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The Best Glamping Campgrounds in Maine

Maine Camping

Maine is a state in the US New England region, bursting with natural attractions any adventurer will love. It is the home to the famous Acadia National Park, which houses abundant wildlife. Maine has over thirty mountain ranges with trails for every hiker, glamper, and sightseer if you’re a hiking enthusiast. If you long to have an excellent outdoor experience with nature but don’t want to compromise your home comforts, booking a good glamping campground can be a good idea. Here are the five best glamping campgrounds in Maine.

5. Terramor - 1453 ME-102, Bar Harbor, ME (The best for luxury and seclusion)

Is Mount Desert Island on your vacation list? If yes, booking your retreat at Terramor is an excellent opportunity to explore Bar Harbor’s natural attractions. The Acadia National Park is one spot you should miss going to. You have a one-on-one encounter with nature while enjoying luxurious and secluded lodging benefits. Terramor’s glamping tents are spacious enough to accommodate up to five guests per booking, offering luxury and seclusion. One of the most significant selling points of Terramor is the luxury of an outdoor facility. The tents have comfortable beds, and each has the electricity to power your devices. The in-suite showers and bathrooms in each tent except Alder are why you should book in advance. There’s also a secluded spot to light your bonfire as you watch the stars grace the sky at night.

4. Wild Acres Yurt on 36 acres - 55 Bog Rd, Dresden, ME (The best for home luxury on farmland)

According to Jones Around the World, the Wild Acres Yurt is a glamping spot on a private 36-acre farm, welcoming up to five guests per glamping session. You have a 36-acre farm to explore while savoring the majestic Maine countryside. Apart from chickens and goats, the farm yurt is also home to wildlife near the winding trails. Don’t be mistaken to think life in the countryside is monotonous and cumbersome. The yurt has household appliances and electronics like refrigerators, hot showers, microwaves, induction stoves, and cutlery you’ll need. This is a perfect place to escape the noisy city life without relinquishing your home comforts.

3. Under Canvas Acadia - 702 Surry Road, Surry, ME (The best for nature-loving families)

Everybody deserves to learn something about nature, and kids aren’t an exception. Under Canvas Acadia is the best glamping campground to take your family or friends, from the stunning view of the Maine coastline to Acadia National Park. For example, the Cadillac Mountain Trail is just a 35-minute drive from Acadia, with magnificent trails to explore during the day. Once you embark on your outdoor adventure, immerse yourself in the home comforts by night. Couples looking for romantic getaways in a nature-infused setting can also end their day in couples’ tents with queen-sized beds. Each tent has a private bathroom for your privacy. But if you’re coming as a family of seven, there are tents with three bedrooms to accommodate everyone. Also, there’s an expansive deck with seating and firepits to grill your barbecue or enjoy your s’mores.

2. ComfyDome Glamping - 99 N Mountain Rd, Jefferson, ME (The best luxury glamping-dome-shaped houses)

Imagine being in a place with bullfrogs croaking in a frog and turtle pond while climbing a dome-shaped house to have a 360-degree view of the family of deer. Doesn’t it sound like an excellent plan for adventure? ComfyDome is one such place offering a one-on-one experience with nature. You’ll wake up to a world-class breakfast of muffins. The facility also has hot showers with soap, conditioner, and clean towels so that you can pack up light. It only takes three hours drive from Boston or 90 minutes from Portland to get to ComfyDome, according to Vacation Idea. If you’re a hiker, winery-hopper, or kayaker, ComfyDome is the place to be in. It’s hard to imagine that a dome-shaped house can accommodate a queen-size bed for two, but if that’s how it feels to return home after your adventure, go for it. Other comforts include white lines, solar lighting, and an outdoor seating space with a fire pit for grilling.

1. Maine Forest Yurts - 430 Auburn Pownal Rd, Durham, ME (Best overall)

Ever wanted to be in a home away from home? Maine Forest Yurts in Durham should be on your glamping bucket list. You want to be in a place surrounded by trees surrounding 100 acres of the wilderness as you listen to birds humming and chirping in the background. According to Trips to Discover, Maine Forest Yurts attracts plenty of outdoor adventures during the summer, such as kayaking, canoeing, and other water adventures in the Runaround Pond in Durham. During winter, the glamping campground is a good spot for ice skating. Winding up your day at this glamping site doesn’t have to be boring. You can dump yourself on the bunk beds after devouring your favorite meal. There’s a kitchen with a gas stove. Every yurt has an outdoor solar-powered shower and composting toilet. Enjoy the cool breeze through the outdoor seating area at your yurt.

Why choose Maine Forest Yurts?

  • A home-like luxury
  • Proximity to exotic animals and birds
  • Camping adventures
  • A 5-minute drive to the Bradbury Mountain State Park
  • It’s pet and child friendly
  • Open all year round


The five glamping campgrounds in Maine have ultra-modern facilities to make your stay comfortable while exploring nature. Every glamper or camper looking to explore Maine’s picturesque attractions should try one or more of these glamping spots to enjoy a breathtaking encounter with nature.

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