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10 Things You Didn't Know About Grove Collaborative CEO Stuart Landesberg

Stuart Landesberg

At the moment, environmental conservation measures are gaining mainstream appeal due to their overall impact. Taking note of the deteriorating state of our surroundings, such measures come in handy to ensure the cleanliness and the conducive nature of the environment. Many companies are joining in the campaign, and one of them is Grove Collaborative. According to Saving Freak, it is a shipment company that deals exclusively in all-natural and non-toxic household products. Such products pose no harm to the environment and help maintain its pristine state. Behind the wheel of the company is Stuart Landesberg. You may be curious about who he is. To quench your curiosity, hold on as we go through ten things you did not know about him.

1. Early Life And Growing Up

When it comes to Stuart Landesberg's early life, a lot is in the dark as there is no information relating to his developmental years. However, some sites indicate that he has lived in both New York City and San Francisco where he is currently based. Information about his parents, siblings and family, in general, is unavailable and it seems it is a move by Stuart to maintain a private profile.

2. His Education

When you go through Stuart Landesberg's resume, you get the idea that he is quite the learned fellow. For his education, he attended Groton School for his studies. Groton School is a private Episcopal boarding school that acts as a preparatory centre for the college level. The secondary school boasts of alumni such as Franklin Roosevelt and William Bundy. For his undergraduate studies, he went to Amherst College and graduated in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in behavioural economics and Spanish.

3. Professional Career

At the moment, Grove Collaborative is the biggest project he has put his efforts in. Most of the time, he has been active in his career as a member or various boards. A notable one is Taylor Stitch, a clothing designs company. Other stints in his professional life include being a board advisor for both Sprout Health Group and Donelan Family wines. He holds both positions presently, and his stint in the companies as part of the top brass gives him the much-needed experience to run Grove Collaborative effectively.

4. The Conception Of Grove Collaborative

One of Stuart's successful projects is Grove Collaborative. As earlier hinted, the company deals in environmentally friendly household products. The company came to be in 2016, and at the moment it is growing at a decent pace and is popular among those interested in conserving the surroundings. It is a unique concept, that is well-performing with an expectation of it to reach the ceiling any time soon.

5. Venture Into Public Speaking

Mr Landesberg is also an important figure in the motivational speaking scene. He has experience in various fields such as the environment and finance, an area which he studied during his college days. He imparts the acquired knowledge fitting multiple settings to the right audience. One of the crucial topics he touches on is environmental conservation. Through his motivational speeches, he advocated for the responsible care of our surroundings for our benefits. You can check out his professional speaking profile from All American Speakers a professional speaking services website.

6. Relationships

Stuart Landesberg loves to keep his private life on the down-low, which is always a good strategy when in business. However, from his Quora profile, we get the picture that he is married and has a daughter with whom they stay together with their dog in San Francisco.

His wife’s name is Caitlin, and aside from that, no other detail is available about her. The site also provides us with information about the family's best pastime activity chilling outdoors. It is not strange considering the immense love Stuart demonstrates to have for the environment.

7. He Owes His Friends For His Success

During interviews and sit-downs, Mr Landesberg is not afraid to admit that the path to where he is was not easy at all. Some various ups and downs gave him the spirit of resiliency. He also has praise for his friends, and close associates who he says had his back during such moments and helped him get to his feet. He started his company with his close friends from when he was a teenager and learnt vital lessons from engaging with them.

8. Feedback Is The Way To The Customer's Heart

Having stayed in the business and financial sector for a considerable time, the Grove Collaborative CEO has several hints on how to make his entity successful. One of the tactics he employs is the use of customer feedback. As is the cliché, the customer is always king and knowing what he or she wants. This sets you on the path to come up with a product to meet their demands. A look at his successful stints in various companies in his professional career, there is a chance that he uses this tactic immensely.

9. He Banks On The Element Of Preparedness

After completing his undergraduate studies, he started his career working at Lehman's Brothers, a global financial services firm. However, at the time, the economic landscape was in a recession state, and the company was out of business. The event made him lose his job but gave him a key lesson in preparedness when at the helm of his business ventures.

10. Sustainability Is An Ingrown Desire

One of the contributing factors behind the conception of the environmental-friendly products company is his desire for sustainability. It is an urge he had since young and borrowed it from his parents' leanings towards taking care of the environment by using friendly products. So far the foresight is coming to fruition courtesy of his company that is growing in strides.


Stuart Landesberg is the person behind Grove Collaborative, a company that promotes sustainability. Despite being quite reclusive, above are some sneak peeks into his life with ten things that you now know about him. Try looking up on his various interviews to have a clearer picture of who he is.

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