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Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ Watch Description and Review


Lovers of fine luxury watches will appreciate the Faberge Visionnaire DTZ 19 karat White Gold wrist watch, reference 1694/10. It is a true vision of loveliness. The Faberge experienced a rebirth of sorts at Baselworld in 2015. The company had undergone some intense changes after merging with the Gemfields company in 2013. Their joint effort with the specialists in retrieval and processing of gems has been a benefit as Gemfields performs all functions from mining of gems through their preparation and sale. Faberge emerged at Baselworld with the launch of the Visionnaire I and now offer Faberge products for men as well as for women. The watch is a model for men and was designed and engineered by the famed Giulio Papi of Renaud & Papi.

Description of The Visionnaire DTZ in 18 Karat White Gold reference 1694/10

This watch is a self winding that incorporates the design or Agenhor Manufacture for the movement. Although not an in house movement it was created exclusively for Faberge. A unique feature of this model is the inclusion of a simultaneous display of two time zones for those who have need of international or interzonal time tracking. It offers a presentation of elegance with a masculine essence that offers tasteful high fashion for men who have a preference for luxury and style.

It also presents the hours, minutes and seconds with open worked hands which rotate around the dome which is notable in elegance. The dome is raised with decor artfully placed in the center of the dial. The second timezone hour is viewable at the center of the dome through the aperture and amplified for enhanced optical effect. The dial is highly animated with a dial side rotor that cjan be seen underneath the hour ring of sapphire crystal along with applied indices.

The dial is dark grey with contrasting TCI luminescent coating on fifteen minute indicators, the sapphire with metallic treatment and the numerals and hour indicators are applied with the same treatment. The case is 43mm and crafted of eighteen karat white gold and a black treated titanium case.

The calibre is self winding 6924 with an automatic movement and features a GMT complication. Its thickness of 34.80 mm. The Faberge Visionnaire DTZ includes three hundred and twenty components with thirty jewels and a power reserve of fifty hours. This model comes with a fashionable alligator strap.


Novel elegance

The mechanism for the second time zone jump is crafted in the shape of a peacock which appears to be eating from a cam that closely resembles a bowl filled with wheat for a novel aesthetic. This watch offers a wonderful whimsical note yet remains decidedly masculine in its presentation for perfect execution of design.

How the Visionnaire stacks up against the others

The Visionnaire has a charm and distinction that sets it apart from other luxury watches. One could compare it with other brands which are perhaps more popular with collectors and enthusiasts for multiple reasons, the chief of them being that they have in many cases more of a historical significance or are associated with an old brand name that has earned the high respect of its patrons. It seems that Faberge is starting a new chapter with the Visionnaire as it has broadened its customer base and intended audience. It may be unfair to compare it with watches such as those in the Tudor Line or Patek Philippe, but Faberge is nonetheless a major luxury brand in itself. This new model surprised us with quite a few surprises and they are pleasant indeed, but perhaps a bit unexpected by the majority of the public.


Other versions of the Visionnaire DTZ

The Faberge Visonnaire DTZ also comes in red gold, pink gold and titanium. The difference is equal to the materials used for the case with specifications equal to those of the white gold version. Faberge is going all out with this new horological treat and the internal changes that the company has made are evident in their productions of the new masculine Visionnaire.


The Faberge Visionnaire DTZ truly is a lovely watch with masculine features. This is something new for Faberge as they traditionally catered to their female audience. Their new resurgence has shown a new approach to their marketing audience. The Visionnaire is a high end wrist watch that emanates the very essence of luxury with a flair for the whimsical and has the potential for becoming a new favorite among luxury watch enthusiasts. The price is set at $29,500.00.


Faberge Visionnaire DTZ in review

Faberge's latest creation is truly a wonderful surprise and we are pleased with its magnificence. There are a few things that separate it from some of the others. The design is highly attractive but a bit unorthodox and it represents a departure from inspirations that we've seen that some of the most popular traditional luxury watches are based upon. It offers a modern approach to the luxury watch industry which is fresh and new. The most likely fans of the Visionnaire will be the younger generation of males who are intrigued with its charm and appeal because the watch truly brings a new balance of aesthetics, style and functionality. The peacock is a nice touch that we believe will inspire a new generation of watch enthusiasts.

Final thoughts

Faberge's contributions to the luxury watch industry are timely and refreshing. We're awaiting the reviews to get a more complete idea of the impact that it will have as it becomes more established. The brand name is solid but with a new audience coming into the mix it is hard to tell how quickly it will catch on. Traditions are created through time and that is what it will take before we'll know just how successful their new venture is going to be. It has all of the earmarks of gaining notoriety and creating a new following. High quality, great craftsmanship and a unique design that will definitely have an appeal to modern men who appreciate an even balance of luxury, practicality and a flair for the whimsical.

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