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10 Interesting Facts about Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

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Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is a part of Daimler AG that specializes in helping interested individuals secure credit as well as insurance for Mercedes-Benz products. Something that those interested in Mercedes-Benz cars and other vehicles might want to consider when researching their potential purchases.

Here are 10 interesting facts that you may or may not have known about Mercedes-Benz Financial Services:

It Is Part of Daimler Financial Services

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is a part of Daimler Financial Services. In turn, Daimler Financial Services is the part of Daimler AG that specializes in providing a wide range of financial services to countries situated throughout the world.

Multiple Segments in Multiple Countries

There seems to be multiple parts of Daimler Financial Services called Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in multiple countries. For example, there is a Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA, which can be found in Farmington Hills in the state of Michigan. Likewise, there is a Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Canada, which can be found in Mississauga in the province of Ontario.

Daimler Financial Services Headquartered in Stuttgart

Of course, Daimler Financial Services's headquarters can be found in Stuttgart, which is the capital of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. Besides serving as home to Daimler AG, Stuttgart hosts a number of other major companies as well, which range from Bosch to Porsche.

Daimler Financial Services Operates in About 40 Countries

For a general idea of Daimler Financial Services' scope, it should be mentioned that it has operations in about 40 countries as of 2016. Suffice to say that this is a rather remarkable number even for most major banks and other financial institutions, which in turn, serves as a reflection of Daimler AG's towering presence.

Daimler Financial Services Offers Conventional Banking Products and Services

Since it belongs to a corporation that is best-known for its car manufacturing, it should come as no surprise to learn that Daimler Financial Services offers financing for potential customers. However, it is interesting to note that it offers a number of more conventional banking products and services as well. For example, there are places where it offers the usual banking services as well as both credit and debit cards for interested individuals.

Daimler Financial Services Offers Mobility Services

Curiously, Daimler Financial Services offers mobility services to millions and millions of customers as well. For example, it owns Car2Go, which is exactly what it sounds like in that it offers car rentals to interested individuals. Although the car rental company started up in Germany, it can be found in other places such as North America, China, and the rest of Europe as well.

Daimler Financial Services Offers Fleet Management Services

Speaking of which, it is interesting to note that Daimler Financial Services can help its clients with fleet management as well. Fleet management is a somewhat complicated topic, but in short, it is the collection of functions that a business uses to get more value out of its fleet of vehicles, minimize the risks associated with them, and minimize the costs associated with them. As a result, it can encompass a rather diverse range of activities, which in turn, necessitate a rather diverse range of competencies to handle them.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Seems to Have a Good Reputation

For the most part, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services seems to have a good reputation, as shown by the awards and accolades that it has managed to secure. This is important because a good reputation is valuable for businesses in a way that most assets can't hope to match.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Seems to Have a Good Reputation with Millennials

In particular, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services seems to have a good reputation with millennials, as shown by the claims that it is seen as one of the better places to work by said generation. On the whole, appealing to millennials makes sense because they are making up a bigger and bigger percentage of consumers as well as a bigger and bigger percentage of the labor pool.

Neither Unusual Nor Uncommon

With that said, while the idea of car manufacturers coming with financial service providers can seem rather odd, it really shouldn't because they are actually rather common. After all, car manufacturers have an incentive to sell their products, which in turn, means that they have an incentive to help out potential customers in this regard.

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