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20 Facts You Didn't Know about Donald Trump

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Dallas

Whether you love him or despise him, you just can't ignore Donald Trump. "The Donald" has been a controversial public figure long before his recent bid for the presidency. The real estate mogul isn't after the presidential perks or salary, in fact it's costing him dough to chase the oval office, so why is he doing it? Some say he's running for a higher purpose, to restore our country to glory. Others claim he is a megalomaniac with nothing currently better to do than rile up America.

To fully understand Trump, it's important to dig deeper than the sound bites and information offered by talking heads on TV. One minute he sounds almost presidential, other times he seems a misogynist bully. Not too many voters really know what he's about so it's important to analyze the man behind the public image with some lesser known facts about Donald J. Trump.

1. When asked about his hair, he changes the subject--fast

In an interview published by Outside the, a reporter asked him about his hair routine. He said he washes it with Head and Shoulders shampoo and in the same breath went on to dis comedian Jerry Seinfeld for not attending his son's charity event. His segue into the topic change was that he reads the paper after washing his hair and Jerry was in the paper. When pressed further about his unique hairstyle, he insists it's not a comb over. Efforts to track down Trump's hairdresser have failed, as Donald did divulge that he does his own hair. Many style critics are not surprised.

2. Donald Was Blond as a Child

Reporters have described Trump's hair as "Cigar Stained Teeth Amber" to "Burnt Cheetos Orange," however, as a child his hair was an enviable delicate shade of pale buttery blond, according to a photo on Perhaps this is why he continues to bleach his locks, that turned darker as he aged, in hope of duplicating his baby photo look. Trump's ever changing hair color evolution over the years have been a source of interest as well as cannon fodder for comedians and commentators.

3.  His Astrological Moon Sign is Sagittarius

Trump was born June 14, 1946 and because his sun sign lies in Gemini it's not surprising that the pubic sees "Two Donalds" as Gemini is the sign of the twins. Sun signs reveal the outer self, however, a person's moon sign in their natal chart shows their emotional personality. Having his moon in Sag means he couldn't keep quiet or filter he comments even if he tried, as people with Sagittarian moon signs are driven from within to be blunt, straightforward and talk--a lot.

4. Donald's Dad was Woodie Guthrie's Landlord

Although Fred Trump probably didn't knock on doors personally on rent day, Woodie Guthrie said Trump's dad was his landlord for two years in one of his housing developments. The Huffington Post reports that Arlo's dad wasn't too keen on Donald's father, and claims he only rented to whites. Although what one's father does shouldn't tarnish the son's reputation, it was clear that when it came to Fred Trump, "This Land" was not "Your Land", it was "My Land."

5. Donald Trump Donated To Scientology

Although it's well known that Trump does give his time and money to various organizations, The Smoking Gun reports that in 2006 Trump gave $1,000 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund, a fund promoted by celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise to help 911 rescue workers participate in the church's "purification rundown" program. Whether Trump really understood it was Scientology, or just shelled out the cash for a seemingly good cause, is debatable. Perhaps Trump just wanted to get Cruise's zealous minions off the phone.

6.  Trump's Charitable Giving Transcends Politics

The same Smoking Gun article referenced earlier cites that while he has donated $25,000 to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Trump also gave $5,000 in support of the Edward M. Kennedy Center for Study of the United States. Whatever Donald thought of Ted personally, it didn't stop him from writing a nice sized check. Between the years 1989 and 2010, Trump gave more to Democrats than Republicans. The figures tracked down by the Daily Caller from the Center for Responsive Politics, show that during that time frame Donald donated over $314,000 to Democrats, as opposed to $290,000 to support the Republican Party.

7.  Trump has a Wine Brand

Some Trump supporters are accused of "drinking the Kool-aid"; however, you can drink the Trump wine as well. Trump bought a gorgeous 1000 acre vineyard at auction as a real estate investment and gave it to his son. In 2012 Donald bought a winery that now bears his name and elected son Eric as president of the operation. The logo on the bottles is a majestic bold "T", that captures the spirit of the Trump brand. Although the wine is said to be quite good, some merchants refuse to carry the brand as a form of political protest. Donald Trump admits he has zero interest in wine making, or even wine tasting, however, he loves to see his name on virtually everything he touches.

8.  Donald Trump's Businesses Went Bankrupt Four Times

Despite his vast wealth and business acumen, The Donald has gone bankrupt four times. This proves that not all of his business dealings were smart, but also that he has an amazing way of rising again after failure like a phoenix from the ashes. Each time the public through Trump was finished, he has bounced back back bigger and more powerful than ever.

9. The Many Murders at Trump's Casino

The Daily Beast reports that due to cutbacks in security, the popular Atlantic City casino,, The Trump Taj Mahal, is rife with carjacking, murder and other crimes. From 2008-2011 one in eight murders in Atlantic City were tied to the Taj Mahal. Although Trump no longer oversees general operation after his bankruptcies tied to the venue, he is still on the board of directors and the casino's sign still bears his name. Many business concerns still use Trump's iconic name, although he has little or no financial skin still in the game.

