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The 20 Best Mercedes SUV Models of All Time

If you're a Mercedes Benz enthusiast and you're in the market for an SUV, you don't necessarily need to buy a brand new model to get a good deal on one of the best cars on the market. Mercedes has built some of the best SUVs on the market throughout the past decade and they've set the bar high.

We've gone through the history and found several SUV models in the brand's lineup throughout the past decade with some impressive specs and ratings. Here are the 20 best Mercedes SUV models of all time and the stats that made them so special.

20. 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 4Matic

This is sthe standard GLE 400 that comes with a variety of options and you start with the base unit that costs $55,700 and goes up from there, topping out at around $113,000. This model was ranked as the number one midsized luxury SUV for 2019.

For Driving it gets a 7/10 as its fun to drive on the open road or a windy mountain pass but it could be better on rough streets. It gets an 8 for comfort with multiple seat adjustments and plenty of leg room, 8.5 for the luxury interior as well as the same for cargo space, and a 7.5 for technology.

While the addition of a touchscreen would make things better Apple CarPlay is a nice addition.

19.  2015 Mercedes Benz GLK

The 2015 GLK was rated as the brand's best selling SUV in the mid size category. This vehicle gets high marks for its performance on the road as well as for the enhanced safety features for its time and for the comfort of the luxury interior.

The 2015 GLK SUV came out at a time when there was a lot of stiff competition in the SUV category. This was the last year that the GLK was offered as t was replaced by the GLC model which would feature some significant revisions. The pedigree that goes along with a Mercedes-Benz also carries a lot of weight in the marketplace.

18. 1979 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen

This is another big seller that was highly popular when it was first released in 1979. The G-Wagen is an SUV model that was preferred by those who demanded the best in luxury and comfort as well as quality.

The Daimler design was highly attractive as a drawing card, but this SUV tested as an efficient and well built vehicle that did just as well off of the road as on it. There were even comparisons made with the Land Rover, which was the premiere off road vehicle at the time.

17. 2017 GLS 550

The GLS 550 SUV for 2017 came in with a positive review from Motor Trend with high marks for luxury with a cabin that allowed driver and passengers to ride in comfort and quiet. It shone brightly in off road performance.

It's a full size SUV that was advertised as being a fast vehicle but critics upped that a notch and declared it to be faster than what the manufacturer indicated, with decent acceleration power.

The critics really liked the 7 passenger space with the three row design as well as the heated seats in the front and reclining seats in the second row and a specially tuned suspension that made the adjustments for you to best accommodate road and weather conditions.

16. 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class

Consumer reviews for this vehicle gave it a high rating for comfort with a luxury interior and plenty of head and leg room. They also gave it goo marks for reliability and performance.

The interior design was another feature that drivers liked and for the money, it's a good value. The fuel efficiency was also mentioned as a factor that made them want to recommend this car to others. Consumers rated it with a 4.2 out of 5 as one of the best SUVs of the year.

15. 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 43

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 43 is an SUV crossover vehicle that entered the market with a strong start, partly due to its sleek and smaller design that still delivered high on performance.

This model offered a sporty feel yet it was unarguably an SUV through and through. The AMG engine used in this model preceded it with the reputation of having been used in race cars, which gave it the psychological value of being fast sexy and sporty.

The car is noted for its flexibility as well as the power and speed with a decent acceleration for an SUV of zero to sixty mph in just 4.8 seconds when you're serious about testing it out.

14. 2018 Mercedes Benz G-Class AMG G 65 Final Edition

This vehicle earned the distinction of being named the best all terrain SUV on the market. The G 65 Final edition for 2018 marked the end of an era and they did it in grand style equipping the SUV wth a 6.0 liter V12 engine with a top speed of 230 km per hour and an assortment of luxury options for making the interior supremely luxurious with its off road capabilities being the major drawing card, if you could afford the price tag that went well beyond $300K.

13. 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

JD Power rated the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class a one of the best mid-size luxury sports utility vehicles of all time. They made note that the choices of body styling along with several options in power trains offered in this vehicle made it among the best choices in mid size luxury vechicles and it also received a 4 out of 5 rating for reliability.

12. 2019 Mercedes Benz GLA 250 4Matic

Of all of the luxury subcompact SUVs on the market today, the 2019 GLZ 250 4Matic ranked number six in the world in the top ten. This vehicle ranked the highest for convenience and safety, thanks to the automatic detection of slick road conditions and the automatic redirection of power where it will create the most stability. It even comes with a radar based hazard detector to stop the car when there's something in the road that you don't see.

