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10 Things You Didn't Know About Ofir Tahor

Ofir Tahor is the chief executive officer of a successful startup called Justt. This is just one of his many accomplishments. He is among the most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs with many achievements to his credit in the business world. If you're not familiar with this brilliant executive yet, here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Ofir Tahor to bring you up to speed.

1. Ofir Tahor is the founder of Justt

According to the Justt website, Ofir Tahor is not only the CEO of Justt, but he is also a co-founder. He and his partner Roenen Ben-Ami founded Justt. It is a technology startup that helps to fight chargebacks that rob a store of its revenue. It uses simple yet fair algorithms to help prevent loss through chargebacks for its clients.

2. He was educated in Israel

According to toF5S, Ofir Tahor attended Hayovel High School and graduated with his class in 2001. He enrolled in classes at Bar Ilan University in the Fall of 2004. He studied computer science and graduated with his BSc in 2006, just two years after his initial enrollment. Tahor continued in his studies without taking a break from school in the MSc program in computer science at the same institution. He earned his degree in July 2008.

3. Ofir enjoys a challenge

Ofir Tahor has a brilliant mind that is intrigued by facing tough technology challenges. He is also good at solving them. It goes beyond skill for him. He enjoys tackling difficulties and solving problems. It's one of the keys to his success in business. It also helps him to create effective solutions for clients through the products and services offered. In getting to the heart of what makes him such a dynamic and successful entrepreneur is his love of solving the problems consumers need help with. The challenges are what motivates him and the world is full of them.

4. He is a diverse businessman

Ofir Tahor doesn't just stick to one industry to earn his revenues. He is a brilliant tech person, but he also has other interests that make in a diversified entrepreneur. He also invests in real estate as a part of his overall strategy for building an empire that moved from one successful business venture to another. He flipped more than 35 properties and used the funds to make more investments with a domino effect that moved him from one success to the next.

5. Ofir Tahor started humbly

Tahor had to start somewhere. He didn't become a serial entrepreneur nor a wealthy business executive and business owner overnight. He started his career with humble beginnings. He worked hard as a Brita working in a coffee shop. He saved up enough money to purchase his first investment property from his earnings making coffee for other people. He knows the value of hard work and planning. He started with very little and ended up an exceptionally wealthy man.

6. Ofir Tahor was a Scrum Master

His LinkedIn profile lists one of Tahor's most significant early achievements as being a Scrum Master. This is a technical web portal application that he spent a little over two years of his early career developing. He lists the time spent on these highly technical activities between November 2007 and December 2009.

7. He started as a team leader

In 2009 right after leaving his previous post, they hired him at a company called Neilsen BuzzMetrics. His title was the team leader. He spent 8 months on the job ensuring the feature development and many other technical aspects of writing code for the server and the client. He implemented design compositions, ensured compliance, and oversaw DB design and integration through various technologies. This was not a particularly high-ranking or executive-level job, but he did have supervisory responsibilities. Ofir has moved up through the ranks, serving in various aspects of the work world to give him a solid understanding of all aspects. He has a greater sense of what his subordinates deal with because he once did the same kind of work.

8. He founded his first company in 2012

In 2012, Ofir Tahor launched a new startup called Shopial. He served as a co-founder and chief technology officer from March 2012 through November 2015. In December 2015, he became the CEO of the firm. He served in that position until April 2017. Shopial became a success and Magneto Commerce acquired it. They headquartered the company in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is a tech company that helps companies increase sales through digital product promotion.

9. He is the head of MagentoSocial

Magento Social was formerly called Shopial. Although the company was acquired, Tahor went along with the deal and served as the head of the Magento Social team which was previously Shopial. He spent one year and four months working for Magento Commerce, helping the company he old to them make the transition under its new parent company. It was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company continued the work of Shopia under its new name and it helped merchants to engage in more meaningful interactions through various social media platforms.

10. He currently has one full-time job

It's not that Ofir is slowing down, but he is listed as having just one full-time job presently. His main focus is on building his newest project Justt, to get it off the ground and in a good position. This is a habit of his. He is skilled and talented in launching new companies and making them successful. Justt was officially launched in 2021. The enterprise is only one-year-old, but we fully expect him to make it grow and thrive, as he did with his other business ventures. Ofir Tahor knows how to leverage even a small salary to turn it into the basis of a wealthy empire. We expect to hear great things about him in the months and years to come.

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Written by Allen Lee

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