It's a place where you can find all the shopping that your heart desires with a plethora of options for dining and entertainment for everyone in the family. Although it's safely lodged within Walt Disney World, it's an experience in itself. If you haven't yet had the privilege of visiting here are 20 things that you didn't know about Disney Springs.

1. There are four neighborhoods in Disney Springs

You could liken this lovely little town as a reinvention of Downtown Disney. It's a bustling little hamlet that is filled with a myriad of fun and exciting things to do and places to see. There are four distinct neighborhoods within Disney Springs and they are The West Side, The Town Center, The Landing and The Marketplace.

2. Disney Springs is 120 acres of enjoyment

You'll find Disney Springs in the East Central part of the Walt Disney World Resort. It sits on the border of Lake Buena Vista's South shore and it is located at the place where Buena Vista Drive intersects with Hotel Plaza Boulevard. It is 120 acres in size. This gives visitors a large area to explore and investigate to find the best places to eat to shop or to have fun for all ages and tastes. Disney Springs is all about enjoyment and living the good life.

3. The makeover has taken several years

When Downtown Disney was transformed into Disney Springs, it increased the number of venues to over 150. This was a massive undertaking and there was no way of completing the task quickly, at least not if it was to be done properly. So they took their time and did it right. Now Disney Springs is one of the most enjoyable places for adults and children alike to visit when they're at Disney World. This is the one place that nobody really has a problem visiting because it is designed to cater to the preferences of everyone in an average family.

4. It takes its inspiration from the early 1900 waterfront towns

In the early 1900s when settlers were just beginning to pour in to Florida, the springs provided a source of natural beauty and wonder. It attracted people in large numbers. Now Disney Springs brings people in for other reasons. It's still as beautiful but the place is packed with so many interesting things that it qualifies as a legitimate tour attraction apart from its parent entity Walt Disney World.

5. There are more acts than you'll have tie to see

The entertainment in Disney Springs is wonderfully diverse and it happens every night. While you could understand them putting on 4 or 5 shows in an evening and you'd think they were spoiling guests. Disney Springs takes entertainment way over the top and it features 25 different acts each night. This is a whole lot of entertainment so now you know why we say that there is something for everyone, even when it comes to the entertainment. There are live music shows as well as unique and different specialty acts. It's not just all about musical concerts at Disney Springs. This place really comes to life.

6. Disney Springs started with a different name

The place that is now called Disney Springs was actually opened as a venue for the first time on March 22nd of 1975. At this time it was called the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village. There wasn't nearly as many shopping venues there at the time. Disney Springs has evolved over decades and there have been so many changes made that it doesn't even come close to resembling the location that was known as Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village.

7. You'll find discounts at Disney Springs

Most of us like to save money and this is another thing about Disney Springs that is so appealing for those who know. It's a shame that more people are not aware that you can receive numerous discounts when you sop at the store locations with your Disney Visa cards. If you don't have a Disney Visa, then you can also get discounts if you have a Disney annual pass or if you're a member of the Disney Vacation Club. There are a lot of ways that you can received discounts because they can add up to a significant savings .

8. There are dining options with built-in entertainment features

This is a fun fact about Disney Springs that you couldn't possibly know unless you've been there to experience it. At T-Rex you can sit and eat your meal among prehistoric creatures that are really moving and roaring and there are also meteor shower shows provided strictly for your entertainment. Granted that this is quite a distraction for small children who are trying to eat their meals, but it's a show that they will never ever forget. Even adults get caught up in the whimsy and the magical wonder of it all. If this isn't to your liking, you can also order cupcakes from the ATM that's located at Sprinkles. They offer over 100 options at the nearby roof-top Coca-Cola Store. There is also an interesting Indiana Jones theme at Jock Lindsey's Hanging Bar. These are just a few that we're naming, but there are many many more interesting places to eat.

9. There is a lot of kid-friendly fun that is totally free

When you're in Disney Springs there are a lot of activities that you and your family can choose to participate in that do not cost a thing. There is a LEGO store where kids can build as many LEGO creations as they want. There is also an area that is called T-Rex's Dino pit where kids can spend as much time as they want uncovering dinosaurs. For night time entertainment, there are also kid friendly venues at the Waterside Stage where they hold a kid-oriented DJ Dance Party.

