How Greg Biffle Achieved a Net Worth of $50 Million

Greg Biffle

Whatever you do, work at it with all your might and success is sure to follow; at least that is motivational speakers tell us and we believe it because we do not want to imagine that our efforts will go down the drain. Greg Biffle is one successful man all because he has been relentless in pursuing his stock car racing career. As with other celebrities who get involved in scandalous behaviour, Greg Biffle had to pay $1 million for the invasion of his wife’s privacy and an additional $250,000 as punitive damages as reported on Jalopnik. Fortunately for him, the amount barely makes a dent to his net worth of $50 million. Let’s get into the details of how he has accumulated such wealth.

Stock car racing

According to Wikipedia, Greg Biffle began his car racing career doing short tracks, and it was not until the winter of 1995-1996 that he gained recognition during the Winter Heat Series. He was not always the best and finished 30th in the first race he entered but like they say practice makes perfect. Greg made his debut in the NASCAR races when he raced in the final two Busch Series races where he finished 23rd and 36th, but by 1997, Greg had gained so much popularity that he won The Most Popular Driver Award in the NASCAR Northwest Series.

By 2001 he had started making some impressive amounts of money from his chosen career; he won $50,000 in a promotion held by Gander Outdoors after winning another Truck Series. He then moved to the Cup Series and tried qualifying for the Daytona 500 in 2002 but did not make it. In 2003 he participated in NASCAR’s top division and 2004 he qualified for Daytona 500, which is one of the races that guarantees the winner takes home a lucrative amount of money. Greg has gone on to win many awards and championships and is among the three drivers who have ever won the Craftsman Truck Series and Busch Series. With such wins, comes a hefty payday with the Sprint Cup Series champion taking home $4.7 million and given the many races he has won throughout his career, Greg Biffle net worth has undoubtedly come from racing.


People who do well in sports attract all kinds of publicity; both good and bad, but the fact they are ever in the limelight makes them the ideal target for companies that want to promote the brand. Take, for instance, athletes like Roger Federer, who established a long term relationship with Nike as his sponsor since 1994. The sneaker company paid him lots of money with the last ten-year contract giving him $10 million per year. However, it is always about the money and Roger dropped Nike to sign with Uniqlo which paid him thrice the amount; $300 million over ten years.

Greg Biffle also has been lucky enough to land himself some lucrative sponsorship deals. According to Sports Pro media, bagged a sponsorship deal running for about half a year with Ortho Insect Control. Although the financial terms of the contract were not disclosed it was estimated that the driver would net at least an eight-figure sum. Greg admitted to being fortunate to work with great companies throughout his career, and he was excited to help promote the brand.

Ortho is a brand owned by the Scotts Company and Greg would carry it on his number 16 RFR Ford during the Sprint Cup races. In return, the Scotts Company would be his primary sponsor for the half of Greg’s Sprint Cup races in 2015. Ortho, however, did not return for 2016 and KFC replaced it as Greg’s primary sponsor.

Although it is not clear how much KFC paid Greg during the season they sponsored since they pulled out in 2017, the amount has to be impressive. According to ESPN, star athletes can get paid millions because they have a crossover appeal with the example of Nature’s bakery sponsoring SHR to a tune of $15 million for 28 races driving the point home.

Greg must have been a pretty good race driver because even though the contract of 3M, his primary sponsor, was about to expire, the minute Greg renewed his with Roush Fenway Racing concord for three more years, so did 3M. Although no financial details were released, the three –year contract was expected to be worth more than $45 million, and since Greg Biffle helped with the lucrative deal, it is safe to assume that he also got to reap the benefits of his talent.

Speaker fees

You can never know everything there is to know about all topics of life, which is why the first thing parents do is send you to school so you can gain exposure and learn a few things. As adults, we need a little help in getting on track from someone who has traveled down the path we want to take so that they can enlighten us about all the challenges we might face as well as the opportunities that could come your way. For this reason, we read motivational books and attend seminars at a cost, of course.

Greg Biffle is a renowned car race driver, and he does not mind sharing his knowledge in racing and philanthropy since he also has the first-hand experience in both areas. Greg manages the Greg Biffle Foundation that aims to improve the well-being of animals by creating spray-never clinics and no-kill animal shelters.

You can, therefore, hire him to speak on the two topics, host an event, and appear in corporate hospitality or team building events among many more occasions as laid out in Celebrity Speakers Bureau. However, for him to grace your occasion, you have to be willing to part with at least $20,000-$50,000. Some of the shows he has made guest appearances in include Paula’s Party, Yes, Dear and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby so if you are interested in having him speak at your event, you can contact a booking agent and leave your details.

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