10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium

Hamilton Khaki Field

What is in a watch brand? When you lay your eyes on exquisite wrist piece brands such as Hamilton, then you will appreciate the watchmaker. The mentioned watch brand has the Hamilton khaki field titanium under its catalogue and is one classy timepiece to own. If you are a fashion enthusiast, then getting this wrist accessory should be your goal, as it will do justice to your overall style. If you want to know more about this watch, then you are in the right place as we take you through ten things you did not know about the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium.

1. It’s Simplicity Factor

When it comes to style, the element of simplicity is one of the most underrated, more so when it comes to wrist accessories. The design of the Hamilton khaki field is very simple and is evident by the dial, which has a minimalistic touch. The entire watch comes in a simple casing with excellent straps to up its aesthetic factor. With the designer of this fashion accessory nailing it when it comes to simplicity, you can wear it comfortably with any style you pull from your closet.

2. It Is An Excellent Daily Wear

This Hamilton chronograph is an excellent daily wear, a fact supported by Hodinkee, a watch review website. If you are the type that dwells on signature looks, then the Hamilton Khaki titanium is the best accessory to don. It is versatile and can accentuate any fad you prefer; formal or casual. It goes well with other colors, and it is a great fashion asset to have on your wrist all week.

3. The Comfort Essence

When getting any accessory to up your fashion taste, you need to look at how comfy it feels on you. It is disheartening when you get an awesome fad piece that is not comfortable, as it will have you wincing or gasping for some relief. However, when it comes to this wrist piece, comfort is among the things that the creator achieves. It starts with the comfy straps, made from cowhide and feels all-natural when in contact with your skin. If you find the right fit, then you can say goodbye to pressure marks on your skin, which at times, can get painful or itchy. The watch is also lightweight and won’t put a strain on your wrist when you don it.

4. The Flexibility Factor

As earlier hinted, this timepiece is very flexible, and its simple design contributes immensely to this element. Apart from donning it with various styles, it is also unisex, and both men and ladies can wear it. While Hamilton’s website, indicates that this accessory is for males, ladies can also don it to give a masculine look to their fad. You can also pair it with other accessories. A gold, silver or leather bracelet can complement its well, the same as a brass or gold ring.

5. It Is A Durable Acquisition

One of the most vital attributes to consider when getting a chronograph is its durability. A long-lasting watch should serve you for a long time without any signs of wear and tear. Titanium is its primary material, which is very tough, though lightweight. It ensures that the watch withstands impact and also lends its scratch-resistant properties. The tough leather straps also boost their life as they take longer to wear. The Hamilton model is also water-resistant up to 328 feet, making it suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

6. Its Movement

The Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium features the H-10 movement that all Hamilton models sport. It is one of the most accurate movements, and supports a three-hand motion as well as having a date function. It also comes with an impressive power reserve of 80 hours.

7. Available Versions

According to Worn and Wound, the Khaki Field Titanium comes in two versions. One is a bare metal version with a silver dial, and the other is PVD film-coated, sporting a black dial. The bare metal Khaki Field looks more tactical and would be a great piece for the field and as part of casual wear. The PVD-coated one is great for a formal look and has an edge of masculinity to it. All in all, you can use the two interchangeably as both look great in whichever setting you don them.

8. Release Date Of The Watch

The watch came out in March 2020 and had various watch enthusiasts in a frenzy as they wanted to have a piece for themselves. The rush for the Hamilton shows you how the watchmaker brings its best when designing its wrist pieces.

9. The Target Market

One adjective to describe the Khaki Field’s market is young and loyal. As earlier hinted, it is a great chronograph for daily wear as it is very comfortable, versatile, and simple. It is also water-resistant, meaning it can stay perched on your wrist for as long as you wish, without it causing marks on your skin. It is good for the fashion-conscious type that appreciates a laid back style that does not scream for attention.

10. Pricing

Upon its release, the watch retailed at $945 for the bare metal version and $995 for the PVD version. The price is friendly, especially when you look at the attributes of this watch, more so in durability.


The Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium is one excellent timepiece to acquire if you have a mild fad taste, with simplicity as the determining factor. The watch came out in March 2020, and as from many reviews, it met its expectations. It sports a simple design with a 42mm case diameter, which sits well on your wrist, and class straps go round it. It is water-resistant up to 100 meters and is good for swimmers and sea explorers. It is versatile as it is unisex and goes well with any style. Have this great wrist accessory grace your wardrobe for between $945 and $995.

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