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What Watches are the Most Popular Rappers Wearing?


It's common for the world's most popular rappers to own expensive necklaces, rings, and bracelets, but many of them also have impressive watch collections. These aren't watches that you can just waltz into a store and buy or get from online retailer -- the richest rappers in the world typically go for custom made creations or super expensive timepieces that cost tens of thousands of dollars and are in short supply.

Here are some of the watches top rappers wear.


Drake has a thing for Rolex watches, particularly those clad in rose gold. He sported one on the July cover of GQ Magazine, and he's also seen wearing a very handsome rose gold Rolex on the cover of his second studio album Take Care. The normal retail price for the models that Drake prefers run at least $15,000 each.

Jay Z

Combined with the net worth of his incredibly famous wife, Beyonce, Jay Z is worth over $1 billion. One would expect him to wear million dollar timepieces, and he does own some very pricey models. However, the rapper's watch collection is quite varied. It includes high price watches such as the Rolex Day Date II and Richard Mille DLC Tourbillon, but he also owns watches that don't cost tons of money. An example is his TW Steel wristwatch, which costs as little as $500.

He has the Rolex Day Date in both platinum and gold, and this particular model is one that Jay Z favors and wears often. He's stated that the watch makes him feel like "the ultimate baller" whenever he has it on -- considering the price of it, that's understandable. One of the most expensive watches that Jay Z owns is a Hublot Big Bang that's covered in pristine diamonds, which Beyonce bought for him at a cost of $5 million.

Jay Z's watch collection is apparently substantial, as he has been known to change watches between his sets during concerts. During one particular show at Carnegie Hall, the rapper changed his watch three different times to coordinate with each outfit that he changed into, Other watches that the rapper has been seen wearing include the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and Millenary watches and Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Tribute to 1931 in rose gold.

Kanye West

Kanye West is know for many things in addition to his music, and he's not shy about having a huge ego. It's no surprise, then, that the rapper has a watch collection that's about aesthetics as much as it is about showing off his wealth. One of the most ostentatious watches that he owns is an 18 carat gold Tiret that's customized with a dial that features a silhouette of his face. The price for it was $180,000, and it took more than five months to finish customizing. Kanye's watch also has eight carats of black, brown, white, and yellow diamonds, plus two Swiss quartz chronographs.

Other watches that he wears include the Bape G-Shock, gold Rolex Daytona, and an all-black Rolex Submariner. The latter is a customized version of the iconic timepiece. Kanye West even gives watches as gifts, and it's said that he gave the sound engineers of his 2011 album Watch the Throne custom Rolex GMT Master watches to thank them for not leaking any of the tracks.

Lil Wayne

Lil' Wayne is known for his incredible collection of cars, but he's also a watch connoisseur. The prices of his timepieces run into the millions each, but he also has some less pricey watches that he's often seen wearing. In 2014 he collaborated with Wize & Ope to release a Gummy Watch collection. The water resistant watches are fashion forward, trendy, covered in vibrant hues with interesting patterns, and comprised of stainless steel cases covered in silicon. Like many top rappers, Wayne has received costly watches as gifts during his career. On his 27th birthday his former mentor and friend, Birdman, gifted the rapper a Chopard watch encrusted with diamonds that cost over $1 million.

Nicki Minaj

The popular female rapper has an abundance of fine jewelry, including some gorgeous watches. One of the most beautiful is an Audemars timepiece covered with white diamonds -- this particular watch was gifted to Nicki by her boyfriend, Meek Mill. The latter is also into watches and has an impressive collection himself, including several diamond Rolex models, a Hublot Big Bang, and a $130,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak covered in exquisite diamonds. Meek Mill likes high end timepieces so much that he typically wears more than one at a time.


One of the hottest rap stars today is Future, who has made tons of money not just from selling music and putting on concerts but lucrative endorsement deals. He's gotten into the fashion game and was featured in QG Style's fall 2016 issue wearing a great looking Rolex watch. Being that he likes to clad himself in sleek ensembles, the classic and attractive look of Rolex is perfectly fitting for him.

Rick Ross

Few rappers do excessive bling like Rick Ross, and the rapper can rightfully be called one of the heavyweights as far as watch collections are concerned. His preferred brand is Hublot, and he's often been seen flaunting his white diamond covered Big Bang, which cost $35,000. For his 36th birthday, Rick Ross was given another Hublot Big Bang with over 3 carats of diamonds by legendary rap star Dr. Dre. The lavish gift reportedly cost over $100,000.


Eminem is one of the most successful rappers to have ever hit the scene, and he's also into watches. Unlike many of the watches rappers wear, Eminem prefers to keep it clean and classic. He's been photographed wearing various Rolex models throughout his career, and he also has an assortment of G-Shock watches. The rapper has served as an ambassador for the G-Shock brand and he also released a limited edition model in collaboration with the company called the GDX6900MNM-1. It has a matte black color palette with red accents and a silhouette of Detroit's skyline on the band.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has enjoyed great success during his career, and he's also grown an appreciation for Rolex watches. One of his faves is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just, which costs $30,000 for the yellow gold version that he owns. He's been seen wearing a variety of other pricey timepieces, and most of them sport a timeless look.

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