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10 Hidden Castles That Are Nestled in Washington State

Washington State

An activity many people enjoy when they spend time in a new location is visiting historic landmarks, including castles. In Washington state, one of the best-known castles to visit is Thornewood Castle, which sits along the shore of American Lake in Lakewood. It was built more than a century ago using pieces from a 400-year-old English castle that were shipped across to America. You can stay at the castle, which is also an events venue. While Thornwood Castle is a well-known landmark, Washington state has many other lesser-known castles that many people do not know. Here are the hidden castles that are nestled in Washington state.

10. Anacortes Castle, Anacortes

Anacortes is a small city on Fidalgo Island in Washington state. The most notable landmark in the city is Anacortes Castle, which stands out from its surroundings as it sits on a residential street. It is a grey stone structure with two square turrets. Steps lead up to the front door, and lawns surround the building.

9. Hoquiam’s Castle, Hoquaim

Hoquiam's Castle is a castle on the Olympic Peninsula, and lumbar millionaire Robert Lytle built it in 1900. The magnificent house remained in his family until the late 1950s. It is now a national historic site that operates as a themed bed and breakfast. You will find Hoquiam's Castle on Chenault Avenue in Hoquiam.

8. Wardner's Castle, Bellingham

While some people visit castles for their history and others to admire the architecture, some seek out castles that are allegedly haunted. If the paranormal and stories of hauntings are something that interests you, then one of the best castles to visit in Washington state is Wardner's castle in Bellingham. There are multiple stories about ghostly sightings and mysterious activities at this castle.

7. The White Salmon River Castle, Husum

A top wedding and events venue in the Husum area is The White Salmon River Castle, which is on Fordyce Road along the White Salmon River, six miles from the Columbia River Gorge. It is a modern castle built as a large residence in 1988 as a replica of a 14th-century European castle. The castle sits on a 26-acre parcel of landscaped grounds, says Knoji. The property was last on the market in 2020, with a price tag of $2.3 million.

6. Sequim Lavender Castle, Sequiem

Sequim Lavender Castle is given its name for the lavender color exterior walls of the structure. You will find the castle on North Blake Avenue in Sequim, close to Carrie Blake Park and Sequim Botanical Gardens. It is divided into vacation apartments so that travelers can fulfill their dreams of staying in a castle. The castle also has a castle-themed gatehouse that is available for vacation rentals. It offers comfortable accommodation with unique features in wood and wrought iron.

5. Vercler Castle, Spokane

If you have an image of a gothic fairy tale castle in your head, it is probably very similar to what you will find if you see Verclear Castle in Spokane. The castle has several pointed turrets, red brick surrounding walls that are almost in ruins, walls covered in ivy, and tall trees around the perimeter. An unusual aspect of the castle is rusted iron girders and other metalwork features. These features are included because a local welder called Jeff Jensen constructed the castle. Locals call the structure the 'Gaudi of Spokane.' although people can't go inside the castle, it is a popular attraction for visitors to take photographs.

4. Manresa Castle, Port Townsend

Manresa Castle, also known as the Eisenbeis Castle, is in Port Townsend. Jefferson County Mayor Charles Eisenbeis built it in 1892. When it was built, it was Port Townsend's largest private residence, as it boasted more than 30 rooms and boasted elaborate features typical of European castles. A Seattle attorney purchased the castle in 1925, and it was used as a vacation home for nuns. It later became a training college for Jesuit priests. They added further sleeping quarters, a chapel, and an elevator to the structure.

3. Alexander's Castle, Port Townsend

You will find Alexander's Castle in Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend. It sits atop a grassy hill that overlooks Admiralty Bay. Reverend John Alexander built the castle in 1882 for his fiancée, but he then discovered she had been unfaithful to him. If you visit this small castle, which resembles a rook in a chess game, you can visit the other historical landmarks around Fort Worden State Park at the same time.

2. Stadium High School, Tacoma

In 1981, the construction of a beautiful French-style chateau began in Tacoma, and the intention was to use the structure as a luxurious hotel. Unfortunately, financial problems stalled the construction, and the building was left empty, says Seattle Refined. Eventually, the Tacoma School District bought the property in 1904 and completed the construction, and it opened as a high school in 1906. It is a famous landmark as it was used as one of the main locations in the 1999 teen rom-com '10 Things I Hate About You,' which starred Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger.

1. Congdon Castle, Yakima

According to Only In Your State, one of the best hidden castles nestled in Washington state is Congdon Castle in Yakima. It was built between 1914 and 1915 by industrialist Chester A. Congdon, the builder of the Yakima Valley Canal, a mining magnate, and an attorney. The castle has more than 80 rooms, including 18 -bedrooms. Unfortunately, Chester A. Congdon died just one year after the castle's completion, so he did not enjoy a lot of time in his creation. It has since been passed down through the generations of the Congdon family, and it is still privately owned. The castle is not open to tour, but those visiting the area can see the magnificent stone structure from the road.

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