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Does Tesla Make an Electric Motorcycle?

Tesla Make an Electric Motorcycle

Tesla is an industry leader in the production of electric vehicles. The brand is turning out a variety of models of cars, along with the Tesla Cybertruck. The environmentally conscious automaker also launched an ATV that was revealed at the same time as the Cybertruck. A four-wheeler is a long way from a street-legal road bike, but it does seem like the next logical progression.

Does Tesla make an electric motorcycle?

In a 2019 interview with Topspeed, Tesla's top-ranking authority Elon Musk conceded that he may consider the production of a two-wheel dirt bike, but he refuses to allow a road-legal motorcycle to be produced by the brand. His rationale for the declination is because he believes they are too dangerous. He has his reasons for feeling this way. His aversion to road bikes comes from a near-fatal crash he was involved in when he was just 17 years old. He was riding a road bike when he was hit by a truck. Musk nearly died from the collision and it left him with an aversion to the production of any kind of road bike.

The possibilities of electric 2-wheelers for Tesla

Musk's parting comment leaves us wondering about when the automaker may release a companion dirt bike to the CyberATV. There is certainly room to expand the market for electric recreational vehicles in the Tesla lineup. We see it as a distinct possibility and the odds are that it would be well-received for those who are RV enthusiasts who also have a heart for the environment. Although the 4-wheel ATV is close, it's not the same as a 2-wheeler. What leads us to believe that Musk is going to announce a dirt-bike soon is that the Cybertruck and CyberATV have just opened up a new market for Tesla. Since when has Elon Musk shied away from an opportunity to pursue new adventures? Like NEVER!

There's already a "Tesla of electric motorcycles"

It's probably just as well that Tesla has no interest in entering the road bike market. Damon Motorcycles has already thrown its hat into the ring and claimed a leadership position in production. According to Mashable, The Hypersport bike achieves a top speed of 200 mph. The bike also has a range of more than 200 miles on a single charge. The price starts at $24,995 brand spanking new. A ton of electric incentives and tax credits make it a desirable option. Tesla would have a long way to go to catch up in this niche. Not that they couldn't in time, but it's a little late to enter the fray. We're fairly sure that we will never see a Tesla electric road bike as long as Elon Musk sits at the helm of the company.

More about the Damon electric motorcycle

The new electric motorcycle produced by Damon is fully loaded with a ton of modern technology. It's equipped with an advanced warning system that is titled the CoPilot 360, providing the rider with a full overview of his or her surroundings. The technology that makes this possible involves the use of radar, cameras, and sensors. The front screen display shows you the road ahead as well as what's behind you. The system can detect as many as 64 objects close to the bike. The software that governs the bike receives updates over the air to continuously improve controls for safety and ride systems in an over-the-top modern electric motorcycle. The Damon electric motorcycle sounds like something that Tesla would develop if they were so inclined to do so, but it looks like it's as close as the world is going to come to see a Tesla electric road bike.

Other players in the game

The electric road bike niche of the market is starting to take shape. Damon emerges as the overall leader of the pack but others are beginning to dabble in the technology. According to CNBC, Harley Davidson and Honda both have plans to produce electric road bikes. This could be big for HD as they've had a tough time keeping up with the competition in road bikes. Uber is looking at investing in Lime, an electric scooter company, which technically is a type of road bike, although a stretch. Enough about electric scooters though. Quite a few companies are taking the approach of electrification. Electric road bikes have been talked about for years now. It was Damon that took the lead and instead of just talking about it, they went ahead with their musings and turned the dream into a reality.

Final thoughts

Does Tesla make an electric motorcycle? The answer is a definite no, they do not. They make a Cybertruck and a CyberATV, but not a road bike. Elon Musk is dead set against it for personal reasons and he has confirmed that there is no desire for Tesla to create a road bike because he believes them to be too dangerous. We have to give him credit for his integrity. If it's not something he would be willing to take out on a test run why make it at all? He did say that Tesla is willing to entertain the thought of building an electric dirt bike. While it wouldn't be a street-legal version, technically, it would be a two-wheeler and qualify as a motorcycle. If you were hoping that Tesla was going to get into the business of electric road bikes, that's something that isn't going to happen, at least not any time soon. They've decided to take another direction, but there are plenty of other brands getting into the business of electric road bikes. The first was Damon with an impressive version that is now available. In the years to come, we expect to see the market open up with other brands entering the race, but Tesla won't be among them.

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