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Remembering the 1988 BMW 325iX

1988 BMW 325iX

The 1988 BMW 325ix car was launched as part of the BMW 3 Series (E30). Generally, the E30 series had convertible body styles and a two-door coupe. According to BMW Guide, the BMW 3 series first introduced four-door sedan models in 1983. That explains why the 1988 BMW 325ix is a sedan. Additionally, the 1988 BMW 325ix was the first BMW model with an all-wheel drive. At the time of its release, it received favorable reviews from the public, following its all-wheel-drive feature that gave it better traction, making it suitable for all weather types. There are other useful features you should know about this classic sedan. Hence, you should tag along.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

This BMW sedan uses a modified version of the Bosch ABS. The ABS can detect whether or not a wheel is likely to lock at an early stage. If a wheel is about to lock, the system reduces the brake pressure. As a result, you will be able to steer the vehicle despite driving on slippery surfaces or during full braking. The system consists of three parts: a speed sensor on each wheel, a hydraulic modulator, and an electric control unit. For example, if a speed sensor detects that a wheel may lock up, it sends signals to the electric control unit. The electric control unit then triggers the hydraulic moderator to reduce the brake pressure. The ABS responds differently depending on the nature of the surface. For instance, on a dry path, the brake pressure gets slightly delayed by 0.3 seconds, reducing any tail-yawing tendency when the traction is uneven. On the other hand, if the ABS is activated on a slick surface, the wheels decelerate very quickly, and it switches to a low-friction program.

Torque Split Transmission

In this transmission, power is sent to separate places at once. That means power is distributed to a certain section when necessary. As a result, it effectively reduces excess fuel consumption since the transmission can release the exact torque it needs. For this car, 63% of power is directed to the rear, while 37% gets directed to the front. Such a transmission ratio gives it better traction. According to Car and Driver, the 37/63 ratio remains constant as long as there is no speed difference between the front and rear axles. Vehicles tend to skid if they make a sudden turn. That usually happens when the torque ratio is unevenly distributed. With this car's torque split transmission, you do not need to worry about skidding after turning.

Engine System

The car uses an inline-six engine system. This engine is a 2.5 liter one that delivers up to 168hp. According to Autolist, a good horsepower for a car is between 200 and 300. With this model's low horsepower, you will need some significant effort to accelerate by stepping harder on the gas pedal. However, a low horsepower can be a good thing if you accidentally step on the gas pedal. As a result, you will not hit an object accidentally. However, the engine system is the reason for its torque split transmission. The engine feeds its power through the transmission to a planetary center differential. In the planetary center differential, torque is split and directed to the rear wheels through a conventional driveshaft and to the front wheels through a roller chain. Half-shafts are largely responsible for the torque split, and they help to minimize torque steer by being of equal length.

Also, the engine is generally smoother than V6 engines. Let's face it; vibrations are a nuisance. Apart from the sound being horrible, you will also get the impression that the car has broken down. This engine delivers a smooth ride because the cylinders operate in pairs but with different strokes of the four-stroke cycle. In addition, the first three cylinders mirror the operations of the other three cylinders. As a result, the mirroring eliminates the rocking motion, which otherwise causes vibrations. Furthermore, the crankshaft of this engine system has three planes that are arranged 120 degrees apart. Due to this arrangement, the second-order of vibrations gets eliminated when the forces produced by the piston strokes cancel each other out.


The car has a wheelbase of 101.3 inches, which means it generally has a long wheelbase. Wheelbase refers to the distance between the front and rear axles of a car. This car's long wheelbase is advantageous in several ways. A long wheelbase means the car will have more space due to the long distance between the axles. With more space, you will have sufficient legroom. This car is therefore ideal for tall people. That means they will not have to bend their legs to fit in the car. Also, with more space, you can carry more luggage. However, it is advisable to carry a lot of luggage only when necessary. Carrying a lot of luggage tends to increase fuel consumption. For instance, you would have to continually tap on the gas pedal to put in effort carrying the goods. It would even be more complicated if you had to drive up a hill with them. Lastly, its long wheelbase gives this car more stability by lowering its center of gravity. This is especially important if you need to drive over hilly terrain. That means you have fewer odds of your car rolling as it goes up a hill.


The 1988 BMW 325iX model addresses every problem a driver faces, such as weather patterns. For instance, more accidents occur on snowy or rainy days due to cars losing traction on the slippery roads, and sometimes braking on the pedal as you skid doesn't help matters. For instance, the car may not respond or respond by rolling. Fortunately, you will not have to worry about losing traction with its ABS. Apart from being suitable for certain weather patterns, it is ideal for any terrain. Sometimes, you will have to navigate tricky terrains like hilly areas. With certain cars, you will struggle to go up the hill, which means you would end up consuming a lot of fuel. Fortunately, you can traverse hilly areas with its high power and long wheelbase with this car.

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