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10 Awesome Glamping Campgrounds in North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina is home to beautiful and natural attractions, the famous ones being the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains and Intercoastal Waterway. Now there's you who wants to go camping on those sites but don't want mosquitoes bugging you all night or leaving the tent for some drinks because it doesn't have enough room to accommodate your mini-fridge. What's even worse is walking long distances to shower. Did you know that glamping in campgrounds is the in-thing? According to Trek Baron, glamping campgrounds are modern and have basic facilities and amenities to make your camping experience more comfortable. These facilities allow you to be closer to nature without compromising your comfort. Here are ten glamping campgrounds in North Carolina to add to your bucket list.

10. Raven Rock Cabin (Fletcher)

Raven Rock Cabin is a luxurious tiny house in Fletcher attracting panoramic views of the Great Smoky Mountain. The floor-to-ceiling windows also allow you to marvel at Hoopers Creek Valley and Raven Rock Treehouse. Located 20 minutes from Asheville Airport, guests can enjoy nature-viewing, hiking, and mountain adventures at $142 per night.

9. The Nook (Swannanoa)

The Nook is a contemporary-designed tiny Airbnb in Swannanoa, NC. It's just 15 minutes from downtown Asheville. It'll also take 10 minutes to access it from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Whether you're planning your honeymoon, anniversary, or romantic getaway, the Nook is an excellent place to include on your bucket list.

8. Pisgah Highlands Container Cabin (Upper Hominy)

The Pisgah National Forest is one of the most visited attractions in Upper Hominy, NC. Glampers and hikers can take advantage of the magnificent attraction by booking at Pisgah Highlands Container Cabin. For $120 per night, the converted shipping container has contemporary amenities for your comfort. There's a trail nearby along the creek, perfect for hikers. You can kick back the day through a comfortable queen-size bed after cooking on the single electric cooktop.

7. Modern Tiny House (Marion)

As the name suggests, it is a tiny house in Marion, hidden among the foliage. You can access the nearby Lake James with a short paddle. It has an electric fireplace and gas stove to make your stay comfortable. Once you've had enough of nature-watching and adventures, immerse yourself in the king-size bed while viewing the lake from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

6. JaneBug Retro Resort (Weaverville, NC)

If you're in Weaverville and looking for a retro-style resort for glamping, the JaneBug Retro Resort is the place to visit. According to Territory Supply, the glamping resort occupies 50 acres, 12 minutes from downtown Asheville. It's hosted campers since the 1950s but has been remodeled to suit modern glampers.

5. Luxurious Secluded Romantic Treehouse (Old Fort)

Whether you want to spend time outdoors strolling on an oasis well-lit path or gaze at the native Laurel hardwoods, the Luxurious Secluded Romantic Treehouse in Old Fort will give you a lifetime experience. There's a swinging bridge nearby occupying part of the 14-acre land. The Black Mountain, only 20 minutes away from Ashville, is also a romantic glamping attraction. The treehouse offers all these amenities for $332 per night.

4. Treehouse of Serenity (Asheville, NC)

While camping, a private moment is all lovers need, making Treehouse of Serenity in Asheville the go-to place for glampers. The rustic treehouse is designed on white oaks, allowing you to get a bird view angle of the nature around you. The serenity allows you to enjoy watching a flat-screen TV equipped with the Netflix app. There's also a kitchenette where you can prepare your meals. Also, it has a patio with high windows for spectacular nature viewing and sunset over the mountains.

3. Rustic Glamping Cabin (French Broad River, Alexander)

If you're looking to camp in Alexander and enjoy modern amenities, the best place to book your accommodation is Rustic Glamping Cabin. The cabin is like your house, where you can cook, shower, and enjoy a riverfront adventure. According to Trips to Discover, the cabin's porch is half-covered with an open firepit where you can grill your steak or fish. If you're a bicycler, there are trails nearby. You can listen to the wildlife sounds during dusk while setting up a campfire. It only takes a 25-minute drive to the French Broad River from Asheville's downtown.

2. Smoky Mountain Glamping, Creekside Tent (Waynesville, NC)

For $185 per night, you can explore nature at Smoky Mountain Glamping. The package covers Airbnb and tents. It is located on rural farmland in Waynesville, NC. There are plenty of things to see, including cows and horses who occasionally visit the fence line. While there, take advantage of the US' most visited park, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. You will enjoy sleeping in king-size beds in tiny houses, yurts, and antique airstreams. Wind up your day by gazing at the skies on the covered porch.

1. Asheville Glamping Getaway (Asheville, NC)

Whether you want to go camping during spring, summer, or fall, Asheville glamping guarantees an all-year-round exceptional camping experience for couples and families. Located a few minutes from Downtown Asheville, the glamping campground has facilities of different designs such as trailers, yurts, tipis, and safari-styled tents. There's also an ultra-modern tree house with glass windows for those who love watching sunset and stars at night. Dubbed the "hidden gem of the Carolinas," Asheville is designed for every type of nature-loving glamper. You can visit their website to set up your reservations, which charge $80 per night.


There you have it. Ten awesome glamping campgrounds in North Carolina. Some places are often booked a month in advance, particularly if it accommodates year-round adventures. All you need to do is visit individual websites to find out if they're booking.

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