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20 Things You Didn't Know about Treeswift


Treeswift is a forest-monitoring tech company with a difference. It not only employs cutting-edge technology to monitor forests but also uses eco-friendly methods to do so. The company uses machine learning and robotic state-of-the-art technology to build forest monitoring systems for the future. Treeswift is the brainchild of CEO AhmSteven Chen, COO Elizabeth Hunter, and others both of whom are passionate about conserving the environment. Treeswift works to provide forest stakeholders with flexible, accessible data and precise analyses. Their services are employed in timber value and carbon capture estimation, advanced growth forecasting, deforestation monitoring, as well as forest management. Treeswift is developing an advanced forest monitoring system that can collect data from a large number of sensors as well as very large volumes of data from those sensors. There are a few things that are not well known about treeswift. Let's look at 20 things you probably don't know about Treeswift.

1. SwiftCruise- Treeswift’s product

This is a drone-based tool that efficiently and quickly navigates through the forest canopy, collecting highly-detailed terabytes of data in harsh forest terrain. SwiftCruise works by extracting individual tree metrics by combining cameras and sensors, with advanced machine learning algorithms. According to National Law Review, SwiftCruise is set to change the management of forestry.

2. The company's forest monitoring systems can be used to monitor the health of forests in all weather conditions

Treeswift models are weather-secured; it uses high-precision weather models to forecast tree growth and planting patterns. The company takes into account the time of year, forest type, climate, and terrain to provide accurate growth predictions. The company’s advanced Forest Monitoring system is able to operate independently and without the need for an Internet connection. This makes it possible for users to place Forest Monitoring systems in remote areas, even in areas with harsh climatic conditions. These units are also able to operate in all types of weather conditions. This makes it possible for users to get useful data even when there is rain or snow on the ground.

3. Treeswift uses LiDAR sensors for monitoring

According to Penn Engineering, the forest monitoring system employs LiDAR sensors to deliver precise forest metrics with high spatial precision. LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with laser light and analyzing the reflected light. The technology enables professionals to get images of objects even in unfavorable conditions. Treeswift's LiDAR sensors can also measure depth almost as accurately as humans can. This means the sensors can detect trees across a field of view that’s beyond what humans can perceive. Treeswift also uses lasers to map forests. The company has developed laser systems that are used to map forests quickly. This is a useful tool for forest managers, who can use the data to assess how their forest is growing.

4. Google Bootcamp - Treeswift uses the Google's AI application

During the early stages of developing their product, a team of TreeSwift employees and experts from Google took part in a training program offered by Google. The program was called “Google’s Pioneers in AI”. This gave them a hands-on learning experience working on real-world applications with cutting-edge technologies.

5. Treeswift Raised $4.8 Million for Forest Monitoring System

According to BusinessWire, Treeswift closed a $4.8 million funding round from investors such as Venture firms like GV, Concentric and RRE Ventures, Foresight Autonomous Holdings (a VC firm dedicated to drone investments), and In-Q-Tel. The company has also received other generous grants such as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) “Tree Overwatch Challenge” grant of $100,000.

7. Treeswift can help predict deforestation

Treeswift’s advanced weather and spatial prediction allows it to provide forest managers with vital information on when they can expect deforestation. When a forest is under threat by logging or clear-cutting, Treeswift’s automated data analysis is able to identify the area on a map and alert the forests’ stakeholders. The company's advanced algorithms provide forest stakeholders with precise data that can be used to prevent destruction.

8. Treeswift is working on carbon capture systems

Treeswift comes up with cutting-edge methods to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, which is harmful to the environment. The company provides a unique method to estimate active growth using LiDAR and computation of carbon stocks and flows in forests across the globe.

9. Treeswift helps to detect forest fires quickly

While forest fires can happen naturally, they also occur as a result of human activities. Treeswift has developed an alert system that quickly detects and tracks forest fire, even when it is small. This ensures quick action by officials at the earliest. The company's technology provides near-real-time alerts about forest fires. The Forest Fire Lookup application provides near-real time alerts about active forest fires. This enables local fire teams and other stakeholders to act quickly to prevent the spread of any fires that may develop. Treeswift is also able to predict which trees will survive in a forest fire Treeswift's data is accurate enough to tell which trees in a forest will survive an expected fire. This information enables forest managers to prioritize which trees need protection during a wildfire.

10. The company offers smartphone apps for forest managers

Treeswift has developed an app for forest managers. With this app, forest managers can view their forests from space and receive alerts about fires, pest infestations, disease outbreaks, and the presence of invasive species.

11. Treeswift uses drones to survey forests

According to Tech Crunch, the forest monitoring system employs drones to survey forest growth. The system is equipped with machine learning algorithms that allow it to match the data with the terrain. This enables it to determine where exactly trees are growing and how fast they're spreading in a forest. Treeswift employs autonomous technologies for forest mapping. The company's advanced forest monitoring systems are fully autonomous. This means that they can operate without human assistance. The entire process from data aggregation to storage can be performed without any human intervention, making the service more cost-effective.

