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10 Things You Didn't Know About Harshil Mathur

Harshil Mathur

Harshil Mathur is a businessman author and entrepreneur from India who serves as the CEO of Razorpay. He has led his business to the pinnacle of success in the fintech industry. Mathur provides wisdom for others seeking success in business and hoping to learn his secrets of success. He doesn't keep them a secret, but rather shares his formula for achieving business goals freely. Here are 10 things you didn't know about Harshil Mathur that you may find helpful.

1. Harshil Mathur is perseverant

According to Your Story, Mathur was rejected by investors over 100 times before he finally found a firm willing to take a chance on his business plans. He knew that he had a solid idea for a full-stack converged payments solution company that would revolutionize the industry, but he needed venture capital funding to get the new startup off the ground. He didn't give up, and after more than 100 rejections, he found the financial backing that was necessary to launch his new enterprise.

2. He is also the founder of Razorpay

Harshil stands at the helm as CEO of Razorpay, but he is also one of the successful new startup's co-founders. He partnered with his college associate Shashank Kumar to develop and launch Razorpay. The company officially launched in 2014, providing online payments in a clean and hassle-free platform designed for developers, for full-stack converged payments.

3. Mathur's company has attracted large clients

Part of the success of Razorpay is its user-friendly platform for making and accepting payments. Some of the largest businesses in India use Razorpay's products including Airtel, RICTC, OYO, Zomato, and Swiggy. There are some huge unicorn companies in the mix. More than 350,000 merchants use the service and it amounts to a total of around 45 billion in annual transactions.

4. He was educated in India

According to his LinkedIn page, Mathur attended the Seedling Public School from 1997 through 2009. He graduated in 2009 with a focus in Math. While there he participated in Exnora Academics. In 2009, he enrolled in the Technology program at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. He studied software development. While there he was involved with SDSLabs, the Hobbies Club, and ASME. He graduated with his BTech degree in 2013. In 2015 he attended the W15 batch of YCombinator under Paul Buchheit and Dalton Caldwell.

5. Harshil is an engineer

Graduating with his bachelor's in technology qualified Harshil as an engineer. This was his first job after graduating from college. In June of 2014, he was hired at Schlumberger as a Wireline Field Engineer. He stayed with the job in Mumbai for 9 months, leaving in February of 2014. Although he had been on the job for less than a year, he left to pursue other business interests. He immediately began work on Razorpay and launched the new startup which took all of his time and efforts.

6. Harshil has more than a hundred recommendations

Mathur is highly respected by his friends and colleagues in the business world. We couldn't help but notice that he has more than one hundred recommendations from professionals who share their approval of his approach to business. Each attests to his high skills and his respectable reputation in the business community. He has made a positive impression upon those he interacts with. His solid standing in the community has no doubt helped him to secure the necessary financing to get Razorpay on its feet, then expanding rapidly.

7. He is also an investor

According to Crunchbase, Mathur has made several notable investments outside of Razorpay. He has contributed several million to help other startups. So far, his portfolio includes an undisclosed amount to Farmley in 2020 in a seed round. This was followed by an investment of $2.1 million to Hashnode's seed round, $2.1 million in January of 2021 to Volopay, $2 million in GlobalFair, and $5 million in February of 2021 to Newton School for a round of Series A funding. He knows how difficult it can be to secure the first round of seed funding and he helps other new startups to get on their feet.

8. He is an Angel Investor

Mathur supports other young entrepreneurs who have good ideas and are trying to launch new companies. He finds those that offer the best chances of success, then bets on their ability to succeed. He is an Angel investor who gives back to his community by providing financial backing and support at a critical time in the development of new startups. If he had not secured the financing he needed Razorpay would not have become the successful firm that it is today.

9. He is recognized as one of India's brightest stars in the business world

According to Fortune India, Mathur and his partner have received accolades for accomplishing huge success in their Razorpay startup against the odds. The two are just 28 and 29 years old and they've achieved tremendous growth and success before even reaching the age of 30. This is a remarkable feat for anyone, let alone two young entrepreneurs who had never before been business owners. Fortune India has included them on its prestigious list of 40 of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country of India who are under 40 years of age. It's a well-deserved recognition for both of them.

10. Mathur is charitable

When a cyclone named Fani hit Odisha, Razor pay stepped up to the plate to offer help. They joined in fundraising efforts and allowed hosting without any charges. Both of the wealthy young entrepreneurs were in agreement to help others who had been less fortunate than they. They have not forgotten what it was like to require help themselves. They've done a good job in paying it forward to help others around them.

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