The Five Best Harley Davidson Wallets Money Can Buy

Harley Davidson Wallet

You should never leave home without your ID, money, and credit cards. For this reason, wallets were made to ensure you have all your essentials together at all times. Unfortunately, getting the right wallet to serve your needs can be hectic. Durability usually tops the list because a wallet will be your everyday accessory. Another factor to consider is the size, and fortunately, Harley Davidson wallets provide you with a wide variety. If you are not sure which one best suits you, check out these five, two of which are for women.

Harley Davidson Skull Chop Bi-fold Wallet

For less than $27, this men’s wallet can be yours, and one of the things you will immediately like about it is the genuine leather, which guarantees that it will serve you for a long time. Most of the reviews on Amazon have rated it a 5 star due to its high quality.

Unfortunately, although it comes with a metal loop on which you can hook your chain, it does not come with a chain, so you will have to incur the additional cost. All the same, you will be glad to know that it can fit perfectly in your pockets, be it jacket or jeans, so the chain may not be necessary after all. The antique nickel finish adds to the wallet’s durability and improves its overall look and style. The inside features will cater to your needs because it has enough room for loads of cash, three credit card slots, and a bar and shield ID window.

The Harley Davidson Men’s Burnished Tri-fold Skull Biker Chain Wallet

The main advantage of this wallet is its durability; it is made from 100% genuine leather, meaning that it ages well. The black and tan colors it is available in make it ideal as an accessory to any outfit. However, that will have to be limited to when you are riding since the skull logo debossed on its face could only be relatable to your fellow bikers. It also has a chain to ensure you do not lose it when riding at high speed. Moreover, the lobster clip fastens it to your belt so no one can steal it from you.

If you prefer to carry the wallet when you are not riding, the nickel chain is detachable to give you a much more formal look. Once you withdraw your clean bills from the ATM and want them to remain unfolded, the wallet offers you enough room to keep them flat. However, the pocket bill is too deep that it can be quite a headache to remove the money. Additionally, since it is the shorter version of the BM 2616L, some buyers have found it too small for their liking.

Harley Davidson Embroidered Bar & Shield Tri-fold Wallet

Going for $99 as per Wisconsin Harley, this embroidered wallet is worth every penny. It comes with a removable cardholder, meaning that even when you do not need a wallet, you can still carry your essentials with you without filling up your pockets. Besides, if you choose to have your cardholder instead of the wallet, is barely noticeable; hence, there is no need to worry about who might be eyeing your money.

If you cannot decide which credit card can still pay for a meal, the wallet provides you with enough room to carry four credit cards comfortably; it also has an ID and cash slots. The fact that it is made in the United States offers you the peace of mind regarding its quality. The embroidery adds to the wallet’s sophistication, and if you are not a fan of bright colors, you will be happy to know that it is all black. It measures 4” by 3” making it small enough to fit in your pockets; it also is a tri-fold, so it does not take up too much space.

Harley Davidson Women’s Bi-fold Clutch Wallet

Women also have their needs met with this pebbled leather wallet that is guaranteed to last for a long time. The pebbled texture makes it more appealing while also enhancing its durability since it makes the wallet more scratch and abrasion-resistant. According to House of Harley, this product has a sparkling fuchsia polyester lining that provides RFID protection. It is available in black thus, for ladies who are keen on matching their outfits with their wallet, black goes well with whatever they will choose to wear.

If you want to ensure your friends know of your love for Harley Davidson products, the embossed signature will speak on your behalf. It also has a few metallic stud details to give it a more feminine look. Besides the inside features that include an ID window, full-size currency sleeve, and two credit card slots, the wallet has additional space on its back thanks to the zip-close pocket. Since it is also supposed to be like a clutch, the wallet is big enough also to accommodate a mobile phone eliminating the need to carry an extra purse. It is also affordable, only setting you back around $66.

Harley Davidson Women’s Rider Bar & Shield Tri-fold Wallet

Any woman who keeps forgetting which credit card has maxed out and needs to carry them all will find this tri-fold wallet the solution to her problem. It comes with five slots for credit cards, and if you need to carry a few coins, the zippered coin pocket will keep them safe. The studded detail also adds to its feminine appeal while the pebbled leather ensures that you will not be in the market for a wallet for a long time. Since it is tri-fold, it affords you enough space in your purse to carry whatever else you might need in your errands. The best thing about it is that all these features will only cost you less than $100.

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