12. Treeswift's robot system is used to survey Earth in space

The Treeswift monitoring system is operated by the Earth Observing System (EOS). The EOS is a network of satellites that work to visually map, monitor, and conserve Earth's environment. According to Forest Tech, the company’s robotic systems are therefore able to provide important information about forests in a very precise way. The company has developed a software program that uses advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies. This program has been adopted by the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory, which are all interested in adopting this sophisticated forest monitoring system.

13. Treeswift's sensors can detect pathogen infestations

The system employs sensors to detect pathogens such as anthrax, oak wilt disease, and chestnut blight that have made their way into a forest due to natural causes or human activity. This enables forest managers to take appropriate action. Treeswift's monitoring system can be used to detect infections. The company's advanced forest monitoring systems are well-equipped to detect changes in vascular plants that are caused by pathogens such as chestnut blight and oak wilt disease. This makes it possible to detect infestations at an early stage and take appropriate action.

14. GRASP Lab uses Treeswift's technology to map land-use change

Being a spin-off from GRASP Lab, Treeswift uses robotic tools and AI to reduce the risk of human interference while automating forestry, according to the Robot Report. The lab has developed a tightly integrated software suite that enables it to sample and analyze data from Landsat satellites, as well as open-source satellite images of terrestrial images.

15. The company provides web-based tools for managing forests

Through its web-based tools, Treeswift offers management services to all customers that have a need to monitor forests on a regular basis. These include public and private forest managers across the globe. The company's algorithms can detect changes in forests. The system uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect changes in a forest. These algorithms are capable of detecting major disturbances such as drought, fire, and pest infestation.

16. Treeswift's advanced Forest Monitoring system can be integrated with other systems

Treeswift’s advanced Forest Monitoring system can be integrated with other systems. This makes it possible for organizations to monitor their forests using only one solution. This solution can provide organizations with valuable insights that they can use to make more informed decisions. The company’s management console can also be configured based on users’ needs. With the customizable management console, users can control the system to get real-time alerts about the forests that they manage. This enables them to respond quickly in the event of any disturbance, allowing them to take preventative measures in order to protect their forests.

17. The tools that Treeswift provides are compatible with all types of computers, tablets, and smartphones

Treeswift’s Decision Support System is available in two versions, one that is compatible with the latest operating systems and another that can be used on older systems. The version available for the older systems makes it easy for forest managers to use the system and get useful information about the health of their forests. This will help these organizations to make more informed decisions about how their forests can be protected from environmental damage over time.

18. The company has the technology to monitor all types of biological data

Using the system to monitor biological data allows users to see the wealth of information that they have at their disposal. This makes it possible for forest managers to better understand how their forest ecosystem works, as well as providing valuable insights that they can use to make more informed decisions. The company’s technology can be used to detect violations of environmental laws. The early detection of environmental violations allows officials to take appropriate action. This helps forest managers to prevent the spread of forest fires, as well as will make it possible to take action quickly in the event that pesticides are being used illegally in forests.

19. The company's forest management system provides users with insights that they can use to make more informed decisions

The company’s Decision Support System provides useful insights that forest managers can use to make more informed decisions. These systems analyze vast amounts of data, allowing them to get a clear picture of how forests are changing over time. This makes it easy for managers to better understand the implications of their decisions on forests, which will allow them to take more effective and proactive steps in protecting their environment.

20. The company's products are designed to be easy to set up and use

According to Techteto, Treeswift’s forest management systems are remarkably easy to set up and use. This makes it possible for forest managers to collect the information they need with very little technical assistance from Treeswift. These systems are also expandable so that users can add on further sensors in order to get more information about their forests. Treeswift’s forest monitoring solutions are also easy to use and maintain. This will help organizations to make effective decisions about their forests, protecting them from environmental damage over time.

Bottom Line

Treeswift specializes in developing cutting-edge systems that are designed to help forest managers monitor their forests and collect information that they can use to make more informed decisions. This will allow these organizations to better understand the health of their forests, which will allow them to take more effective and proactive steps in protecting these invaluable natural resources. Using Treeswift’s forest management system, managers are able to predict wildfires before they occur. This allows them to take preventative action and minimize damage to their forests and save money on fuel costs that result from these disturbances. Treeswift's solutions are easy to integrate into existing systems Treeswift’s solutions are very easy to integrate into existing systems. This makes it possible for organizations to use only one solution for the collection of their data and the monitoring of forests. Treeswift has been awarded a number of accolades that highlight its success in developing innovative solutions for the monitoring and management of forests. It has also developed strategic partnerships with organizations that are interested in using its products and services. This makes it possible for users to get access to advanced solutions that will help them protect the environment over time.

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