10. Trump Doesn't Allow Guns on Most of His Properties

Although he has spoken out against strict gun control and "gun free" zones, you better leave your piece at home if you want to set foot on his properties. According to a recent ABC News Article Trump says that guns are not prohibited, yet his operating security staff at his golf courses and hotels disagree.

11. Donald Trump is an Action Figure

If you want to have a 12 inch Apprentice Donald doll tell your employee that he or she is fired, just order the Donald Trump doll sold on This doll was used comically by children mocking him in a scathing Ted Cruz political ad.  Hero Builders has just come out with a politician Donald Trump doll, that you can get with our without swooping hair. The same company makes Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin action figures. You can also find Trumps iconic image as a bobble head figure, and his face is also emblazoned on novelty toilet paper.

12.  Trump Has Publically Chatted With Howard Stern About Sex 

Over the past twenty years, Donald has talked sex and women with controversial show host Howard Stern about two dozen times. Some of his more "locker room" type appraisals of women have been gleaned from snippets of his remarks on the no holds barred radio show. He has no problem discussing the rears of celebrities and or playing "Hot or Not" with the host on the show. He makes no secret about his own personal romantic life with his wife either. One of his oddest comments, noted by The Huffington Post was that "A person who’s flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.”

13.  His Third Wedding Had Second Most Expensive Cake Ever

Coming in second only to Prince William and Kate, Donald and Melania set a record for most expensive wedding cake, according to Fox News. Although it was Trump's third wedding reception, he and his former supermodel bride splashed out big with a custom made orange Grand Marnier chiffon wedding cake. The 200 pound cake, covered with 3,000 white icing roses, took pastry chef Cedric Barbaret two months to create.  Another interesting appearance at the wedding was Hillary Clinton, who claims she attended the 2005 affair for fun.

14.  Trumps Favorite Book

No, it's not The Prince by Machiavelli, it's The Bible.  A Christian article reveals that Donald says that The Bible is his favorite, which may comes as a surprise to many detractors. His second favorite book is no surprise at all--next to the Good Book he says The Art of the Deal, which he authored, is his second book of choice. Although Trump is said to claim that The Art of the Deal, was the best selling book of all-time, disagrees but does cite that it did grace The New York Times bestseller list for 51 weeks.

15.  Donald Was Always Confident

During college years where many young people are unsure of who they are and where they are going, Donald Trump stood out as a brash, bold, and outspoken student, according to The Boston Globe. He reportedly told his professor at Wharton Business School, “I’m going to be the king of New York real estate.” He would ride the bus home with other students, but was sure to point out all the buildings his father owned along the route. He was also a quite a ladies man on campus, and attracted lots of attention from students and teachers. Although some of his fellow students may not have liked him, they could not help but notice him.

16.  Trump's First Time---Saying "You're Fired"

Donald confided to Oprah Winfrey that his first time uttering those iconic words happened while he was still a student studying finance at Wharton. While completing his college education, Trump was already wheeling and dealing in real estate. He had to fire a worker who wasn't doing a good job. He said he does not enjoy giving people the axe, unless they really mess up, steal from him, or do something else nefarious to deserve it.

17. Donald Trump Doesn't Touch Alcohol

Although some may question his sobriety when he makes some off the cuff jaw dropping comments, the real estate mogul and Presidential hopeful is a complete tea drinker. His personal stance on drinking may have much to do with his brother Fred, who died of alcoholism related illness at the early age of 42. Alcoholism is a "family disease" and an article in Newsweek explains that often having a heavy drinker in the family might have fueled Trump's need to control people and situations.

18. Trump Saved The Central Park Skating Rink

In 1986, the famous Wollman skating rink in Central Park was undergoing renovation woes with 12 million dollars already spent and little hope of completion. Donald Trump persuaded then mayor Ed Koch to let him take control and he completed the project fast and on the cheap. He became a real hero in New York as he completed the work two months ahead of schedule, and for a sweet price of $750,000 under budget.

19.  Trump's a Romantic

Marla Maples still gets teary when she sees him on TV and Trump's present wife Melania says that Donald is quite romantic. Melania reports that they have a very close bond and enjoy the rare private moments in their life. As Melania is a very independent person, the two go quite well together, and she says they have a "different romance," according to an ET online interview.

20. Trump's Mom was a Poor Immigrant

Much is known and often speculated about Fred Trump, Donald's father; however, it's surprising to find that Trump's late mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, came to America from Scotland when she was only 18 years old with just fifty dollars to her name, according to Raw Story.  Although there has been much confusion as to Trump being Swedish, German or even Irish, he's definitely half Scottish on his mom's side.

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