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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Horage Autark Ten Year

Horage Autark Ten Year

A watch is an important fashion accessory, as it accentuates your overall style. Like any fashion piece, there are high-end and exclusive brands that speak more about your class. Among these brands is Horage, which specializes in unique Swiss Watches, according to its website’s about page. The watches are a combination of precision and artistry, and having a Horage brand on your wrist shows off a distinct style. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the K1 model, Horage has released the Horage Autark 10 Years limited edition timepiece. The word limited edition lets you into its exclusivity. Let us look at ten things about Horage special release timepieces.

1. The K1 Movement

The Autark ten-year edition comes from the K1 movement, which is among Horage's most standout models. It features a free design, with insistence on detail. The K1 movement is Horage’s movement design that competes with the other established movement modules. Presently, it is celebrating a decade-stay in the business, and the special edition watches mark the lengthy stay. With a sturdy casing, the watch is very durable and makes up for a good accessory.

2. Limited Release

When it comes to special editions of commodities, limited releases help achieve their exclusivity. The Horage Autark comes in a limited supply of only 99 pieces, according to Grand Prix D'Holorgerie De Geneve. With less than a hundred pieces out for sale, it means getting one is difficult, and you need to dig deeper to have a piece. If you get one, it will be like an investment where you may keep it as a collector's item and later on sell it for a substantial profit.

3. Its Construction

Horage watches lean on durability, which is their signature element. The Horage Autark 10 Years limited edition watch does not veer away from this identifying feature and sports a strong titanium case. Its crown is likewise hardened by titanium and sports a sapphire crystal, with engravings of its anniversary. You cannot talk about durability without looking at water resistance. The watch is waterproof up to levels of 100 meters. The straps are either metal or leather and guarantee you a long stay with the watch without visible signs of wear.

4. The Straps

As earlier hinted, the Autark watches come in two straps; leather or metallic. The metallic strap is titanium hardened and features a 3-links bracelet lock. The leather strap, on the other hand, has a velour texture and is also very sturdy. It has a titanium hardened buckle that also boosts its classy look. If you purchase the watch during the campaign period, you get both the titanium and the leather straps. Each of the straps achieves a certain style depending on your preference. For example, the leather strap is good for a casual outfit, whereas the titanium version is excellent when pulling a formal look. When you purchase the timepiece, it comes with a case that can accommodate two and has a tool for changing the straps.

5. The Simplicity Factor

When you spot the Horage Autark, the first thing you will notice is their simplicity. For such exclusive watches, the simple design makes them appear classier and comfortable on the wrist. They come mostly in dark shades like black and dark grey, which are not screaming colors, and they are suitable for a laid back style.

6. COSC Accuracy

COSC is the institute in charge of determining the accuracy of Swiss watches. Watches that pass its accuracy parameters get a certification, which is rare when you consider that roughly 3% of mechanical watches get through with accuracy. Horage timepieces nail the accuracy test and add a badge of honor to their exclusiveness.

7. Silicon Escapement Technology

To improve the efficiency of its watches, the K1 watches use silicon escapement technology. This technology improves the life of the chronograph as it ensures it operates smoothly without the constant need for lubrication. It is a new age adoption that many watchmakers are opting to use due to the lightness and strength of silicon. Compared to previous escapement modes such as the steel escapement, the use of silicon is more convenient.

8. Pricing

The Horage Autark 10 years limited edition is sophisticated, and this reflects on its prohibitive price. At the moment, it goes for roughly $3500, which is quite costly. However, if you are a watch lover, then you know you have a great fashion accessory. The watch can also be considered as an investment.with you, more of an investment. With limited pieces in the market, the price will appreciate with time, and the few owners can take advantage of their rare acquisitions.

9. Functions

Some of the functions of the Horage Autark ten-year limited edition include Big date and power reserve indication. It also features a small second and tungsten laser etched rotor in 19 languages. It is an excellent watch, and its functions portray its user-friendliness.

10. The Dial

The dial is the face of the timepiece, and it communicates a lot of what you have donned on your wrist. It sports a large dial, which is very simplistic, like the entire watch. The figures take on a minimalistic setting, with white hands moving gracefully around the 39-millimeter diameter dial. It is also deep brushed with anti-reflective qualities, which allows you to read time without much of a hassle even in an extremely reflective environment.

Closing Remark

As horage celebrates the tenth anniversary of its K1 movement, it debuts its Autark ten-year limited edition. Only 99 of these watches will come out of production and will appeal to the tastes of chronograph lovers, more so those who appreciate the simplicity element. The ten-year horage Autark can grace your accessory wardrobe for roughly $3500, which is costly but worth it. This article looks at ten things you need to know about this special-release timepiece and gives you a spoiler of what to expect if you want to get one.

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