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A Closer Look at the Harley-Davidson FLHTCUTG Tri-Glide

Harley-Davidson FLHTCUTG Tri-Glide

Life is a balancing act, and you can never have enough of everything so you must forego one thing to create room for the other. In riding a motorcycle, you must learn to keep your balance, and that is the reason children have attached training wheels to their bicycles to ensure they do not fall. So what happens when you have a motorcycle that has three wheels? The balancing act becomes much easier, and it is for this reason that the Harley-Davidson FLHTCUTG Tri-Glide was made, with a specific target market in mind. Let's delve right into learning more about this three-wheeler.

How the tricycle came to be

As a producer, the number of products you make and sell determines the success of your business since it is all about making money. During the Great Depression, times were difficult even for Harley Davidson; to increase their sales, they decided to introduce a new product named the Servi-Car. The name came from the fact that it was designed to help in car delivery service. Hence it had a tow bar in its front and was powered by a large 60 Ah battery. However that Servi-Car was manufactured for about forty years, running from 1932 to 1973.

Harley Davidson did away with the production of tricycles until in 2008 when it entered into a deal with Lehman Trikes of Spearfish to offer parts and conversion services. The final assembly then happened at the Lehman's factory until his death in 2012. However, by then, we had already been introduced to the Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic during the Inauguration of former president Barack Obama when it led the way on January 20, 2009, as Wikipedia informs us.


The great thing about products is the ability to be improved to ensure that they align with the customer preference and the tri-glide ultra classic has continued to offer more to its customers. One feature you cannot afford to appreciate is the infotainment system, which is a new Boom! Box GTS. Those who are fond of traveling impromptu and keep getting lost can feed the system with navigation routes to ensure they do not keep stopping strangers to ask for directions. Besides, if you are worried that you might have to stop to give it time to load the information, the navigation system has been updated and not only does it have a large memory capacity, it also has reduced boot-up speed by 11 seconds to facilitate faster route calculation.

Music has always been described as being the food to our souls, and this tricycle will keep your ride very entertaining with the four speakers measuring around 6.5 inches and installed in such a way that you are surrounded by music. The watts per channel are 25 although you can increase that through the Stage II speakers that Harley-Davidson also sells. You can decide to listen to the radio since it has AM and FM signals, but then if you prefer your collection of music, the Tri Glide comes with the option of listening to what you have in your SD card, MP3 or flash drive.

We are always advised not to answer calls while on the road since it reduces our concentration and limits the use of our hands, but with this tricycle, you will maintain control since it affords the option of hands-free mobile through the Bluetooth. Additionally, if you are riding with a friend who cannot keep quiet, you can share stories thanks to the rider passenger intercom; we all know that talking on a motorcycle can distort the message due to the wind, but the intercom prevents this from happening.

If you are worried that it is raining and you cannot make use of the infotainment system, put those worries to rest. The Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic has a Boom! Box GTS system covered in gorilla glass and you can manipulate it through a swipe, pinch or drag. Besides, the glass is sensitive enough to allow you to manipulate the screen whether you have gloves on or the heavy rain is wetting the glass.

Traction control system

Riders can be in a tough spot when they are riding on slippery roads, and the more they try to accelerate, the more the wheel keeps spinning without making any movement forward. This Tri Glide offers a traction control system that does not work like what other motorcycle do; instead of regulating the output of the engine when it detects a slip, it prevents loss of traction by applying rear brake pressure thus limiting the wheel from spinning.

Front and rear suspension

The 2019 model of the Tri Glide Ultra Classic comes with a new front and rear suspension as explained by Ultimate Motorcycling, A smooth ride is a guarantee because the front suspension has dual-bending valve technology that also provides linear damping and braking performance.

The rear suspension does you a favor by ensuring that the single knob does not require maintenance; we all could make use of the savings. Besides the knob is positioned below the seat, making it easy to reach and adjust thus facilitate the preference of the rider as well as cater to the weights of the luggage and passenger.


The Tri Glide was built with the target audience being those who need extra support such as the elderly or the injured. However, whether you are old or not, your body needs as much support as it can get and the deep-scoop saddle offers enough support to the rider. If you are concerned about your passengers not being comfortable, it provides arm support and a full backrest. Additionally, for those trips to the grocery, the 6.8 cubic feet are enough to keep your bags without disturbing the comfort of either the rider or the passenger.


When it was first made, the Tri Glide had a 103 cubic-inch overhead valve V-twin engine that produced 70 rear wheel horsepower and 101 pound-feet of torque. It now has a Milwaukee 114 cubic-inch that delivers 121 pound-feet of torque.


It all boils down to the price, and Harley-Davidson makes you choose from a range of colors that also dictate the price. Vivid black will have you parting with $36,099, and it is the cheapest followed by the twisted cherry that goes for $36,949. You can also choose between the two-tone that sells for $37,449 or the kinetic green that will have you forking out $37,849 according to Ultimate Motorcycle.

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