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The 20 Best Mercedes Models of All-Time

Mercedes Benz automobiles are a direct descendant of the very first automobile ever made. The business has been in existence, providing high quality motor vehicles for 125 years and it is still going strong.

Mercedes is the best known for providing the world with a selection of high end luxury sedans including the S-Class line and the 600 Pullman, but it is also a top contender in the arena of motorsports.

The company has manufactured some of the most sought after and iconic sports and racing cars in existence today. Mercedes Benz stands as a symbol of some of the finest German engineering in the world today.

Of all of the various models that they've produced, we've selected the top 20 to share with you.

20. 1955 Mercedes Benz 190SL

The Mercedes Benz 190SL is the car that replaced the 300SL. Its predecessor was a brilliant vehicle, but it was also very expensive to purchase. The company realized that there was a high calling for a comparable vehicle that would be less expensive, so more people could experience the thrills of the Sport Leicht line of cars.

The newer model admittedly, does not have the power as the car that it is based upon, but the 190SL is just as much fun to drive. It does come with a few new features that help to compensate for the lack of extreme speed and power.

New revolutionary materials which are more lightweight were used to make the vehicle much lighter, highly responsive and a nimble car to handle for on the road use.

Although there really is no substitute for the heft that you'll find in the 300SL, the format of the SL class has been influenced by it and for the money, it's a very nice substitution.

19. Mercedes Benz Sprinter

This car first rolled off of the assembly lines in 1995. While Mercedes has a big reputation for delivering its line of sexy sportscars and sedans, who would have expected to see a commercial van make the scene?

It just happens to be one of the most successful van contributions on the market today, and that is why we've included it as one of the top Mercedes Benz of all time. You will see these solid and hard-hitting workhorses in service all over the world as one of the more popular choices for businesses.

Sprinters are currently being used for a variety of different jobs which include getting VIPs to their intended destinations to the transport of telecom equipment and other business-related supplies.

These vans are highly efficient and capable of moving into the big truck industry. These vans are sold in the United States under the Dodge banner.

18. Mercedes Benz 300D Adenauer

The Mercedes Benz 300D Adenauer made its premiere appearance in 1961. This is considered to be one of the most desired limousines in the world. While it isn't humongous like the Grosser or the Pullman, it is a classy limo that delivers a comfortable and luxurious ride for bussing VIPs and heads of state from one place to another.

This Mercedes is not quite so ostentatious of the others mentioned. The W189 300D Adenauer is named for the German chancellor who purchased a total of six of these vehicles for use as his chosen car.

The designers intentionally made the 300D Adenauer to be highly elegant, yet very understated by using the falling line design which places its curves from the top of the bottom rear.

There are times when dignitaries or even celebrities want to ride in style, but also wish to avoid drawing attention to themselves and this is the perfect vehicle to choose when this is the intention.

17. Mercedes Benz 500K

We've gone backwards in time to dig up this highly prized Mercedes from yesteryear. The Mercedes Benz 500K was first built in 1936 and it is among the most beautiful motor cars ever created.

The vehicle features a massive build with two seats so the occupants have plenty of leg room and comfort. The 550K is powered with a 7.0-liter engine. later, a 7.1-liter option was also made available.

It was truly one of the fastest cars to hit the road in the world during the 1930s. There were only 150 of these fine machines produced. This is what makes the 500K one of the most desirable cars for collectors, and in addition, it is also among the most expensive in the Mercedes Benz line.

This vehicle was not designed with a designated area for trunk space. Instead, it made use of the space that was underneath the third seat which could be folded out into the rear of the vehicle.

You had your choice of using it as a seat or throwing your belongings underneath as trunk space. It was this nifty design that prompted the use of the term, "the mother-in-law seat."

16. Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

The C63 AMC was first manufactured in 2008. It is one of the more modern in the Mercedes Benz lineup but the unique distinction that makes it so popular is that it is reminiscent of an "old-school American muscle car."

Ownership of this high-end beauty means that you can have your cake and eat it too. Who says that muscle cars can't be classy? There is one major drawback to this highly desired Mercedes. It comes equipped with far more power than it needs, or possibly even should have.

Regardless of the fact that it could get you into trouble on the road, it is an absolute thrill to drive, and this baby can pick them up and put them down.

The manufacturers have made some recent upgrades to the original version that makes the handling a little more neutral, but the oversteer has not been totally done away with in this dynamic vehicle is among the most sought after in the world of muscle car enthusiasts who prefer a touch of high class to go with it.

15. Mercedes Benz W123

The Mercedes BenzW123 was released in 1979. The diesel version of the W123 cars comes with the entire package. This includes plenty of power, efficiency and they make for a comfortable ride.

