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The Five Most Expensive Tumi Luggage Items


Tumi is a leading international brand when it comes to luxury business, travel and lifestyle accessories. Since 1975, Tumi has been designing luggage items with technical innovation and functional superiority. This applies not only to their largest Wheel-A-Way case, but to the smallest accessory as well. Their products are made to meet the requirements of the most demanding and discerning traveler. Today, their award-winning products include business cases, travel suitcases, handbags, wallets, watches and writing instruments.

After more than 35 years in the industry, Tumi still continues to make trend-setting bags. Each of their products is made using custom-designed parts. Tumi releases new products regularly, and they always incorporate a new, innovative styling. The bags are always changing and evolving. In fact, all their products are particularly unique from other companies. This is the main reason their items are so expensive. The organization has won numerous awards from top lifestyle and consumer publications. Here are the five most expensive Tumi luggage items:

Tumi Tegra-Max Large Trip Expandable Packing Case


This is a hardside spacious case ideal for longer leisure and business trips. It has a pristine construction and is very durable. Tumi considers the case to be accessible, expandable and effortless. The case can expand by two inches to accommodate most of your items while still being lightweight. Inside the case are two spacious packing compartments. The chambers can be filled with suit coats, shirts, nightgowns, cravats, and pants. It’s advisable to secure them in place with tie-down straps. The additional removable garment sleeve, zip pockets and a hanger bracket help make the interior safe and organized for keeping your belongings throughout the journey.

Its exterior features a multi-height telescoping handle made with aircraft grade aluminum. The multiple handles are ideal for lifting the case into luggage compartments. It also comes with four double spinner wheels that can turn 360 degrees. This makes the bag effortlessly maneuverable as you roll it into the resort or through the terminal. The protective bumpers add a layer of protection to this bag. It will cost you $945 to get this case.

Tumi Sinclair Blair International Carry On


This wheeled case is simple but elegantly detailed. It had been designed to meet all the carry-on size requirements when traveling within Asia and Europe. It is also perfect for a one to two days domestic trip. The Tumi Sinclair Blair International Carry On is crafted impeccably from the inside out. It features smooth rolling and recessed wheels, a retractable telescoping handle including a spacious front pocket ideal for keeping the small essentials you need to access easily.

Other features include one large envelope pocket, a u-zip pocket, zip entry to the main compartment, bottom grab handle, hanger bracket, tie-down straps, and zipper to zipper expansion. To get this fantastic piece, you have to part with $1,195.

Tumi Alpha 2 Medium Trip Expandable Four Wheeled Packing Case


This case offers the perfect layout for a traveler looking for more space to keep their essentials for a longer stay. Once you have filled it to the brim, this versatile size can still hold more via the expandable two-inch frame. With all the top line features synonymous with the Tumi brand, this case is truly a traveler’s companion.

Inside this luxurious travel case, you will get all accouterments necessary for any trip you have in mind. This Alpha 2 Expandable case houses an inner removable garment bag and tie-down straps that will keep your clothes compressed and well organized, guarding them against any internal sprawl. The hanger hook attachment lets you pack your formal wear on the hanger. You can also slide the garment sleeve out to have a split compartment in case you have a casual getaway or are sharing space with someone else. You shouldn’t forget to use the expansion system when you decide to add some travel purchases to your luggage on your trip home.

The exterior is made of patented FXT ballistic nylon. This is a durable fabric that won’t show signs of wear and tear. This quality is highly desirable in a checked luggage piece. The 360-degree swivel wheels and the 3-stage telescoping handle will give you an incomparable experience every time you take the bag through the tarmac. This amazing piece goes for $975.

 Tumi Astor Ansonia Zip Top Leather Brief


Now you can carry your tablet, laptop, and other essentials while commuting in this luxurious leather briefcase. Tumi Astor Ansonia Leather Brief is made from embossed leathers and the finest fabrics. The premium collection is artistically crafted to reflect Tumi’s design heritage and the ongoing dedication to pure excellence. It has a sophisticated and high-end design that is ideal for everyone including the most discerning professional.

The brief has a multi-compartment design that includes a padded tablet pocket, a padded laptop pocket, slip pockets for holding your small electronics and cell phone, a zipper pocket for holding valuables, card pockets for credit and business cards. It also comes with loops for holding pens and a key ring. Its exterior pockets provide added storage while the adjustable shoulder strap and the top handles provide you with versatile carrying options. The brief costs $795.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Henderson Short Trip Expandable Packing Case


This case is built to handle everything from casual weekend stays to adventurous travels. The Henderson is about cavernous storage in a unique, durable design. The case is known for its spectacular layout – expandable, four-wheeled and framed to resemble a packing case. Its lid storage has three dividers that can be used for more delicate clothes or shoes, but it can be pushed downwards for flat packing in case separate storage isn’t needed.

The bag is less formal compared to other cases. It has been designed to fit bulkier items such as adventure gear or ski boots. The framed design, recessed wheels and bumper guards make this piece a perfect selection when it comes to rigorous travels. It is also equipped with a tracer tag in case you lose the bag. All these conveniences make the Henderson excellent for traveling, and you can own yours for $875.

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