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20 Things You Didn't Know about Furlenco


At times, you require furniture but only for a short while. Getting an online furniture rental platform can be pretty hard, but thankfully, the Indian company Furlenco has made things much more manageable. Renting furniture online has been made a reality thanks to Furlenco. Renting furniture is much cheaper than buying the furniture. When you only need to use the furniture for a while before moving elsewhere, the renting option will be more affordable and better for you. Furlenco has made it a reality for you to rent furniture when you only need to lease it for a while. It is affordable and easy to access, thanks to the online service.

1. It is a Subscription Company

Subscription-based services work monthly, and you can specify how long you need the furniture. For instance, if you are opening an office in India, the company will get you all the office furniture that you will need for the duration of your operations. As such, there will be no need for you to purchase office furniture if you only intend to operate with the company temporarily. People that live in urban India can also subscribe to furniture and rent sofas, beds, and tables. As a subscription company, you get to pay for each month that you use the rented furniture.

2. Furlenco also lets you Rent Appliances

In addition to furniture, the company lets you rent appliances that you can use in the home. Starting a new home is made much more manageable as getting it fitted with appliances is simple. You can rent television sets, washing machines, fridges and other appliances that you need for the home. Combining different appliances provides you with a special discount and payment plan to reduce the rental cost. As such, you don't have to worry about where to get the appliances you need for your new home when moving to India.

3. Personalized Services

Every customer is unique, and Furlenco provides personalized services to its customers. These services are designed to fit different audiences such as students, expatriates, and even families. Cost-effective access to quality furniture means that your living standards are maintained without having to purchase new furniture. If you are a student, you can still live in a comfortable home while studying in India, thanks to the furniture rental services provided by Furlenco. The company also lets you select your collection, which can be made up of a combination of furniture and appliances. This lets you spruce up your home in the design that will fit you best and cost you less to rent.

4. Furlenco Works on Debt Financing

According to Crunchbase, the company works on a debt financing business model with a total funding amount of $203.5 million. It has a total of 24 investors that keep it financially stable and working sustainably. The financing has been raised in more than 18 rounds where investors chipped in to keep the business alive and operational.

5. Furniture Rental comes with Delivery

Whenever you rent furniture for your new home in India, the company works to sanitize and safely deliver your order. The rental model means that you will only need to pay for the duration you will be using the furniture. Once you have ended your stay, you will ask the company to come and pick up their furniture before settling your final payment. The rental business model is attractive for visitors who are not staying for an extended period. People that tend to move around a lot will also find the company to be ideal for them.

6. The Rental Business Model is Still New

There are very few companies in the world that are working on the rental business model. The companies that have been successful with this model have found it quite relevant to their customers. For instance, a temporary worker in India will find the furniture rental service to be just what they need to ensure that they have a comfortable stay. Furniture rental is also completely new and one of the most welcome options for those looking for high-quality furniture without making a purchase.

7. The Company was Born in 2011

Ajith Karimpana, the company's CEO, moved back to Bengaluru from New Jersey, the USA, in 2011. On selling his furniture before moving, he only received 10% of what he had paid two years previously. This made him realize the pain of purchasing and selling furniture. He decided to form Furlenco to ensure that everyone gets to access furniture without having to own it. The company claims to be a different furniture company that lets people live better lives without buying new furniture when they rent a home.

8. Working from Home is Made Easier with Furlenco

Working remotely is quickly becoming the new norm. As you work from home, you still require a comfortable and conducive environment. Furlenco ensures that you have a working space that is as comfortable as the office environment and fully fitted with all the accessories you need. For this reason, you will be able to work from home but still have fun and be productive. Safe working from home requires high-quality furniture such as an office desk and chairs that provide a good environment. Furlenco ensures that people working from home still get to benefit from great furniture to work with. A flexible and comfortable workstation will ensure that working from home is fun and enjoyable.

9. Furlenco Does not Allow Purchasing Furniture

The business model that Furlenco works with is unique. Even though the company allows for relocation and swapping of the furniture, it does not let the customers purchase the furniture. It only allows the customers to rent the furniture that they need. This means that you cannot buy the furniture from Furlenco as they only work on a rental basis. As long as you are using the furniture, you will only have to pay for the monthly cost of renting, but you cannot purchase them.

