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The Future is Looking Bright for Hawkers Sunglasses


As far as investments go, history has shown that some of the simplest products tend to be the most popular and successful. This is proving to be the case with Hawkers Sunglasses, the brand poised to be next best gadget by revolutionizing sunglasses. And, by the looks of how much money the parent company, Saldum Ventures, has managed to raise in just one month, the brand seems to have a bright future. Here is the impressive story of how Saldum Ventures, and Hawkers Sunglasses in particular, is poised to revolutionize eye wear and make a killing doing it.

Hawkers Sunglasses – A Brief History

Hawkers does not get much airtime so many people do not know about it. However, it is one of the perfect examples of a successful start-up. According to Alex Moreno, one of the founders, the start-up started off with a mere $300 investment but is now poised to hit $60 million by the end of the year. Hawkers Sunglasses took the risk and plunged into a market dominated by giants such as Luxxotica. Without enough funding to challenge the giants of the industry, the start-up proceeded by designing simple yet satisfactory sunglasses for affordable prices; the price range of Hawkers Sunglasses is $20-$40 while big brands sell for a range of $200. Coupled with a focus on customers’ sentiments, among other tactics, the brand has managed to penetrate the market and now poses a substantial threat to its biggest competitors.

Hawkers Sunglasses’ rise to success has not gone unnoticed in spite of their abstinence from mainstream marketing platforms. In fact, the future looks so bright for the company that it recently managed to close a deal for a funding of $56 million in just one month. Saldum Ventures’ Impressive $56 Million Funding

Since its inception two years ago, Hawkers Sunglasses has been mostly self-reliant in more ways than just funding. It has also not been as publicized as its competitors as it takes on a different approach to advertising. As such, it came as a surprise when Saldum Ventures, the parent company of Hawkers Sunglasses, announced that it had managed to raise $56 in its first round of fundraising. What’s more astounding is that it managed to do this in only one month, and it did this by convincing some of the most notable investors.

Considering its impressive leap from a capital of $300 to returns of over $78 million in two years, the company was definitely poised to attract substantial funding, but no one anticipated this much money. The most notable investors that made the funding possible include Alejandro Betancourt, a Venezuelan tycoon who controls the investment group O’Hara.

However, in spite of the sizeable amount that was raised, the founders of the company are set to retain the controlling stake. They include Alex Moreno, the CEO, Paco Perez, the General Manager, David Moreno, and Pablo Sanchez.

Future Plans

Hawkers Sunglasses has managed to excel even with its limited resources. However, now that it has managed to raise such a sizeable funding, it has big plans for its future and for the future of eyewear as a whole.

The company plans to use the investment to venture into other markets across Europe since its primary focus is Spain. Some of the markets on its mind include Germany, the U.K., France, Portugal, Italy, and Australia. It plans to expand not only its market reach but also the company as it will be setting up shop in promising markets across the continent. What’s more, it will be making new acquisitions to make itself more self-reliant and cut production costs.

Currently, Hawkers Sunglasses feature one primary design and offer variations only in lenses. The company plans to change this by investing some of the money into R&D research. The aim here is to come up with new designs and materials that can add diversity to its products. So, How Has the Company made it Here?

Taking all of this into consideration, one may wonder what Hawkers Sunglasses may be capable of now that they have this funding considering the long journey to success. The company has certainly beat the odds to get to where it is, and it has done so with tactical entrepreneurship. Here are the factors that have given rise to Hawkers Sunglasses:


Price war is always an effective marketing strategy, but this is not the case with Hawkers’ Sunglasses. The company has a belief that they should charge just as much as is necessary. To this end, Hawkers Sunglasses are incredibly affordable retailing at $30-$40 compared to major brands such as Luxxotica which retail for over $200.

This makes the sunglasses affordable to most of the potential customers, and since they deliver on quality they have quickly become a preference among buyers.


Although professionals would consider it unconventional, Hawkers Sunglasses has taken on the approach of soliciting ideas from its customers. To this end, some of its designs have been inspired by celebrities and ordinary consumers as well. The company has also created and upheld a large community of followers on online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where it keeps them updated on all developments. This level of unmatched transparency has helped the company to gain favor with buyers, most of which are quickly become loyal customers as they feel a part of the movement.


Hawkers Sunglasses has not been a major presence among mainstream advertisement channels. However, it has set the pace when it comes to social media marketing as this has been the major driving force behind the company’s growth. By targeting individual people on social media sites such as Facebook, the company has managed to attract a loyal following and created a buzz that has ignited word-of-mouth advertising.


Considering how far Hawkers Sunglasses has come, and considering the substantial funding it has managed to bag in just the first round of fundraising, there is no question about the company’s bright future. As far as eyewear goes, the company is poised to revolutionize the market by developing the best wearable technology. The company’s star is certainly shining bright, and this recent investment will keep it burning for a long time to come.

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