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How Graham Stephan Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

The online domain is one that is continuously improving its value with advancement of technology. The dawn of social media platforms has brought about many celebrities who have capitalized on their following to make a fortune for themselves. Among such stars is Graham Stephan. According to Fandom, he is a YouTube personality who leans more toward the financial and real estate sector. His commercial advisory pieces garner him a lot of followers who are keen to know how to handle their finances. Many of his fans have an interest in his net worth to know how his pieces of advice work on his side. Well, his value is not that bad at $5 million. So how did he come across such an impressive fortune? To answer this question, we will first have a look at his background to know him better.

Graham Stephan’s Background

He was born on the 22nd of April 1990, which makes him some months shy of his 30th birthday. He was born and raised in Santa Monica California, where he also earned his real estate license at 18 years, as evident from his website. He skipped college to follow his ambitions in the growing world of real estate, which at the moment is also one of the best performing worldwide. He happened to stumble upon YouTube where he registered and created his channel. His fame mostly comes from his channel, where he has millions of subscribers with interest in his financial ideas. He opines that his journey has not been that easy as you can see from his Youtube video that ushers you to his channel. One thing that stands out about Stephan is his claim to wealth, where he reached the coveted millionaire status by age 26.

His Ventures Leading To His Net Worth

So back to the earlier question, how did he amass his wealth to reach an impressive $5 million value? Let us look at some of his ventures that acted as a ladder to his financial freedom and success.

• Real Estate Deals

It is no secret that the real estate sector is one of the most successful in today's economic landscape. Many properties are coming up, and land thought to be obsolete a while back attracts a priceless value presently. When he turned 18, he had his realtor's license and dived headfast into the waters of the realty industry. There is a possibility that he had prior information on the sector that served as his orientation to the property market. From his early beginnings, he made his bones and has had a ton of notable clients who appreciate his services. They include Orlando Bloom, Chloe Moretz, LaVar Arrington, Casper Inc and many more. His clients are responsible for an excellent portfolio worth in the $130 million neighborhood, in terms of the total sale of units. When you consider his fees for such deals, then you get an idea of how much he makes from the property purchases and sales.

• Consultation

Graham has been in the industry for over a decade, and this gives him a proper idea on how the market treads. This experience factor gives him the platform to act as a consultant on many elements touching on the property market. As a consultant, he works under the Oppenheim Group, a realty company based in California. He also works as an agent for this company, where his enthusiasm and honesty make him the to-go person for the sale and acquisition of high-end properties around Los-Angeles. As he seeks to build long-lasting relationships with clients, many come back to him for his professionalism.

• His YouTube Channel

Aside from realty business, he also has a robust online presence, and YouTube is his hub of choice. He started his channel some years back. For subscribers, at the moment, he has roughly 1.59 million subscribers and over 120 million accumulated views. He mainly talks about financial topics and also his specialty, real estate. He offers vital advice such as savings, investments, credits and many more which have earned him a dedicated following with a rough estimate of over 280000 views daily. With such a viewership number, he can rake in roughly $4000 a day. In a year, this amount is almost $1.5 million, and it is not hard to see how he comes across his millionaire status. His popularity in social media might, in a way give him an influencer status where he can advertise and endorse products for some remuneration.

• His Online Store

Taking advantage of his popularity, he has an online store where you can get his merchandise. The merchandise contains his famous catchphrases that he throws around when he is live. Among his products include T-shirts, hoodies, caps, caps and mobile phone covers. As he s is still young and part of the youth generation when it comes to fashion and style, his products have a considerable market appeal that he can capitalize on.

• The Real Estate Agent Academy

It is no secret that Graham Stephan is very experienced in the property market, and he takes advantage of his experience by running a school. It is an online school, The Real Estate Agent Academy, where you enroll to train in being a realtor. It is also a contributor to his $5 million net worth.

Final Word

Graham Stephan is the true definition of hard work and versatility when you want to be wealthy. At his young age, he is already a millionaire, and it is fascinating that he made a chunk of his fortune from the online domain. He runs a YouTube channel where he has a lot of followers who keep up with his financial insights. He also focuses on his real estate deals which so far have an estimated sales value of $130 million. He also has his online academy for potential real estate agents. You can follow him on various social media handles to get vital economic insights.

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