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A Closer Look at the 2023 BMW iX M60

2023 BMW iX M60

BMW is an aggressive company when it comes to manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs). For instance, they launched the 2023 BMW ix M60, having just launched the ix SUV and i4 sedan. EVs generally attract high demand since drivers will no longer have to rely on petrol. According to Auto Week, BMW sold 103,855 EVs in 2021 which was double what they sold in 2020. It is understandable why BMW has continued to make EVs. Besides cutting down fuel costs, EVs have faster acceleration, save the environment, and are less noisy. However, not every EV is the same, so we need to understand what makes the 2023 BMW iX M60 a good car. Below are five technical details about the car.

5. Drive Type

Most cars are either made with rear-drive or front-drive drivetrains. For such drivetrains, power is not equally distributed to all the wheels. However, this car relies on an all-wheel drivetrain, which means power gets distributed to all four wheels instead of two wheels. Since power is distributed to all four wheels, the car produces high horsepower. According to Hot Cars, the car's drivetrain delivers 255 horsepower and 486 horsepower on the rear. The power comes from two electric motors that are on the front and rear axles. This power is derived from its 111.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack found between the axles and beneath the floor. Besides delivering massive horsepower, the all-wheel drivetrain offers effective traction. In this drivetrain, all four wheels help to propel the car. Even if one wheel loses traction on slippery surfaces, the other wheels will still be able to push the car forward. Therefore, one slippery wheel will not hinder the movement of the remaining wheels.

4. Wheel Type

This car uses aluminum wheels. However, most cars use steel wheels since they are stronger than alloy wheels. Believe it or not, aluminum wheels have many advantages over steel wheels. Compared to steel, aluminum is lighter. According to Comhan, aluminum is three times lighter, with a density of 2.7 kg per dm3. Due to the lightness of aluminum wheels, they offer smooth rides over bumps. When you drive over a bump, the wheels will strike it with less force, which means you will not be thrown out of your seat. Additionally, aluminum's lightweight is better for fuel economy. Since aluminum wheels are light, they place less burden on a car. As a result, you will use minimal effort to move the car. On the other hand, steel wheels make the car heavy, which means you will spend a lot of gas to move the car.

3. Seat Massage

From time to time, drivers get fatigued or stressed. That is especially common when they drive for long distances. Due to their intense stress, they may lose focus while on the road. Thankfully, this car is equipped with a seat massage to help relieve your stress or fatigue. You can activate the seat massages by visiting the settings under the infotainment menu. Although people love to get massages for fun, they are actually good for your health. According to Liquid Image, massage seats reduce back pain and improve blood circulation, besides alleviating your stress levels. Drivers can finally arrive at their destination without feeling tired. Since few cars have seat massages, this car has the edge over most cars. So, if you desire them, this is the car to get.

2. Cruise Control

Another feature to overcome fatigue is this car's cruise control feature. Driving becomes tiring and monotonous when you continually step on the gas pedal. However, you do not need to step on the accelerator pedal with cruise control. Cruise control is a technology that drives your car, similar to what autopilot does for airplanes. Instead of pressing the gas pedal, the car does it by using an actuator. The actuator controls the movement of the car with a throttle. This throttle will maintain a certain speed you set for the car. The technology adjusts the speed depending on the number of cars in front of it. For instance, if there are no cars in front of you, the feature will increase the speed while still maintaining a safe distance.

1. Leather Steering Wheel

Most people prefer leather steering wheels since they will naturally match the car's seats if made of leather. Since the steering wheel is the most prominent car part, using a leather one improves the style of your car. The material is capable of making your old car look new. Although the leather steering wheels would make the cars attractive, they are much more beneficial than you would think. First, they are non-slip. Some drivers have sweaty hands, which means that they would easily lose control of the steering wheel. Even if you do not have sweaty hands, you could still lose your grip on the steering wheel depending on its material. So, if you constantly lose control of your steering wheel, it would be best to consider this car's leather steering wheel. Additionally, leather is a comfortable material since it is soft to the touch. Some cars even design leather steering wheels that massage your hands. Even without the massage feature, the texture is enough to make you consider the material. Another aspect of comfort is that it protects your hands from heat. It is not uncommon for some steering wheels to become very hot. As a result, you would have to wait for them to cool or persevere through its heat.


Having a car that saves you fuel is admirable; however, the 2023 BMW iX M60 car gives you other reasons to admire it. For instance, the car is designed to reduce your fatigue, evident in the inclusion of the seat massage and cruise control feature. After all, if you do not alleviate your fatigue, you could cause accidents. It is not uncommon for people to cause accidents because they fall asleep due to exhaustion. Another desirable trait this car brings to the table is its power. The car is powerful due to its wheels and drivetrain. A powerful car is important since you will need it when you have to escape from impending danger.

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