11. 2002 Mercedes Benz G 550

The 2002 Mercedes Benz G 550 SUV served as proof that the model which was so very popular in 1979 was holding its own with the public. It was still popular in 2002 more than 20 years after the first model was rolled off of the lines.

The SUV was equipped with a 4.0 liter V8 Bi-turbo motor, giving it the power to go along with its sturdy build, making it a vehicle that was still comparable to the Land Rover with consumer ratings of 4.5 out of 5 making it one of the top SUVs in its class.

10. 2015 Mercedes Benz ML 400

The 2015 ML 400 was one of the best SUVs in its class for 2015. This car offered a range of powertrain options along with a smooth ride, luxury comfort, and a host of safety features. Consumers gave the ML 400 an amazing score of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars, making it one of the best Mercedes SUVs of all time.

9. 2007 GLS 450 4Matic SUV

The 2007 model of the GLS 450 4Matic SUV was a new approach to the Mercedes brand of luxury and riding comfort in a small SUV in a new line that would come to be among the favorites in its class, achieving top ten status and holding its posture for more than a decade.

It's one of the best Mercedes SUVs ever made and it has just kept getting better through the years with comfort, athleticism and high end luxury accommodation.

8. 2019 GLS 450 4Matic SUV

The car and driver ratings placed the 2019 GLS among the top ten in the full size SUV class for 2019. Consumers loved the third row seating with comfortable seating for adults along with excellent acceleration.

The 2019 is still a member of the second generation of the line which was kicked off in 2013. The choice among different power trains and luxurious trim makes the GLS 450 4Matic SUV one of the top Mercedes SUVs of all time.

7. 2016 AMG GLE 63 S

The 2016 model of the AMG GLE 63 S offered the sporty elements that many who were drawn to the SUV market were looking for. The safety features were over the top with an 11 way airbag protection system, active brake assist, distance and steering pilot and all of the luxury your heart could possibly desire.

The multicolor ambient lighting was another big drawing card, along with teh panorama roof which was available in this model.

6. 2014 Mercedes GLA 250

The GLA 250 for 2014 was one of the highest ranked SUVs of the year. It came in with a consumer rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars. It received high ratings for its comfort, excellent handling, fuel efficiency and its small size.

5. 2017 Mercedes GLA Class

The 2017 GLA class was improved over the previous model years and the safety features included anti lock brakes, stability control, front impact airbags, side impact airbags, overhead airbags and even knee airbags.

Additional features included a security system and seat belt pre-tentioners which automatically adjust the seat belts after the occupant took their seat as an advanced safety and convenience feature.

4. 2018 Mercedes GLE 350

The 2018 GLE 350 received a consumer rating of an amazing 4.8 stars out of a possible five for a variety of factors that drivers enjoyed about the vehicle. While the 20 mpg combined fuel efficiency wasn't as good as it gets, they loved the interior design, which was characteristically high end Mercedes luxury with ample room in the back seat area and spaciousness to comfortably seat five adults. The visibility was also enhanced over the coupe and there was plenty of room for cargo space with the seats folded.

3. 2016 Mercedes ML 400

The 2016 ML 400 came immediately after the 2015 edition that was so highly praised by consumers and critics alike. Following on with the luxury interior comfort of the brand's M class, this one one of the best mid size luxury SUVs that Mercedes produced for 2016.

The cargo space was still massive with teh seats folded down and it extended from just over 38 cubic feet to an amazing 80 plus cubic feet behind the first row seats. It was easily one of the most comfortable mid sized SUVs of the year and having the Mercedes brand made the crossover all the more special.

2. 2017 Mercedes GLC class coupe

The 2017 edition of the GLC class coupe received a 5 out of 5 from Edmunds, making it one of the best Mercedes SUVs of all time. What helped it to earn such a distinction includes the amazing comfort within the luxury interior as well as the agile handling and plethora of safety features. The turbocharged engine provided plenty of power with fuel efficiency in mind.

1. 2019 GLK 550 4Matic SUV

One of the best SUVs in the large class by Mercedes is the 2019 GLK 550 4Matic. This vehicle is praised for its large and spacious interior that is loaded with creature comforts and premium materials that you would expect in a high end luxury vehicle.

It's got all the power you could ever want with a net power output of 440 horsepower and 516 lb ft of torque for rapid acceleration. It doesn't take it easy on fuel consumption, but we can't have everything, but the 2019 GLK 550 comes close.

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