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Watch Review: The Halios Seaforth

Halios Seafort

Whether you're a purist and stick to your favorite watch brand or you enjoy exploring the latest creations, Halios has a lot to offer. Jim Lim is the owner of Halios and runs a one-man show at his Vancouver, Canada-based manufacturing company. It's a microbrand that has earned the attention of a finicky crowd of wristwatch enthusiasts with its remarkably impressive efforts. Halios has delivered high in the Dive watch niche of the industry with the Halios Seaforth. The timepiece merits a closer look through an unbiased review.

An exciting release

The Seaforth was released in 2017 and it's been making waves with divers with its line of four distinct variants of the watch. Worn and Wound reveals that the boutique dive watch is a modern iteration with vintage appeal. It takes skill and creativity to meld the two together in a manner that holds the attention of watch lovers. In a market where there are so many unique timepieces, Halios has proved its mettle.

Overview of the Halios Seaforth

We begin by examining the specifications of the Halios Seaforth. The watch steps forward to take the place of the Tropik, its predecessor in the Dive watch lineup. The Seaforth is an evolutionary member of the family that takes on the personality of a sporty modern watch with dive elements from the past in its stylish yet rugged aesthetic.

The case

The case design features a classic round shape measuring 41 mm x 47mm x12mm depth. The large watch has a sturdy and reliable feel yet it's not overpowering. The tall crystal protective cover adds to its appearance of size but serves dual duty for waterproofing and making the time beneath legible and easy to read. The lugs are chunky measuring 20mm with stylish faceting on the edges and a combination of brushed to a polished finish. The attention to detail is a nice touch that gives it the impression of high-end artistry for moderate pricing. Halios has crafted each case in the Seaforth collection of stainless steel material with no other options in metal choices currently available. The crown follows the same styling as the lugs in a chunky presentation in a screw-down styling that sits low and features wide crown guards with beveled edges and a polished finish that matches the bezel. We find it remarkable how the fine details of the styling are complimentary throughout the various components of the watch. The three crescent Halios moon graces the outside of the crown which is crafted with deep grooves for good gripping.

The dial

The Seaforth is available in a choice of four distinct dials as well as a choice of three bezels. One variant is designed without a bezel. One of the most appreciated aspects of the Halios Seaforth Dive watch is that it is customizable based upon these features. Halios staff is happy to work with you to build the wristwatch that is tailored to suit your preferences concerning the dial and bezel configurations. According to Hodinkee, the customization is the Halios commitment to giving its audience precisely what they demand in a wristwatch. The mix and match offer appeal to a broader cross-section of the population of watch lovers. Buyers have their choice of black or pastel blue dials with a range of bezel options ranging from black sapphire inserts to fixed bezels or rotating types. There is even a 12-hour GMT bezel option available.

The crystal

The protective crystal that adorns and protects the dial is a sapphire crystal. The tall and stylish crystal is a box-type that presents an illusion of thinness from certain angles to make the appearance of the watch even more interesting. It provides crisp and clear viewing of the time beneath with a high degree of legibility for easy reading.

The movement

All iterations of the Halios Seaforth are powered with a Miyota 90S5 automatic movement. It beats at 4 Hz with 24 jewels. The power reserve is over 42 hours.

Other notable features

The Halios Seaforth is also available in the fixed bezel design in a 40 mm case with a rotating bezel grip. The crystal is treated with an inner coating of anti-reflective material to produce a clear view of the time in bright lighting conditions without the interference of glare or distortion. If desired a 60-minute steel dive bezel is also available or a 120hour bez with a display of a second-time zone when the bezel is rotated. The Halios Seaforth is not available in a date option but as a dive watch, it is water-resistant up to 200 meters (660 feet). The price: $675 with a bezel and $650 without a bezel.

Final thoughts

The Halios Seaforth is now in its third generation and is offered in a larger variety of dial and bezel/no-bezel combinations. The attention that the creators pay to the small details of each Halios Seaforth is something that one would expect to find in a high-end luxury watch with a much bigger price tag. Halios is intent on providing watches that deliver high performance, aesthetics, and uniqueness. With the Seaforth, they're tough to get your hands on because they sell out so quickly. The reasonable cost of these lovely timepieces places them in high demand with watch lovers looking for a decent value for the cost. Halios is a micro brand that is reaching a level of maturity that makes the brand worthy of discussion and promotion. The quality is a thing that is best perceived through the senses rather than reading about the merits of the Seaforth dive watch. At first glance, there is something different about the Halios Seaforth. It's a modern sports watch suitable for use as a diver, but there is also something oddly intriguing about it. It has a unique personality that blends the modern with some of the best observable features of days gone by in a perfect marriage of the two.

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