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A Traveler's Guide to Hiking in Tijuana

Tijuana Hiking Trails

Tijuana, Mexico is a premier destination for day trips and longer vacation stays. It shares a border with the United States in the State of California, making it feasible to cross over for a day hike or longer backpacking excursions. If you love hiking or backpacking, some great trails are awaiting you in Tijuana. We offer a useful traveler's guide for hiking in Tijuana to give you a few pointers on the best trails to suit your experience and stamina levels.

1. Cerro Colorado Trail

The Cerro Colorado Trail is just outside of Tijuana. This is a moderate hiking trail that is not recommended for beginners or young children. There are scenic views along the 1.7-mile trail. You won't find any shade so take protective covering for your head and skin. It's not a trail that is frequently traveled and you're likely to see only hikers and no bicyclists on the trail.

2. Mesa Redonda

Mesa Redonda is another trail near Tijuana that is for those that enjoy long-distance hiking. The length of the trail is 20.8 miles. It's a moderate trail intended for more experienced hikers. The traffic is moderate as this is one of the more popular trails with long-distance hikers and backpackers. Dogs are allowed on the trail if they're kept on a leash by their owners. This is a great trail for seeing wildflowers in the area. There are several options for activities in the area. It's a loop type trail

3. Cerro Colorado Loop

The Cerro Colorado Loop is more light in traffic. It is rated as moderate in difficulty and makes a loop that is 4.3 miles in length from start to finish. This trail can b accessed all year long and it is used for running and hiking. This trail provides beautiful scenic views and lots of local wildflowers so bring your camera.

4. Playas de Tijuana

Playas de Tijuana is another trail that has a few hikers out but it's not usually congested with people. The length of the trail is 4.5 miles in an out-and-back style. This hiking trail is used by walkers, hikers, and dog walkers. It's one of the few dog-friendly trails in the area, and it offers some lovely views along the beach. It's good for hikers of all skill levels.

5. Cerro Colorado y Ruta Microondas

Cerro Colorado y Ruta Microondas is an out-and-back hiking trail that is just outside of Tijuana. The length of the trail is 3.6 miles. It's ideal for hikers of all skill levels. This is a trail that is primarily designated for hiking. There are lovely views but there isn't any shade. Be sure to come prepared with protection from the heat of the sun.

6. Cerro de las Abejas

Cerro de las Abejas is an out-and-back style trail that is short at just 1.2 miles. The difficulty is ranked as moderate. It's important to note that the trail is open to mountain bikers as well as hikers. Dogs are allowed as long as they are kept on a leash at all times. The trail features some great views but there is no shade.

7. El Refugio Loop

El Refugio Loop is a hiking trail in a loop style that is partially paved. It is open for mountain bikers, runners and hikers, so watch out for traffic that may be moving at a rapid clip. The duration of the loop is 0.8 miles. It is ranked as a moderate trail in difficulty. As with most of the tails in this area, there is no shade available so come prepared.

8. Rancho Bustamante Loop

Rancho Bustamante Loop is located not far from Tijuana. This trail is moderate in difficulty with no shade available. This is one of the most diverse trails in the area. It is open to horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking. If you plan to hike the trail keep your eyes open for horses and bikes so you don't get run over. The length of the trail is 9.2 miles. It's an out-and-back type.

9. Ruta UABC Popotla Florido

Ruta UABC Popotla - Florido is a loop-style trail near Tijuana that offers lovely scenic views. The trail is open to mountain bikers and hiking. There is no shade on the trail and with a 7.1-mile length, it is important to take along protection from the heat of the sun. This is a moderate trail in difficulty, and it's not recommended for small children or those who are inexperienced in hiking.

10. Canon del Padre Loop

The Cañón del Padre Loop is rated as being moderate in difficulty. The trail is designated for mountain biking, but you can also hike if you like. It is partially paved which makes it easier in some spots. The length of the Canon de Padre Loop is 6.2 miles. It is worth noting that this trail is also used for driving so you may see motorized traffic on the loop. It's still a lovely place to walk, but you must be careful so you don't get run over by vehicles. It's a scenic loop that features lovely views of the river.

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