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How Henry Rollins Achieved a Net Worth of $6 Million

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins has done a lot in his lifetime. He's a celebrity personality who has done about everything there is to do in the entertainment business. When it comes to business, he's no slouch either. The talented singer, actor, author, and musician has spent the majority of his life working hard to do what he loves the most. That is keeping us entertained. In the process, he's built a sizable fortune. Henry Rollins is worth an estimated $6 million, but how did he accomplish the feat of becoming a multimillionaire? Was it through his career in show business? We looked into his career history and learned some fascinating details about this remarkable guy that we thought you might like to know as well. Here is what we discovered.

His early years

Latest Celebrity Net Worth, reports that Rollins was born in Washington DC in 1961. His parents named him Henry Lawrence Garfield. After completing high school, he attended American University, but money was tight. he left school to go to work to support himself. He took on a variety of jobs to do so. His first stage job was with a band called Teen Idles. He was signed on as a singer in the band to replace the lead singer who didn't show up for practice. He stayed with the group for a year then joined a different band called The Extorts.

Henry's lucky break in the music industry

Rollins got a big break in 1981. He was invited to join the band Black Flag. He had gained some notoriety from his work with the previous two groups and the band gave him a shot. This helped to skyrocket him to greater levels of fame and recognition. It was also good for his bank account as the band became popular. While Rollins was with Black flag they released six albums which were big hits. This continued until 1986 when the band quit performing as a group. Rollins took his career solo with his new band that he named The Rollins Band. They released several records with "The End of Silence" album placing on the charts. His music career peaked in 1994 with a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Recording.

Rollins entered the film industry

In 1994 at the peak of his musical career, he was cast in a film called "The Chase." This was the beginning of his acting career. At the same time, he was named Man of the Year by Details Magazine. He was well on his way to fame and fortune at this point in his life. He had already released 9 albums with the Rollins Band and achieved a Top 40 accolade for "Weight."

Celebrity Net Worth revealed that he went on to pursue his acting career after "The Chase." He was cast in dozens of film roles for big hits including "Morgan's Ferry," "Jack Frost," "The New Guy," "Johnny Mnemonic," Green Lantern: Emerald Knights," "Bad Boys II," and "The Alibi." The world discovered that the talented musician and singer was also a gifted actor who enhanced any film that he appeared in.

Henry Rollins career as an author

Writing is another talent that seems to come naturally for Rollins. He has authored several books that have amassed cult followings of readers. One, in particular, was inspired by a tragedy that occurred in 1991 when his best friend was murdered. Henry was suspected of involvement in the killing initially but was later cleared by law enforcement. "Now Watch Him Die" is the title of the best-selling book. Other works by Rollins include "See a Grown Man Cry," and "Black Coffee Blues."

Writing for magazines

Rollins expanded his professional writing career beyond the books that he published. He also began writing for the online blog of Vanity Fair magazine in the late 2000s. He shared his political views through the blog. This led to the creation of his television series "The Henry Rollins Show." He served as host of the show.

Henry supports his country and fellow Americans

Henry Rollins is a patriot through and through. He takes an active interest in the politics of the country and speaks freely about his personal views and opinions on the situation. He actively supports gay rights. Rollins has also made journeys to foreign countries for the express purpose of entertaining United States troops who were deployed to war zones.

He's at a good place in life

According to Bing, Rollins will turn 60 years old on February 13, 2021. He's accomplished a great deal in his lifetime and he's far from being done with his amazing career. He's achieved a net worth of $6 million so far. Rollins is a very gifted entertainer who has enjoyed a lucrative career in the music business as a musician, singer, and producer. He's also written books, blogs and he is also a screenwriter. His acting career came after rampant success with music and there wasn't a break in the action for him when it comes to his busy career in entertainment. He seemed to morph from one focal point in his career to another without ever breaking stride. He has made time to fly overseas to support and entertain our troops in war zones and back home he supports the fulfillment of gay rights for his fellow Americans. Rollins has gone over and above in his efforts to remain involved in current affairs and to make his voice heard as a support and a source of entertainment for us all. Whether through the music, his books, his political opinions, or his acts of kindness, he has made an impact and one that has been for the betterment of us all. Rollins has earned the bulk of his fortune through his hard work in the entertainment business.

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