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The Five Most Expensive Hotels In Brazil In 2017

If you are planning a vacation, you should consider a trip to Brazil. There is plenty to see and do there. The beautiful forests and beaches alone are reason enough to visit the amazing country. If you want to make the best of your vacation and you have the money to do so, you should stay in one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the country. Not only are they spacious and beautiful, they also offer the most luxurious accommodations imaginable.

The Tivoli Mofarrej in Sao Paulo - The Presidential Suite

If you are hoping to stay in the largest suite in Latin America, this is the one to book. The room itself has 8,072 feet of living space. This is much larger than most people's homes. There are three bedrooms in the suite along with its own kitchen, lounge, jacuzzi, sauna, and fitness room. When you are staying in the suite, you would have a butler on staff in our room 24 hours a day. You would also have access to an unlimited supply of Dom Perignon Champagne. The view from the room alone is a reason to stay there as you have a 360-degree view of the city.

The hotel itself is one of the nicest in Brazil. There is private beach access, where you can soak up the sun, rent a boat for fishing or scuba diving, and even rent jet skis. The hotel has two 5 star restaurants, a bar and lounge, a spa, and a fitness room. There are also two pools with a swim up bar.

If you want to stay in this room, you can expect to pay $14,684 per night. The price of one of the hotel's other rooms ranges from $233 to $369 per night.

The Royal Tulip Brasilia Alvorada - The Presidential Suite

This room is very comfortable and luxurious. It is so amazing that it is the go-to spot for the rich and the famous. Former United States President Barack Obama and Prince Charles of England have both stayed in this room on several occasions. The room has a very large bedroom and a dining room with a table that seats 12 people. The room has a luxurious marble bathroom, complete with a jacuzzi and a sauna. The room itself has 3,875 feet of living space. There are two 5 star restaurants in the hotel, in indoor and an outdoor pool, beach access, and an onsite fitness center.

The award winning restaurant in the hotel is one the best in Brazil. There is also a bar and lounge, an indoor swimming pool, and a heated outdoor, saltwater swimming pool. The hotel's spa offers a variety of treatments to make you feel more relaxed and beautiful. The state of the art fitness center is open 24 hours a day so that you can keep up with your workouts while you are traveling.

If you are going to spend a night in this room, you can expect to pay $4,895. The cost of an average room in the hotel is between $160 and $278 per night.

The Copacabana Palace - The Penthouse Suite

There are 7 penthouses in all at this beautiful hotel. Each has 1,076 feet of living space. The penthouses have their own private terrace that overlooks the beach. Each room also has its own private pool. The suites have marble bathrooms complete with large showers, a huge soaking tub, and heated floors. Each room is decorated very similarly in French décor. Like many of the hotels in Brazil, famous people have stayed in the Penthouse Suite. Two of the most well known are the Rolling Stones and Nelson Mandela. If you find a reason to leave your room, you can dine in one of the hotel's three 5 star restaurants. The hotel has three pools, a lounge, and private access to one of Brazil's most beautiful beaches.

If you are going to stay in one of the Penthouse Suites, you can expect to pay $2,447 per night. The cost of one of the average rooms in the hotel is between $252 and $487 per night.

The Fasano Hotel in Sao Paulo - The Deluxe Suite

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in the entire city. In the deluxe suite, there are 1,237 feet of living space. It has a large bedroom with a king size bed. There are a living room and a dining room with a marble table that seats 8. The bathroom is marble and it has a shower and a large bathtub the jacuzzi jets.

If you decide to step out of your luxurious and comfortable room, you can have a nice dinner in one of the hotels two five-star restaurants. If you want drinks and appetizers, the hotel's bar and lounge serves excellent food and delicious drinks. There are two pools in the hotel and one has a swim up bar. The hotel also has a billiard room, a spa, and a fitness center. Everything that you could possibly need is all under one roof. If you are going to spend a night in the deluxe suite, you can expect to pay $1,529. The cost of one of the hotel's average, yet luxurious and spacious room is between $460 and $769 per night.

Emiliano Hotel in Sao Paulo - The Emiliano Suite

This is one of the nicest rooms in Brazil. It has 904 square feet of living space. The room's décor holds items that have been showcased at the Museum of Modern Art. One of the most famous pieces is the Charles Eames Armchair. The hotel has a helipad, making it possible to arrive in a helicopter. The other rooms in the hotel are beautiful, yet smaller. The hotel has three restaurants and a bar. If you want to spend the day swimming, you can use one the hotel's two pools or your relax on the hotel's private beach. The hotel's award-winning spa offers treatments to make you feel beautiful and more relaxed. If you don't want to miss a workout during your trip, the hotel has a state of the art fitness center.

If you are going to stay in the Emiliano Suite, you can expect to pay $1,492 per night. The cost of one of the hotel's other rooms ranges from $427 to $630 per night.

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Brazil is home to many beautiful and luxurious hotels.If you are going to take a Brazil, you should consider staying in style at one of the hotels listed above.

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