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10 Things You Didn't Know About HollyFrontier CEO George Damiris

George J. Damiris is the CEO of HollyFrontier Corporation. He was appointed to the position on January 1st of 2016. He brings a wealth of industry experience to the position. He has an interesting history that merits recognition. To help you know more about this powerful leader, here are 10 things you probably didn't know about George J. Damiris.

1. He worked his way up to top leadership in HollyFrontier

When Damiris joined HollyFrontier in 2007, it wasn't at the top of the executive team. His first position with the company was as the vice president of corporate development. He joined Holly in June 2007 as Vice President of Corporate Development. From 2008 to 2014, Damiris served in the Supply and Marketing division at Holly as their senior vice president, which was a promotion from his previous post as vice president. He was with the company for a decade before taking the helm in a top leadership position.

2. He was an executive at INVISTA

From January of 2006 through may of 2007, Mr.. Damiris was the President for Intermediates business at this company. Prior to that he was the VP of Corporate development between 2004-2005. Prior to that he was their managing director of capital markets as well as the managing director of ventures which related to venture capital investments. He's had a lot of experience in the financial investment industry.

3. He's valued as an executive for his extensive knowledge of day to day operations

This is a unique attribute of Mr. Damaris. There are many CEOs who are sharp in leading the company, yet, they don't possess a working knowledge of how business operates on a day to day basis. This is one of the things about him that makes him such a valuable resource to the board. He's skilled at facilitating discussions that take place between hfc management and the board of directors because of his intimate knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the company.

4. Damiris was an executive at a Koch Industries, Inc.

Prior to leading Holly, Mr. Damiris joined the team at Koch Industries, Inc. in 1989. He was the vice president of Koch Telecom Ventures and the VP of their refining group fr a year in 1996-7. Prior to that, he was the VP of their chemical group from 1995-6. The year earlier he was the President of the Koch gas services group.

5. Damiris launched the Koch International chemicals trading business

When Mr. Damiris first joined Koch in 1989, he came on board as a business development manager for their petroleum group. He served in this capacity until 1992, when he had a big break in his career. He was promoted to the vice president of Koch supply and trading at which time he launched their international chemicals trading business, which was a major career milestone.

6. He was a member of British Petroleum

Before George Damiris joined Koch International, he worked at British Petroleum in their refining and chemicals division. He spent 8 years with the company. He occupied several different positions where he gained a wealth of information about how the business works and the day to day operations that would serve him so well later in his career. He's had a lot of hands on work experience.

7. He has served in multiple Director positions

Damiris has held many director positions throughout his career. These are management and leadership jobs, but they're not at the higher executive level. He's spent many years of his career in preparation for top leadership through these directorships. Each one has given him experience and helped him to gain knowledge about how the business works. He served as Director of Eagle Materials since 2016, at Holly Logistics Services, 3DI LLC, Koch Telecom Ventures Inc, Sea Breeze Communication Company and Net Holdings Limited.

8. He has an advanced degree

George Damiris attended Case Western Reserve University. While he was with the institution, he earned a bachelor's of science degree in chemical engineering. He went on to earn his MBA degree from the same university.

9. He's the highest paid executive at Holly

Mr. Damiris earns an annual salary of $1,100,000. He also received restricted stock awards, an annual cash compensation and other benefits. His total yearly compensation package comes to $9,907,151. There isn't anyone else at Holly that makes this much.

10. His net worth is $27.6 million

We were interested in knowing what George J. Damiris' net worth was. We discovered that as of Jun of 2018, he was worth $27.6 million. He owns 51,771 shares of HollyFrontier stock that is worth well over ten million and he recently sold HFC stock that brought in more than 7 million dollars.

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