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How Dollar Tree is The One Store Amazon Can't Beat

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is one of the dollar store chains that can be found in the United States. Like its name suggests, this means that Dollar Tree products cost either $1 or less, which makes it well-suited to a particular clientele. As a result, it is interesting to note that Dollar Tree has been doing good business at a time when other retailers have been suffering because of Amazon and other trends, which makes them a subject of interest to say the least.

Why Is Dollar Tree Successful In Spite of Amazon?

There is no single reason that brick and mortar retailers have been suffering. Likewise, there is no single reason that Dollar Tree has been doing well.

First, Dollar Tree has a huge upside in that it can compete on cost in a way that other brick and mortar retailers cannot. As stated, it prices its products at either $1 or less, which is not something that most other brick and mortar retailers can match. Furthermore, this is not something that online retailers such as Amazon can match, not because online retailers have higher prices on their products but rather because online retailers have to charge for the cost of shipping. As a result, online retailers can't match Dollar Tree and other dollar stores when it comes to the kind of products that dollar stores sell, meaning that online retailers can't compete on even footing in this regard.

Second, Dollar Tree and other dollar stores are convenient in a way that a lot of other brick and mortar stores can't match. Generally speaking, they tend to have limited square footage, meaning that their clients can go through them with minimal expenditure of time and effort. In effect, this means that interested individuals can head into a dollar store for a few minutes to pick up whatever it is that they are interested in before heading out again, thus making the process much more convenient than wandering through the tens of aisles of a place like Walmart. Moreover, since interested individuals can just buy what they want in person instead of waiting for something to be shipped to them, this means that Dollar Tree and other dollar stores are more convenient than online retailers as well.

Third, the prices at Dollar Tree make it well-suited for people with low incomes. This is a plus for Dollar Tree and other dollar stores because in recent times, the U.S. population with low incomes have been doing well, which means that they have more money to spend. However, the U.S. population with low incomes have not been doing so well that they have switched over to higher-end brick and mortar stores, meaning that the benefit of this improvement in their finances have gone to Dollar Tree and other dollar stores rather than their brick and mortar counterparts. This trend has been helped along by Dollar Tree's efforts to encourage it, as shown by the fact that it has been stocking more food, beverages, and other consumables for the sake of satisfying everyday needs. In fact, it should be mentioned that Dollar Tree and other dollar stores have been becoming so popular that they are actually attracting members of the middle class as well, which is rather interesting to say the least.

Fourth, it is interesting to note that Dollar Tree and other dollar stores offer a shopping experience that can please some of the shoppers out there. In short, dollar stores can have rather haphazard placement for their products, meaning that interested individuals might end up having to search through shelves for the exact products that they are interested in. However, this can actually turn into a plus in some cases because their searches can turn up useful or interesting products that they weren't looking for but are nonetheless interested in buying. Better still, since Dollar Tree and other dollar stores have such low prices, this means that they can affordable to pick up those extra items as well. Summed up, Dollar Tree and other dollar stores can offer interested individuals what might be called a treasure hunt experience, which is a neat bonus on top of everything else that has enabled it to remain competitive in the age of e-commerce.

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