10. Furlenco Works in All Indian Cities

If you are in any of the cities in India, you can get rented furniture delivered down to your home. You can also relocate for free to a new place and still get to keep the same furniture that you have been using in your previous location. However, the services provided by the company are limited to the country of India, and you cannot access these services outside India. Hopefully, this might change when the company eventually expands and starts targeting other territories.

11. The Company Designs their Furniture

Creating your dream home means using furniture that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern home. The in-house design team at Furlenco is charged with designing all the furniture they provide to their customers. The company owns all the furniture that they rent out and is behind the designs of their furniture. By designing their furniture, the company can uphold high standards of quality. They also get to put in the best artistry behind their creative furniture designs. The furniture design is part of their business model, which does not allow for the purchase of their products.

12. Furlenco Covers for Damages

When you rent furniture from Furlenco, you get to treat it just like you would treat your own. The company will fully cover any damages incurred by your furniture, and you will not have to pay for repairs. This is an attractive aspect of the renting option, ensuring that you can use their furniture comfortably and with peace of mind. The damages are taken care of by the company, and when you have finished using their furniture and taken it back, they will cover the cost of the repairs.

13. Curated Packages

Depending on the space you are looking to furnish, curated packages will ensure that you have everything you need for space. These packages have been specially selected to ensure that you get the best combination for a perfect home. You also get furniture packages that will match your home décor and create the best visual effect.

14. Free Relocation

Whenever you are moving between homes and from one city to another, you do not have to leave your rented furniture behind. All you have to do is pack your bags and leave. As long as you have notified Furlenco about your upcoming relocation, they will move the furniture to your new home for free. The company will take care of the relocation of the furniture on your behalf. No matter which city you are moving to, the furniture relocation will be done for you, so you have peace of mind even when you move between homes.

15. Cleaning Services

Sometimes, furniture also gets dirty, and for this reason, Furlenco provides deep cleaning services. These services are aimed to ensure that you have sparkling clean furniture at all times. Whenever you notice that your furniture is getting dirty, all you have is a request for their cleaning services, and they will come and give your furniture a deep clean. This gets rid of all stains and ensures that you are always using clean furniture. The cleaning services are part of the maintenance that comes with the rental packages and keeps your home clean and tidy at all times.

16. The Company does Delivery and Set-up

When you have made payment for your first month of furniture rental, the delivery team will bring all the furniture. They will also set up and assemble the furniture for you, so you do not have to worry about it. The furniture is installed and laid out according to your instructions, and there are professionals to advise on layouts that will match your home.

17. Minimum Rental Terms

The minimum tenure for Furlenco products ranges between 3 and 6 months. You have to rent the furniture for at least this long for the agreement to work. Additionally, you will have to give a notice 14 days before you terminate the subscription service. As a subscription service, the furniture rental service charges you for each month of use. Any cancellation means that you will still be charged for the minimum duration of the tenure.

18. Furniture Swapping

Once you have been renting furniture for at least three months, you can get the swapping services once every 12 months. The swapping lets you exchange the furniture that you currently have in your home for new ones. All you have to do is provide a seven-day notice and get a fresh look for your home. The service is free and lets you make changes to the look and feel of your home every 12 months.

19. Furlenco Provides Replacements

If any furniture or appliances are not correctly working, you can replace them with new ones. Any furniture that starts to show signs of fading or damaged can be replaced once every year. The replacements are helpful for appliances that have been damaged and are no longer providing you with the services you require.

20. Furlenco Subscription Service is Affordable

Buying furniture and appliances when you are living from paycheck to paycheck can be pretty tricky. The option to rent is more attractive and provides you with the opportunity to live the life of your dreams. More people can afford to rent furniture monthly as compared to buying new furniture. The business model that Furlenco uses ensures that everyone has access to high-quality furniture and appliances without purchasing them upfront.


Furniture renting might sound like a strange idea, but it has been proven to work. Furlenco is an Indian company that has worked to ensure that people get affordable furniture for their homes. Monthly rental of furniture and appliances means that you can keep your home in the condition you want without spending a lot of money. The company has made people's lives easier and reduces spending on furniture.

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