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How Henry Cavill Achieved a Net Worth of $40 Million

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is a British actor who was born on the island of Jersey. He has an estimated net worth of $40 million. A closer look at how he has earned his fortune is taken below.

Early Career

The majority of his wealth has been earned from his acting career. When he first started acting, he had a number of roles in British TV dramas. He had guest parts in murder mystery dramas such as Inspector Lynley and Midsomer Murders. He also starred in some movies in the early days of his career. His first role was in the movie Laguna. He was only eighteen years old at the time and he had one of the main roles in the movie. This was an early indication of his capability as an actor but the film was not a great commercial success. He also had smaller parts in other films such as The Count of Monte Cristo, Stardust and Tristan and Isolde. Even though he would not have been paid as much as the stars of these movies, it still meant that he was able to make his living from acting.

The Tudors

The show that really bought him to the attention of the United States was The Tudors. He appeared in all four seasons of the show as Charles Brandon, the close friend of Henry VIII. He and Jonathon Rhys Myers, who played Henry, were the only two actors that appeared in every episode of the show. Tudors Fandom states that Charles was the only person who Henry did not fall out with in his forty year reign. The amount of money that Henry would have earned from this series is likely to have increased as the show went on. When the first season aired, he was not that well-known as an actor and it was not yet known whether the show would have been a success. When shows are renewed for more seasons, then the pay of the actors will tend to rise and it also helps to turn them into household names. Until he got the role in The Witcher, this was the last TV role that he had as he turned his attention to movies over this.

Man Of Steel And Other Movies

His big break through in terms of movies came when he was cast as Superman in Man of Steel. He had been due to play the role about ten years earlier in Superman Returns, but a change of director led to the role being given to another actor. After he starred in Man of Steel, he reprised the role in other DC crossover films including Batman vs. Superman and Justice League. Superhero movies often tend to be big budget and a good proportion of this budget will go on the salaries of the cast members.

After he made his first appearance as Superman, he invested some of the money he had earned in real estate. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he purchased a property in Lake Sherwood worth $5 million. This decision was probably made with his career in mind as the home is located just outside of Hollywood. Real estate is always a great investment and if he does ever decide to sell his home, then he would probably be able to achieve a higher price that what he paid for it.

Outside of the DC Universe, he has also starred in other franchises such as Mission Impossible. The fact that he was a well known actor by then, and that these types of films tend to have big budgets, meant that this role would likely to have been well paid. Another advantage of starring in these popular films is that people will become more aware of him and his work. This could lead to him getting more work in the future and allowing him to extend his acting career for as long as possible.

The Witcher

One of his most recent roles was in the TV show The Witcher. He had been a fan of the books that the series was based on for some time and believed that his knowledge of the story and the character helped him get the part. There were over 200 actors who auditioned for the part and so it was not an easy one to win. He plays the role of Geralt of Rivia, who is a monster slayer known as a witchers. Witchers are taken from their mothers when they are young children and subjected to number of mutations that make them better fighters. Geralt was able to withstand these mutations far better than other children and so greater experiments were carried out on him. The role is very physically demanding and it also requires Henry to spend a lot of time having his hair and make-up done before shooting can take place.

Promotional Work

He has also starred in advertisements for a few brands and this has also contributed to his overall net worth. He became the face of Dunhill, a British fragrance brand in 2008 and appeared in two advertisements. He has not done any other promotional work since then, but there is no doubt that he would not have been short of offers. If there is a brand that he does want to work with in the future, then this will be another source of income that would contribute to his overall net worth.

Future Career

There is a good chance that his net worth will continue to rise in the coming years. It has recently been announced that he will play Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming Netflix film Enola Holmes. According to Yahoo Movies there is a good chance that this could turn into a movie franchise, which would mean even more work for him in the future. He is also contracted to star in at least one other movie as Superman, and this is likely to be a standalone Superman movie for which he would be paid more. The second season of The Witcher was announced before the first season had even aired and there is a good chance that there will be even more seasons after these first two have been broadcast.

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