10. The Entertainment options are diverse

With 25 live acts going on every night you're bound to find something that suits your personal tastes and preferences. The Void is a place where you can channel for Star Wars force. If you'd like to see a live concert you can find one in progress at House of Blues or if you're in the mood to stroll down the street and listen to the street musicians they're always in good supply. There are a lot of different acts going on in Disney Springs.

11. It isn't hard to access the area

If you're like me, you really detest spending hours in long lines only to inch your way forward. When you're at Walt Disney World, there are a lot of different ways that you can get to Disney Springs. You can access the area by car, oat by bus or on foot. It opens up at 4:00 pm daily and it's open until 11:00 pm or for two hours after the closing of Disney World. They put the disclaimer in that it's whichever comes first.

12. The shopping at Disney Springs is diverse

Of course there are venues that carry Disney-inspired merchandise but there is also a lot more. This area has some very unique boutiques set up adndsome of the retailers are from top brand names. You can find Japanese retailers and many more. It's not only a great place to pick up souvenir's from your trip but also to pick up gift items for the people back home.

13. There are also adult beverages available

We've talked about the fact that Disney Springs is a kid-friendly location and it is, but if you're an adult and you'd like to pick up a cool and soothing adult beverage, there are also several bars at The Landing for you to check out and sample. You can also pick up a beverage at Dockside Margaritas at the Marketplace. There are a lot of different restaurants and bars at the waterfront near The Landing.

14. Disney Springs has been known by several different names

This little town has undergone a series of impressive evolutionary changes since it was first opened in 1975. The first name of the town was Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village. After that it was called Walt Disney World Village. The next name it was given was Disney Village Marketplace. Just prior to being renamed Disney Springs it was known as Downtown Disney and the final evolution is what transitioned the town from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs. It doesn't really matter what name they choose, it's a great place to visit.

15. It's free to visit

There is no cost for admission to Disney Springs. It's absolutely free to go and partake of all of the fun that is happening there. In fact, you have a lot of different options for getting there. While you cold walk and take the footbridge across to Disney Springs, you also have the option of taking a complimentary water taxi from any of the nearby Disney resort hotels. This in itself would be an adventure for both kids and adults. If you drive your own vehicle the parking is totally free unless you prefer valet or preferred parking. In this case there is a fee for the services. You can also obtain complimentary motorcoach service from Disney resort hotels and all four theme parks, provided you are staying at one of the locations. There are also designated parking spots which are reserved for visitors with disabilities. Guests may also rent wheelchairs, ECV and strollers at the Town Center in the Sundries location.

16. There is a good reason for calling the town Disney Springs

The reason for the most recent name change is to reflect the fact that all four of the neighborhoods that join to make up Disney Springs are actually connected by a real spring that runs through each of them. In fact, the town, when it was first developed was built around the spring. So now you know why it is called Disney Springs. If you want to learn more about the evolution of the town, information is available when you visit Disney Springs.

17. You get free chocolate

That's right. When you're in Disney Springs all you need to do is stop by the portion of the Ghirardelli shop that serves as a store. The reason for this is that the staff members are back there and they're handing out free samples in the form of delicious chocolate squares and they do it all day long.

18. Disney Springs features the largest Disney Store in the world

This is something that you absolutely must take the kids to visit. It would almost be a crime not to if you're even close to the area. The store is packed with unique Disney licensed items and it's even called World of Disney. The store is massive in size so you'd better stick with your party if you don't want to get lost in its vastness. While you're there check out the murals near the checkout counters because there are hidden Mickey Mouses that are challenging to find.

19. The architecture is a site to behold at The Landing

Here is another fun fact about Disney Springs. The hardscape of The Landing is made from over 57,000 recycled bricks that were taken from Rollins College nearby. The architecture of the area features some of the most beautiful Spanish Revival architecture in the world. Here's another cool fact to go with that. The neighborhood in the Town Center was created with fifteen different shades of white paint. Each of these details about Disney Springs were carefully thought out and planned to make it a one of a kind place that is filled with wonder. If this wasn't already enough, there are plenty of eating venues that feature award winning chefs.

20. There is 1.2 million gallons of water in the Town Center springs

This is a fun fact that we learned about Disney Springs. When you stroll through the neighborhoods you can't help but notice the beautiful springs that flow through each section. We're not quite sure how they calculated the exact amount, but the estimate is that there are 1.2 million gallons of water flowing through the Town Center.

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