What people love most about them is that they are almost impossible to kill. This tough car is a beast that will weather pot holed roads and just keep trucking. They're a popular choice in the countries of Africa for this very aspect.

Even when road conditions are not that friendly, you can still drive the W123 wherever you need to go. The W123 has experienced a wave of popularity and are highly in demand not only in Africa, but also in America and throughout Europe.

It's one of the best Mercedes Benz models for taking a beating and needing only simple repairs to get right back on the road again.

14. Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

The Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren is an expensive car for which no apologies are made. These vehicles are worth every cent of the expense. First rolled off of the lines in 2003, The SLR McLarens hit the ground running with power that will jet drivers and their passengers down the road with a 617-horse power engine.

They're rated high on safety with the new state of the art traction control system as just one of their multiple safety features. A brilliant design that incorporates turbine-shaped wheels for sucking in extra air to cool the brakes was a genius engineering strategy.

The SLR McLaren has been named as one of the "most capable supercars ever made." If you have an extra $450,000 lying around, this could be your next vehicle. While it's true that this is a lot of money, in return, you're getting a lot of car.

13. Mercedes Benz W110

The Mercedes Benz W110 had to be on our list of the top 20 as one of the favorites of all time. It was considered to be a very nice car when it first made its debut in 1966. But there was so much more to this vehicle than met the eyes.

Mercedes had just begun their campaign to increase the safety ratings of the vehicles that they designed and built. This was a period of massive innovation for the automakers and it was an era where vehicle safety was becoming a real concern for automakers.

Impacts from vehicle accidents were causing multiple deaths and injuries on the roads throughout the world and Mercedes stepped up to the plate with engineering and design improvements that addressed what is known as "the crumple zone."

The automakers discovered that by using softer parts in key areas of the car, impacts could be absorbed more efficiently and this would lessen the chances of the occupants of the vehicles taking the major brunt of the force in a collision.

12. Mercedes 770K Grosser

The Mercedes 770K Grosser was one of the earlier models designed and built by the car maker. This model made its debut in 1939, when auto-making was still in its infancy, but making steady jumps towards maturity.

This model was a hit in its day and offered the stylish design that was a top choice during this era for State official use. In fact, it was created for their use. The 770K Grosser stands as an iconic symbol of the class and style that the German automakers were already developing in the late 1930s.

It was also known as the Grosser Mercedes which interpreted from German to English means larger Mercedes. It was the largest luxury car built by the company at the time.

Examples of this rare vehicle that was built from 1930 through 1943 as the 770 minus the K, can be seen today in footage from film archives showing Nazi officials moving about prior to and during World War II.

These include Hermann Goring, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Heydrich. The 1939 model was an upgraded version of the already luxurious design. The 770s were the successor of the Type 630, built in 1930. Hitler preferred the 770 models as his car of choice from 1931 through the rest of his rule in Germany.

11. Mercedes Benz G-Wagen

The Mercedes G-Wagen made our list not because of its sex appeal or speed on the roads, but rather because of its novelty as a military vehicle. In 1979, the automaker released the Mercedes Benz G-Wagen to entice the military to become contracted with them for the creation of service vehicles.

This model is a Daimler design along with other top designers and engineers and it turned out to be one of the most efficient and sturdy SUVs made for off road use. The G-Wagen has been compared in off road utility with the highly popular Land Rover.

10. Mercedes Benz CLK GTR

The CLK GTR made its debut in 1997 as a totally bad ass race car that gave the competitors more than a little grief. The original production was intended for racing tracks alone and it was eating up the competition on the track.

Two years after this super-fast and powerful car made its appearance on the scene, there was a high demand to build this model in a variant that would be suitable for use as a road car.

Mercedes Benz complied with the request and released a limited number of vehicles, but it cost a pretty penny. The street version of the CLK GTR came with a sticker price of $1.55 million in USD. For some, it was well worth the expense, and for others, it became just one more thing that was added to the wish list.

9. Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman

The Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman is one of the more well-known models in the world of heads of state and other dignitaries. This model made its first appearance in 1968 and became an instant sensation among the rich and famous.

It featured a massive size for a limousine that came with all of the bells and whistles imaginable for promoting safety and security from would be assassins. Steel reinforcements are helpful when there is a war going on in the world around you.

The interior amenities aren't that bad either. A liquor cabinet featuring Czech crystal is a nice touch to go along with the ultra-luxurious and plush interior.

The 600 Pullman is powered by a super workhorse 6.3-liter V8 engine, which in its day was considered to be a big deal. When you own a 600 Pullman you join the ranks of Elvis Presley, Hugh Hefner and Mao Tse-Tung who were also owners of this classy ride from yesteryear.

