A Closer Look at The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

When a brand like Zodiac releases a new watch, it’s big news. Bigger yet when that watch is a limited edition, highly exclusive addition to the Super Sea Wolf GMT family. Yes, it’s time to meet the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT, a funky orange and cream piece that’s got watch enthusiasts in a lather of anticipation. But with only 282 pieces in the collection, you’ll need to move fast if you want to get your hands on one. If you’re keen to find out more, here’s ten things you need to know about the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT Limited Edition.

1. The fan’s choice

Pleasing your market is one thing. Letting that market dictate your next product is another. In a rare but slightly ingenious move, Zodiac spent last summer asking its customers a very important question… which watch from their line-up of mock-ups should be put into production? The result of the poll, which was conducted via the brand’s Instagram feed, was a close call, but in the end, there was only one winner. And thus we welcome the latest colorway and newest addition to the Super Sea Wolf GMT family: the sherbet orange and cream Zodiac Super Sea Wolf.

2. The availability

When it comes to watches, mass production is the death bell for desirability… something Zodiac, a brand that’s become known for its limited-edition runs, is all too aware. If you fancy getting your hands on a Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT, you ‘ll need to move quickly. While Zodiac was happy enough to pass the decision making on their latest release over to their fans, they clearly have reservations about giving too many of them the opportunity to actually experience one. Only 282 pieces have been made, and as it stands, there are no plans to increase the run for now. If you’re determined to get one, you’d better head to your nearest Zodiac boutique asap.

3. The history

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT might be Zodiac’s latest release, but it’s got a history that stretches back years… all the way to the mid-20th Century, in fact. In the ’50s and ’60s, Zodiac was a purveyor of watches for the masses, designing affordable pieces that placed a heavy emphasis on fun… the Super Sea Wolf being one of their most popular designs. But these were no disposable fashion pieces. Thanks to its superb durability, the Sea Wolf became a firm favorite with American GIs in Vietnam. With its advanced functionality, it also became the first-ever dive watch to feature a rotating bezel and come with a water resistance of 60m.

4. The rebirth

Despite enjoying huge success with the Sea Wolf, by the late ’60s, Zodiac was ready to try something new. After adding a bi-color GMT bezel and abandoning the GMT-capable movement from its design, the Sea Wolf was displaced in favor of the Aerospace GMT. It’s that same 60s era Aerospace GMT that’s directly inspired the Super Sea Wolf GMT.

5. The style

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf might be inspired by the watches of the 50s and 60s, but its aesthetic is nothing if not contemporary. The color scheme is hugely appealing, featuring a muted sherbet orange (with just a hint of blue) on the bezel, and a creamy white dial. As hodinkee.com notes, the markers look almost mirror polished, providing a great pop of contrast against the comparatively muted dial. The use of texture, meanwhile, is positively inspired: buyers can expect a high sheen glass bezel, a flat white dial, refined indices, and polished center links and bevels.

6. The precision

Thanks to its Swiss-made ETA2893-2 automatic movement, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT offers expert timekeeping… and not just in one country. The universal Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) tracker lets the user tell the time in two places simultaneously, making it the perfect accessory for frequent travelers.

7. The price

Zodiac might be a coveted brand, but it’s by no means a super-expensive one. It came to prominence in the 50s and 60s thanks to its affordability; despite the passing of the years, it’s never lost sight of its mission statement to produce fun, reliable watches at a reasonable price point. While no one would mistake it for a cheap piece, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT’s price of just $1,695 makes it an extremely attractive, not to mention accessible, proposition

8. The spec

Like most of the brand’s pieces, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT is relatively affordable. But $1,695 still isn’t small change. Before you get too carried away with its fun colors and stylish design, it’s worth checking out it’s inner workings. And that means taking a moment to consider its spec. Courtesy of the Zodiac website, here it is: Super Sea Wolf GMT Automatic. Brand: Zodiac. Model. Diameter: 40 millimeters. Thickness: 14 millimeters. Case: Stainless steel. Dial: Flat White. Indexes: Stainless steel. Lume: Super-Lumi Nova. Water Resistance: up to two hundred meters. Movement: Caliber: ETA 2893. Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, GMT. Diameter: 25.6 millimeters. Power Reserve: up to 42 hours. Winding: Automatic. Frequency: 4 Hz. Jewels: twenty-one.

9. The warranty

Regardless of how well it’s made, no watch is infallible. Bad things can happen to even the best of watches, and it’s for that exact reason why the 2-year international warranty that comes as standard with every limited-edition Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT is so reassuring. If you drop the watch down a drain or smash it with a hammer, it’s on you. If the watch stops working of its own accord, if a component fails, or if a manufacturing defect causes bother, it’s on Zodiac.

10. The legibility

If there’s one criticism of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT that can be made, it’s the legibility. As A Blog to Watch notes, asides from the Zodiac logo at 12 o’clock, the rest of the text utilizes Zodiac’s ornate typeface – it’s nice to look at, sure, but a pain to read.

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