8. Mercedes Benz W25 Silver Arrow

The Silver Arrow was another popular Mercedes model that was produced in 1934. It was created for the Nurburgring race that was held in the same year. During this era, there was a limitation that was placed on grand prix cars of 750 kilograms.

This was a scant weight and the car that Mercedes brought came in at 751 kilograms, just one off from the limit. Alfred Neubar wasn't going to leave the race because of a one -kilogram difference, so he set about finding a way to bring the car down to a qualifying weight.

The best solution that he could come up with at the time was to scrape all of the white paint off of the W25, and it turned out to be one of his better ideas. The car not only won the race, but it also looked better with the white paint removed.

This was a fateful time in the history of auto racing because it kicked off an era that would lead to a long line of silver German racing cars that featured a paint-less appearance.

7. Mercedes Benz 710 SSK Trossi Roadster

The 710 SSK Trossi Roadster was first built in 1928. This was a phenomenal vehicle that perhaps, was a bit ahead of its time. The 7.0-liter supercharged straight-six engine did its job and generated three hundred horsepower and 507 pounds of torque.

With a weight of two tons, the car hit records of 120 miles per hour which was no small feat for 1930. The production of this model ran from 1928 through 1932.

The SSK was an abbreviation for Super Sport Kurz, which interpreted means Super Sport Short because the car featured an extremely short wheelbase, but the performance was extreme and it rose to the top of the competitive circles in the day as one of the "most highly regarded sports cars" of the era.

6. Mercedes Benz 190E Cosworth

the 190E Cosworth is a Mercedes Benz creation that was first built in 1987 and its intention was for use as a rally car. This vehicle has made our top twenty list because while it was popular for a short period of time, it would soon become outclassed by the newer all-wheel drive cars that were being manufactured for less expense.

This vehicle was by no means a failure, but it did serve the show the automakers that it was necessary to keep a finger on the pulse of the competition because although this model was popular initially, the company took a roundhouse kick when competitor's models started rolling off of the production lines.

5. Mercedes Benz 500E

The 500E is a top favored car that took its inspiration from the 1990 Porsche that didn't make it to production. Mercedes was looking at an idea for a high-performance E.

The 300E was a nice sedan, but it lacked the luster and power that it could have had, so Mercedes Benz contracted with Porsche on the design and production of the 500E. The new high-performance vehicle rolled out in 1991, earning the nickname "the four door Porsche."

4. Mercedes Benz 300 SEL 6.3

The 300 SEL 6.3 became a forerunner of the modern class of S-Class Benz vehicles. It was designed with a length that extended out 100 mm longer than its predecessor the 300S, which served as its inspiration. Another improvement was made that gave it a good boost of power.

The SEL came equipped with a powerful 6.3-liter V8 engine that churned out 250 horse power with a sweet 434 ft. pounds of torque. It was a winning combination of ultra-luxury and sporty power that built a solid platform for future Mercedes models to stand on.

The 300 SEL 6.3 first made its appearance in 1968 and remains a favorite of collectors.

3. Mercedes Benz 300 SL

The Mercedes Benz 300 SL is the predecessor of the 300 SEL 6.3 and is worthy of inclusion on our list of the top twenty off all time. This model first rolled out in 1954 as a brilliant design creation that featured gullwing doors.

The initial design concept was not for the purposes of being flashy, or to attract attention, although it did. It was because the design of the chassis made it mandatory.

There were extra tubes infused into the frame towards the middle of where the door would otherwise have been because there was a need with the design to increase the stiffness of the car.

The only problem that this created is that it was placed in a location that would have prevented people from using the door to get in. The creation of the gull wing door solved the problem. This has been regarded as one of the greatest sportscars of all time.

2. Mercedes Benz 540K Spezial Roadster

The 540K Spezial Roadster was first built in 1936. It was considered to be one of the few supercars in its era. This model was powered by a supercharged inline eight 5.4-liter engine that coughed up 180 horse power.

It rode on a four-wheel independent suspension which is incidentally, still used in the design of the Ford Mustang lines. It offered top notch performance in the 1930s. This car was the personal choice of Hermann Ahrens because of the high performance and gorgeous styling. It is one of the sweetest designs on our list.

1. Mercedes Benz 300 SLR

The Mercedes Benz 300 SLR was first built in 1954 as a highly competitive racing car. It took its inspiration from the 300SL in the coupe format, but the larger influence was from the W196 F1 car which was minus the gullwing.

A 1955 edition was used to compete in the Mille Miglia in that same year. Sir Stirling Moss was the privileged driver to take the car to victory by coming in first place with the racer that boaster three hundred and ten horsepower. The gentleman racer dubbed the car "the greatest sports car ever built."

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